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Beat the Challenge of Competition with Training


Beat the Challenge of Competition with Training


One challenge that is in front of every business today is ‘competition.’The increasing competition has already stolen the peace of mind. Businessmen are always trying to make use of tools that are important and effective. They do introduce new concepts, methodologies and techniques to ensure that their business grows and beat the competition.

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Any plans for training?

The concept of training is all over the business world. More and more companies are adapting training programs for their employees. Whenever a new person gets employed, he or she has to go through the training program, in this way the business ensures that they are betting on the right horses. It means they make their candidates ready for working in the organization. What is the point if one employee is too smart and the other one is dumb? There has to be equal level of skills in employees working together. Moreover, there should also be professionalism in the working staff.

But do you think that you really need a training program? If yes, then what do you think which type of training program you want? Of course, there are different types of training programs that get used by the businesses. You cannot simply have an excellent training program that is good but not for the specific type of employees you have. You have to match up your training program with the employees. Right training to the right employees would always do wonders. But a right training to a wrong person would be a waste of time, effort and capital. What is the point if your employees already have certain sets of skills and you give training for the same areas? It would be really not done right? You have to find out what type of skills the employees need or if the employees actually require the training.

Use a tool

You can use training need identification tool for evaluation. It is a tool that is utilized to identify what activitiesor training should be provided to employees to enhance their work productivity. Here the attention should be placed on requirements as opposed to desires of the candidates for a constructive outcome. It is not about what the employees want to learn, it is about what the organization want its employees to have.For example, no matter how good a person is at it, if he is working in accounts; he has to be equipped with the accounts concepts. It means the right skills, in a right person for a right type of job role.

Why do you need identification of training?

There are many reasons that you should know like:

  • To pinpoint in case the training is going to make a difference in productivity and the end results.
  • To take a decision about what particular training each employee needs and what is going to be helpful to improve his or her job performance.
  • To distinguish between the need for training and organizational matters and bring about a blend between individual aspirations and organizational aims.

ITN, Identification of training needs), if carried out in a proper manner, cater the basis on which all other training tasks and activities can be considered. Also need careful thought and analysis, it is a procedure that needs to be performed with sensitivity as the learning of the people is important to them, and the reputation of your organization is also at stake.

Similarly, identification of training needs is significant from both the organisational point of view as well as from the point of view of an individual too. From an organisation’s point of view it is vital because an organisation has purposes that it wishes to achieve for the benefit of all investors or members, encompassing owners, customers, employees, suppliers, and even neighbours. These aims can be attained only through binding the capability of its people, releasing potential and make the most of opportunities for growth.After all, the ultimate goal of any training program is to enhance both the employees and the organization.

Hence individuals should know what they have to learn in order to attain the organisational goals. Similarly if witnessed from an individual’s point of view, individuals do have their aspirations, they wish to develop and in order to learn and make use of new abilities, and individualsneed right opportunities, conditions and resources. Therefore, to fulfil the aspirations of the people, the organization has to provide effective and fascinating learning resources and conditions. It is equally vital to see that there is a proper match between attaining organizational goals and catering attractive learning chances.

Moreover in order to get a synchronisation between organisational and persons objectives people need to question the manner in which they do things. And this is exactly the hidden objective behind any identification of training need process. It should perfectly be a long-term process of boosting employees to take an active participation in their own development, thus enhancing their commitment to learning, to their tasks, and to the entire organization as a whole.

Remember that the identificationof training needs can be carried out at three levels to determine three kinds of needs: –

  • Organisational Needs
  • Group Needs
  • Individual Needs

These are the areas that this identification has to be carried out. In this way there would ream no room for any type of in affectivity or shallowness. Once you find out what type of training is needed for the employees, you can make the most of everything.

It has been seen that everybody do recognize the importance of training in enhancing the quality and productivity of the workforce. But the unfortunate part is that, training is mostly done in a random manner. There should be a systematic way to know where to allocate the limited training budget to the zones that require the improvement to the most. What is the point if you are conducting training for the areas that are already stronger?


So, having an identification of training need is must for your business if you want to make the most of your capital, budget, employees, efforts and time!