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Advantages To Playing Online Poker


Advantages To Playing Online Poker


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Poker is as popular as ever, but it is now essentially two different hobbies: in-person play and online play. Plenty of people still play at physical locations, particularly with the casinos reopening successfully after pandemic shutdowns. Many other people play at home with friends as well. Despite these ongoing tendencies, those who play online enjoy several advantages.

More Game Variety

Not only do players have the option of playing poker on a PC, tablet, mobile phone, and even a console, but there is a plethora of platforms and sites to choose from. From there, players can determine the type of game they want. There are “single-player” games in which the player plays against AI (think the casino in GTA5 Online) and multiplayer games where players can play with others – either friends or total strangers from around the world. You can also join online tables on reputable sites to play with real money.

Less Potential for Cheating

While it’s not common for people to cheat fully in poker, some gray-area violations do occur, which can’t happen online. These unwritten rules give a player an unfair advantage, and you bet other players will call out the “cheating” player. These are known as angle shoots in poker, and consist of underhand actions like hiding chips, mis-disclosing (when the bettor claims to have a bigger hand than they do), and pump-faking (which is going through the motion of moving your chips forward – but not beyond the line). In the case of online poker, none of these moves are even possible. The chips, bets, and actions seen on the screen are taken, and players have no room to cheat – which true poker players enjoy. It gives a certain sense of integrity to the game – not to mention winning is even sweeter when it’s fair and square.

Greater Convenience and Flexibility

Playing on online platforms and sites allows players to join a game any time of day or night – and, most importantly, from the comfort of their homes. (There’s nothing better than playing a game in your pajamas.) If you use a laptop or mobile device, you can technically play anywhere you’d like as long as you have internet access. Playing poker online is also a great way to catch up with friends and play some games together, even if you’re physically apart in different cities.

Better Ability to Focus

A casino environment can be fun and exciting, but it can also be distracting. Playing online instead allows you to be as focused as you want. Serious players will sometimes darken their rooms with the help of blackout curtains, close all additional applications on devices, and use gaming headphones to immerse themselves and consequently focus better. Other measures include investing in a good quality gaming chair and ensuring you have everything within reach – such as a printout of common poker hands for reference.

Betting Options

Yusing apps and online platforms. Using apps and online media, you can find anything from free games and $1 buy-ins to high-stakes tournaments. When you’re playing in person with friends, you can do what you like, bet what you want, and add house rules all over the place. However, in a casino, you must play the tables they offer.

Playing online certainly has its advantages. While it’s not the same as playing with real cards and getting the chance to touch real poker chips (don’t worry, we fidget with them, too), online poker is so convenient that it can’t be overlooked – and its current popularity can attest to that.

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