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Be a Better Blogger: Organizing Tips for Beginner Bloggers


Be a Better Blogger: Organizing Tips for Beginner Bloggers


Everyone is running a blog these days. Some humans blog about their small enterprise, some weblog about non-public demanding situations and accomplishments, and a few blogs about running a blog!

Whatever you weblog approximately, it is critical in your weblog to be prepared.

Organizing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Why does your weblog need to be organized?

• A prepared blog is easy to read the weblog.

• A prepared weblog is an area readers need to return to (isn’t that what we need our readers to do?).

• A prepared blog represents YOU. You do not want to appearance disorganized for your readers!

Whether you’re considering starting a weblog or desire to tweak an existing one, here are a few guidelines based totally on fundamental organizing philosophies as a way to preserve you on the right track as your blog:

Schedule it

We make appointments for the doctor, an oil exchange, and the cable guy. Why no longer make an appointment for yourself to run a blog? Blocking out the time on your calendar gets you one step in the direction of undertaking the assignment. Figure out how normally every week you can publish and stick to that timetable. But, be sensible-brainstorming, writing, taking photos/video, and commenting takes more time than you watched it does.

Sort it out

Compile a listing of subjects you’ll want to talk about in your weblog. Look at a calendar–are any of your subjects seasonal? Plug them into the months they belong in. For instance, as a Professional Organizer, I would weblog approximately Spring Cleaning in April. An accountant might find a weblog about tax season in January. Other topics would possibly revolve around vacations, exchange shows, milestones, or records.

Break it down into small chunks

Take those subjects and create subtopics for them. So, if the accountant had been to weblog approximately tax season in January and has decided to time table one running a blog appointment a week, she or he may additionally weblog about 1099’s the primary week, dividend statements the second one week, what papers to bring to the accountant the 0.33 week, and beneficial submitting recommendations the fourth week.


Sometimes we need a spoil from running a blog. Find other blogs of similar interest and link to their statistics to your readers. Check out blogs that might be pertinent to yours and invite their authors to be guest bloggers on your website. You get spoil from writing while your guest blogger receives an entirely new set of readers (and feasible fans) of their blog. It’s a win-win!

Get rid of the litter.

Too many images, videos, or classified ads detract from what you’ve written. Keep the appearance of your weblog simple and streamlined. You should take hold of the reader’s interest within the first 3 seconds of their arrival at your blog. If they need to spend those three seconds searching out your state-of-the-art blog post, they may now not return out of frustration.

Maintain it

Stay on track with posting for your weblog. If you realize you will be on vacation or going thru a life-changing occasion, write posts earlier or have a guest blogger fill in for you. Keep all pix and movies to your blog in a single area. Once a month, evaluate your topics and subtopics and make any essential modifications.

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