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Anti Aging Technology Or the Search For Beauty and Eternal Youth


Anti Aging Technology Or the Search For Beauty and Eternal Youth


The search for the Fountain of Youth has been an elusive quest for all who’ve searched it out. To stay ceaselessly young, or as a minimum to look eternally younger is the stuff of fantasy and legend beside, it seems, for the ones inside the beauty and fitness meals industries and the celebrities who hawk their products. Most people take into account tales about the adventures of the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico’s first Governor, who explored modern Florida in 1513, searching for the Fountain of Youth. Juan became not the first to try to find “youngsters in a bottle” Herodotus mentions a fountain with exceptional waters someplace in Ethiopia. The idea this is what gave the Ethiopians great durability. Myths abound approximately recuperation waters dating from at least the time of Alexander the Great, who, together along with his servant, crossed the land of darkness searching for recovery waters. Such memories additionally appear inside the Qur’an in addition to the New Testament in the Gospel of John whilst Jesus heals a man the usage of the healing waters from the Pool of Bethesda.

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Today children and splendor have become interchangeable, and according to Wikipedia, splendor is a feature of someone, animal, area, object, or idea that provides a perceptual revel in pleasure. As a cultural phenomenon, splendor has been extremely commercialized, and to appearance young is to be lovely. However, it has no longer continually been in that manner. In Classical Greek instances, the phrase for beautiful originates from the Greek phrase “ripe” or “of its time.” A ripe fruit became taken into consideration stunning, whereas a young female seeking to appear older or an older girl looking to appear younger would no longer be considered stunning.

The splendor concept entails decoding whether an object, inanimate or animate, is balanced and concorded with nature. However, this interpretation is subjective in nature and, as is regularly stated, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” The preferred idea of beauty seems to be similar amongst one-of-a-kind cultures and genders and can be linked to the concept of symmetry because it suggests the absence of flaws or defects. The Western idea of splendor emerges from the early Greek philosophers before the writings of Socrates. This pre-Socratic school of questioning saw a robust relationship between arithmetic and splendor, with the “golden ratio.”

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The “golden ratio,” 1:1.618, turned into the ratio between the duration and width of a rectangle. The extra an item exhibited the proportions of this ratio, the more splendor it possessed. Although first applied in architectural phrases, this ratio turned into the same old for Greek homes and temples, just like the Parthenon. Later, Greek sculptors like Dorifor and Policlet used this ratio to create statues of the human form. The ratio of the statue’s peak as opposed to the distance from the navel of the sculpture to its ft turned into the “ideal” ratio of 1:1.618. Statues from this era depicted the human shape have been produced in line with those philosophical tenets of symmetry and became perfect for splendor re-found in Renaissance Europe. Women whose appearance proven those traits have been said to own “classical beauty,” a concept that still exists these days. Of course, the concept of splendor has more than an only aesthetic great. There are social and psychological elements in play while we as people or as a culture define splendor. One cannot exclude the Inner Beauty possessed through people. Qualities like grace, appeal, personality, honesty, integrity, congeniality, and humor combine with a man or woman’s physical traits to mildew our opinion as to what’s beautiful.

Attempting to outline a cosmetic product as a “beauty” product is a virtual impossibility while considering all the elements that make a person beautiful. Maybe the historical Greeks had it proper, and trying to equate adolescents with splendor is a deadly flaw in the way we reflect consideration on beauty these days. Unfortunately, the patron has been brainwashed to agree with this false statement. This is why there is so much emphasis located on products claiming to have anti-aging blessings. As formulators of products, we are obliged to assist dispel this delusion whilst we make claims approximately the goods that we create. There isn’t any product, whether or not a cream, serum, or pill, to halt the march of time.

The nice that we can hope to achieve is to keep skin healthy and sluggish the effects of the regular getting older technique. After all, wrinkles are not anything greater than the service stripes of life. We can reduce them, but we can’t take them away completely, and their lifestyles do now not make a woman any less lovely. Our challenge should be to offer cosmetic merchandise that does what they say they’re going to do and no longer fake hopes and promises. There are many merchandises in the marketplace that declares to have health advantages, and it is as much as the consumer to do little studies to peer if those merchandises do all they claim to do.


Antioxidants are a working example. It is widely mentioned and conventional that antioxidants are important in stopping sickness and lowering the consequences of getting old. One of the maximum widely used marketing terms is “scientific research has shown.” Nevertheless, what does that absolutely imply? The public must understand that there are many kinds of clinical research. Research is achieved on animals, studying the use of human topics, and research that is finished on cellular cultures in a petri dish inside the lab. Therefore, not all studies are created identical. Just because a natural product or drug is proven to be effective in animal fashions, this does not suggest that it’ll be powerful in people.

We recognize this from countless animal research the use of anti-most cancers capsules. Many materials prevent or reduce tumor growth in mice; however, they have no effect on stable tumors in human beings. When it involves cosmetics, there are only a few medical human studies that can be statistically big. However, one herbal product, lycopene, has been extensively studied and has been shown in human studies to be powerful in lowering the damage because of UV radiation and can help to prevent positive pores and skin cancers when implemented topically. However, Lycopene, when taken in pill shape, does not appear to accumulate high sufficient stages in the skin to have any protective value. Resveratrol, an antioxidant extracted from grapes, and is widely touted via celeb physicians on some viral television applications and the internet as being the anti-getting older miracle product, has by no means been shown to be of any gain in any human studies while taken orally. There is a frame of proof that does endorse resveratrol to benefit while implemented topically to the skin floor.

Biopsy specimens taken from the skin of sufferers who have passed through cosmetic laser remedy and have applied antioxidants publish-operatively to the treated regions have proven a boom in both collagen and elastin manufacturing in the subcutaneous dermal layers. Those materials’ increased production is responsible for a boom in pores and skin thickness and tone with an accompanying decrease in fine traces and wrinkles. Patients who received cosmetic laser therapy on my own did now not show this growth. These results confirm that the application of skincare merchandise containing these antioxidants may be of giant benefit in preserving pores and skin fitness, and look.

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Another declares this is regularly made is that the much less pricey products are as suitable as the more pricey ones. This can also or won’t be genuine. It all relies upon the substances and the effects that you are looking to attain. For the maximum element, merchandise containing organic and herbal substances will fee more than mass-produced cosmetics made with synthetic components. Products containing parabens may additionally plug pores and cause skin outbreaks. Products containing preservatives may additionally motive skin reactions and redness. It is a popular misnomer that products containing sodium Laureth sulfate may additionally purpose most cancers. In reality, there isn’t always an unmarried medical looking at demonstrating this to be the case.

It is up to the client to analyze exactly what substances are contained in a particular skincare product, do those ingredients exert a useful impact, are there any side results to any of the substances, and is there a less expensive product to clearly do the same element as the product in the query? In the region of advertising, “a photo isn’t always usually worth 1000 phrases”. When you notice before and after results from using a specific product, it’s far critical to invite yourself if the pics were taken underneath the same situations. Is the “before” picture taken without make-up and the “after” photo desirous about make-up? Has the “after” image been re-touched to enhance its appearance? These records will truly make a big difference in the belief a purchaser has about a specific product. However, perception does now not continually equate to fact.

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