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5 Simple Ways to Make a Fashion Statement


5 Simple Ways to Make a Fashion Statement


What you wear says a lot about who you are as a person, right? It’s how you show off your personality, and the accessories you choose help you make a statement. For as long as fashion has existed, people have been using it to communicate little truths about themselves. It hasn’t gotten easier, though; thanks to fast fashion and ever-changing trends, it’s become difficult to keep up. There are many styles to choose from, and you don’t have to choose one to stick with. You can dress however you feel on a particular day, but what about making a statement always? If you’re keen to make a fashion statement but you’re not sure how to do it… let us help you with these 5 simple ways.

5 Simple Ways to Make a Fashion Statement 1

1.Go For The Boyfriend Style

As any self-respecting fashion lovers know, men’s clothing follows a particular trend. It’s always relaxed, cool, and super easy. So, keep that in mind when you create your own outfit, whether you steal your boyfriend’s clothes or start shopping in the men’s department for certain items. Wear a chunky watch, choose the bulky, baggy sweater, don’t be afraid of relaxed jeans, a button-down shirt, or even a blazer. Forget your ballet flats and embrace boots, loafers, or Oxfords. When combined with your accessories, you’re going to set a new trending fashion look.

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2. Bring Back The Past

Wardrobe trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dig into the past to find a cool new look. The 50s were all about poodle skirts, slicked-back hair, and plain white tee’s. You can draw from that and head into the 60s for hot pants and go-go boots. The flared trousers of the 70s or the neon brights of the 80s. You can choose a decade or mix it up. The past has a lot of examples of cool fashion that will still work now.

3. Color Swap & Block

We talk about how important it is for every woman to own a little black dress, but in a world filled with little black dresses… how can you stand out? In a white dress, of course. Forget pink; embrace burgundy. Ditch pale green and go emerald. Colors like burgundy, navy, and emerald do well with other shades, but they also make a statement. So, consider swapping out your normal colors and color blocking your wardrobe.

4. Accessorize

Old school hats, angular sunglasses, jewelry… your accessories can say a lot. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them. Going with a wardrobe of neutrals doesn’t have to be boring when you have some click accessories’ punching power. So, color block with black, blue, green, or tan. Then kick your outfit up a notch or three with some powerful statement accessories.

5. Walk With Confidence

Okay, there’s a bit more to this tip than just how you walk. First, be sure that you’re dressing in clothes appropriate for your body type. When you wear the correct size and find the right shape to compliment your figure, you’re highlighting your features. All of which, of course, provides your confidence with a helpful boost. Now that you’re buying the right clothes for your body and style, it’s time to walk with confidence. Throw your shoulders back, chin up, chest out, and strut. Make sure you’re following My Fashion Beauty Blog for all the latest fashion, health, and beauty. Keep up with the latest trends, news, and deals in the fashion and beauty industry. It’s the only place to go when you have a question about replenishing your wardrobe.

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