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4 Tips to Make Your Blog Ready For Google News


4 Tips to Make Your Blog Ready For Google News


The June 2010 record released by way of the Paris-based totally Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development confirms modern news developments: traditional newspapers were declining since 2008, and their conservative estimate that “approximately five% of all Internet visits are associated with studying news online.” Whether you must have your weblog picked up via Google News or you’re simply figuring out the blessings of getting picked up utilizing a news service, you’ll need to be sure your blog is ready for submission.

Google News


First, if you haven’t been to Google News, it is time to discover. You’ll discover articles from traditional information resources like CBS, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and different information sources. Google doesn’t go out and buy newspapers and then clip and scan articles for the internet. All of the news sources have an RSS feed (a running a blog basic) so that once an information article is posted on their internet site, the feed is picked up by using Google News. RSS feed is at the core of having news articles to Google, which means that your weblog has the equal capability to get picked up by way of Google News as the huge guys! That’s right – you may discover Perez Hilton’s superstar gossip blog in Google News alongside the New York Times.

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Getting into Google News isn’t always simply destiny or coincidence: blogs and websites should be submitted. Your blog needs to be newsworthy and have to sell yourself or your merchandise no longer to ramp up the chance of a hit submission. Follow these four guidelines so your blog could be geared up to post to Google News.

1. Identify your writing workforce. This might be pretty easy in case you have already got an about us web page. Be sure the page is referred to as “about us” or other versions like “personnel,” “authors,” or “writers.” This is wherein you become aware of your weblog’s writer by way of name and credentials. If you edit a weblog that accepts submissions from multiple authors, you may list the authors or honestly word that you have a couple of blog individuals.

2. Have a touching page. If you count on to get the information and continue to be anonymous, you will have to bypass Google News. You don’t must deliver Google a street map in your front door, but you will want to reveal a metropolis and nation region. I endorse to might-be bloggers that they deal with a weblog like another part of their commercial enterprise, when you have privateness concerns, lease a P.O. Box.

3. Name an information category. When you publish your blog to Google News, you’ll be requested for the web cope with wherein your news memories are posted. You possibly won’t be publishing all of your weblog posts on this class; however, move beforehand and name a class “News.” This could be a superclass to put up occasion announcements, webinar info, and press releases. If you’ve already commenced posting to your blog, find your posts that qualify as “news” and move them to this new category earlier than submitting the weblog to Google News.

4. Don’t overlook a sitemap. Last, however, virtually now not least, is the Google Site Map. Google is all about web structure, and it loves XML website maps to determine its manner around the shape of your internet site. If you’re running a blog software like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, there are plugins to be had to create and update sitemaps.

WordPress is a super blogging tool and publishing platform, but is it optimized out of the field for Search Engine Optimisation (search engine optimization)? Even though search engines like google generally tend to love websites built on the WordPress platform, it isn’t especially nicely optimized with a default installation. The default WordPress setup does not include meta tags along with meta description and meta key phrases. If you need to deliver engines like google with unique facts relevant to your website’s pages, you will need to add the meta tag facts yourself.

1. Title Tags- The name tag will possibly always be one of the maximum crucial factors in on-page search engine optimization to attain excessive ratings in the engines like google. It has been proven that just “tweaking” your name tags a touch can assist growth the number of instances your link is clicked in a seek engine. The title tag ought to incorporate unique key phrases or keyphrases relevant to the web page content.


Originally WordPress placed the weblog call before the put-up title. For instance: “My WordPress Blog » Hello international!” In the latest WordPress variations, the submit identify earlier than the blog name like “Hello global! » My WordPress Blog.” There have been a few debates as to whether or not it is vital to have your weblog name tagged onto the end of your submit identify, a few people have even said that removing the blog title from put up titles can assist enhance your scores at the seek engine results pages (SERPS). The primary benefit of not along with your weblog name in the post name is that it keeps the length of your title at a greater reasonable wide variety of characters. Where possible, I continually attempt to hold my titles to less than 70 characters or so. Obviously, having your blog name on the top of your web page identify may additionally dramatically boom the wide variety of characters to your name.

To alternate the way your identity tags work in your weblog, I would strongly endorse the use of one of the following WordPress plugins: All in One search engine optimization Pack or Platinum search engine marketing Pack. Personally, I use the Platinum SEO Pack, although both plugins are very similar. To trade your name tags with the Platinum search engine marketing Pack, truly visit your WordPress Admin web page, and click on the “Platinum search engine optimization” hyperlink within the left-hand sidebar. Here’s how I actually have set the primary three identify settings for this website:

2. Meta Tags- There are three most important additives to meta tags: meta identify, meta keywords & meta description. The meta title can be taken out of your publish/page title, and if you are the usage of appropriate, relevant titles, there’s little need to regulate this with one of the formerly stated plugins. When searching for your question results in search engines like google and yahoo, you may see a phase of content from your web page below the webpage link. By customizing the meta description tag for the page, you control what’s proven inside the search engine’s consequences. Your meta description has to be concise and applicable, do not forget, after the identify (link) for your web page in the SERPS, your submit description needs to inspire humans to click the hyperlink to your web page, so make sure your meta description is suitable on your content. This is likewise a great possibility to include one or more of your keywords/keyphrases. Try to limit your meta description too much less than 200 characters.

Despite this, I still think it is an ideal practice as it should specify your keywords to your submission or page. Platinum search engine optimization has a nifty little option to allow you to use classes or tags for meta key phrases. This can be beneficial to a few customers, but you will be higher specifying your meta keywords on a submit precise foundation if you only post in some categories. Try to be centered along with your keywords, intention for four – 6 keywords according to the page, although you can specify more meta keywords if you choose.

3. Heading Tags- As I have actually discussed in this weblog publish: The Importance Of Heading Tags, Heading tags are an important part of a properly optimized page. You should simplest consist of one H1 tag on a page (generally the identify). However, you may have a couple of occurrences of tags H2 – H6. It could be suitable to have multiple H1 tags on a web page in uncommon situations, for instance, wherein you discuss equally vital, certainly defined topics.


The H1 tag should surround the web page’s primary heading/name applies to the content material. It must be placed on the top of the content (not inside the header or sidebar, however, at the pinnacle of the main content material vicinity). For example, if you promote fruit, and you’ve got a piece of writing or web page about “Apples,” this has to be in your H1 tags. If you talk about diverse kinds of apples within this web page, you would possibly use H2 or H3 tags for those sub-headings, e.g., “Golden Delicious” or “Granny Smith.”

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