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2010 UFO News – Two Different Views Of The Visitors

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2010 UFO News – Two Different Views Of The Visitors


He believes Best News Mag  the essential question isn’t always “do aliens exist?” but “what are they like?” While Hawking expects that most other existence might be straightforward, such as microbes, at least a number of the life paperwork out there are certain to be no longer handiest clever but additionally in all likelihood to present a danger to people.

Professor Hawking considers the opportunity that extraterrestrial beings may have already exhausted all natural resources on their domestic-international so have taken to the area as Intergalactic nomads visiting from planet to planet conquering and raiding the assets on each global.


I find it very interesting that this bit of 2010 UFO news jogs my memory very much of the film Independence Day wherein aliens bear an uncanny resemblance to what Hawking defined. In the movie, the extraterrestrial beings are defined as being similar to locusts, moving from planet to planet, devouring all resources from everyone.

Regardless, I must admit that the professor indeed makes a valid point. He drove that factor home in his conclusion, which in comparison touch among alien races and people to Christopher Columbus’s outcome making touch with Native Americans.


Now, permit’s take a look at the other view.

On September 27, 2010, seven former U.S. Air Force pilots delivered testimony mentioning that now not only do aliens exist. However, they are and had been touring us.

The pilots stated they had reviewed reviews documenting UFOs soaring above nuclear sites or had individually witnessed these events.

Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher, stated that he and the seven former U.S. Air Force Pilots believe that beings from some other world are currently visiting this planet. Furthermore, they trust that for something purpose, those alien site visitors have taken an apparent interest inside the nuclear fingers race, which commenced on Earth at the end of World War Two.

The pilots furnished descriptions of the occasions. Describing red sparkling items and other flying saucers projected beams of mild or electricity down from hundreds of feet above.

They claim the Malmstrom Air Force Base was the vicinity of 1 such event returned in 1967. UFOs appeared and briefly disabled nuclear missiles using the usage of those beams of electricity.

In contrast to Stephen Hawking’s view, the conclusion of the seven former U.S. Air Force Pilots is that, whoever these beings are, they obviously want us to forestall our chronic bickering among nations around the world to give up the pursuit of nuclear weaponry. They aren’t as much as no desirable. How can we recognize this? Because they have not obliterated us but.

Of direction, one may additionally surprise why the aliens care.

Are their reasons altruistic? Do they definitely wish to store us from ourselves, or do they view our nuclear weaponry as a threat to them?

Personally, I’d want to believe the previous. My perfect wish that any beings a long way more advanced than us, and most probable a long way older than the human race, could have won sufficient information to make better picks and display extra admirable characteristics than we have tested through centuries of battle and oppression.

Mr. Hawking triggered quite a stir while he declared that we should now not seek out alien life. Instead, we must be doing the whole lot in our power to cover from the extraterrestrial beings.

Actually, his wording became more alongside the traces of averting any touch; however, the message he was sending can clearly be taken as a caution for us earthlings to hide as high-quality as we will.

Why would the professor make this kind of statement?

Because he believes alien lifestyles are certain to exist in many locations beyond our very own planet, and we have no manner of understanding what that alien lifestyle will be like.

His reasoning is tremendously simple and but notably logical. This universe includes an estimated a hundred billion galaxies. Yes, galaxies! As you understand, our personal planet is but certainly one of many inside the Milky Way galaxy.

Hawking suggests that each galaxy contains masses of thousands and thousands of stars and planets. It’s miles surprisingly not going and, indeed, illogical, to anticipate that Earth is the simplest planet to keep existing in such an immense space.

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