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Bitter arguments in Gulf media over harassment of Saudi blogger in Jerusalem


Bitter arguments in Gulf media over harassment of Saudi blogger in Jerusalem


Several prominent Gulf media personalities sponsored criticism of Israel-friendly Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, who become heckled and attacked via Palestinians in the course of a visit to Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday.

However, others pushed back in opposition to the tone of the sour harassment the Saudi social media personality turned into subjected to throughout an excursion of the Temple Mount, especially the complaint in opposition to the Saudi royal family.

Saud, an outspoken supporter of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arrived in Israel in advance this week at the Foreign Ministry’s invitation together with five other media personalities from the Arab globe.

The Saudi blogger was burdened and attacked by way of a collection of Palestinians on Monday as he became visiting Jerusalem’s the Old City, such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Video of the incident showed human beings throwing chairs and bottles at him, spitting at him, and calling him an “animal,” “trash,” and “reasonably-priced.”

Jaber al-Harmi, the editor-in-leader of Al-Sharq, a Qatari each day, accused Saud of sullying the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a domain known as the Temple Mount.

Bitter arguments in Gulf media over harassment of Saudi blogger in Jerusalem 1

“The Arabs went to Jerusalem–not as conquerors but alternatively as normalizers. A media delegation, inclusive of [from] Saudi Arabia, the usa of the 2 holy mosques, arrived at the invitation of the Israeli entity,” Harmi tweeted on Tuesday beside a video proposing Saud’s visit to Al-Aqsa. “A Saudi attempted to defile the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but the protectors and kids of Palestine had been on the lookout.”

Ali al-Ghofaily, a Saudi journalist who works as a presenter and manufacturer for the important tv broadcaster in the Arab international MBC, attempted to cast doubt on Saud’s national identity and accused him of breaking Saudi laws.

“This [man] isn’t always Saudi. If he’s Saudi, he handiest represents himself due to the fact he violated kingdom laws. If he returns to the kingdom, he merits to be punished,” Ghofaily tweeted on Monday beside an attached image of the Saudi blogger in Israel. “The wave of Saudi condemnations [of Saud] proves that the Palestinian cause is our cause and that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is entirely the right of Muslims. There is usually an exception to the rule of thumb!”

Israeli officers have condemned the attack on Saud and fervently supported his go to the Jewish nation.

“We strongly condemn the cruel and immoral conduct of a few Palestinians near the Al-Aqsa Mosque towards a Saudi media personality who got here to Jerusalem to be a bridge to peace and know-how between peoples,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Nizar Amer wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Saud, who speaks some Hebrew, has said he hopes for normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The username on his Twitter feed is written in Hebrew and Arabic, and his description consists of an Israeli flag emoji and the words “Only Bibi!” using Netanyahu’s nickname.

Some Gulf personalities lashed out at the Palestinians at Al-Aqsa, who made disparaging remarks of Saudi Arabia’s rulers at the same time as harassing Saud.

“It is shameful to shove Saudi Arabia into this theater. It is shameful to pay attention to the form of curses and insults in opposition to our leaders. Are you not embarrassed? Are you not ashamed of yourselves,” Mohammed Nafaa, an extensively observed Saudi commentator, tweeted on Monday, adding that “although a Saudi man or woman prayed within the Al-Aqsa Mosque, does that quantity to normalization[?]”

In Saud’s video at Al-Aqsa, a person is heard calling Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a “collaborator.” Another man or woman is heard telling Saud “to move to normalize” with Israel and the Saudi royal family.

Saudi Arabia and Israel do now not have diplomatic ties. However, they’ve observed not unusual motive in their competition to Iran, along with its aid for armed organizations inside the Middle East.

Abdel Rahman al-Lahem, a Saudi commentator who has seemed on talks shows, suggested he could not understand how Palestinians would insult Saudi Arabia, which has long provided them with extensive financial aid.

“I am amazed. It is my right to be amazed: How do those humans boost their youngsters with this foulness of language? How have the planted of their minds such black hatred and despise of a country that has treated their starvation, spent money on their establishments, and supported their purpose,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Abdelatif Al-Shaikh, a Saudi poet, claimed the photos demonstrate that Palestinians undergo more abhorrence for Saudis than Israelis.

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