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Book Ghostwriter on Google


Book Ghostwriter on Google


Well, being a book ghostwriter has its u.S.A.And downs. But in most cases, being an Internet-based totally ebook ghostwriter has special diversifications and perambulations. It can be a sort of dream, basing your complete e-book ghostwriting enterprise on the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet, which is presently based totally in Switzerland midway the world over from where I am, within the Pacific Northwest United States. Soon, I apprehend, we can need to begin selecting up on the Internet (or something it is going to be referred to as) coming from a great deal toward us, in Japan. We are on the West Coast of America, so Japan’s Internet or WWW would be tons towards us if I’m no longer regrettably incorrect.

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I agree with once they have their network up and going for walks, it’d be doing the proper component for me to purchase both a Toshiba or an Apple (our local Pacific NW agency, primarily based in Seattle and our Silicon Valley) MacBook or Macintosh notebook of some kind. I pick operating with notebook computer systems, now not handhelds. I’m in my 50s, and using tiny little machines is not my style. Like James Michener, who used a guide typewriter to work on all of his books until his 90s, I opt to use something I can handle. But unlike him, I can use handhelds and clever cell telephones for positive tasks. Just no longer to compose or edit book manuscripts or to write and to modify tasks. I far opt for the use of a computing device, and I nonetheless have a recent Hewlett Packard I will probably preserve on using, as well as my HP pocketbook, up till once I cross beforehand and buy a new Toshiba or Apple, or probably a Dell or other American based totally system.

When I call myself “book ghostwriter on Google,” I am relating to my search engine optimization, which currently entails accumulating up backlinks and social network listings and links lower back to my main enterprise internet site – which I now have several thousand oneway links coming from associated websites pointing to it, which includes those on China’s huge search engine, Baidu. I am indexed first (in English, no longer always in Chinese) beneath ebook ghostwriter and e-book ghostwriter. However, I locate that first-rate has no longer gotten lots of enterprise from the English speaker writers and customers of China, or whoever it’s far who uses Baidu. Not yet.

I am very on top of some seek key phrases on MSN and Yahoo, and I used to have dozens of extremely good #1 to #3 standings on Google beneath scads and scads of key phrases. But when you consider that, I streamlined things and made several website revisions, including hiring someone to take over and paintings on and building our new website, and a few rebranding problems, and no longer jogging the entirety myself… I misplaced a lot of my standings on Google. The Penguin Panda updates revised the entirety, and I lost most of my key-word standings, which I am slowly reassembling over the years. Since I am nearing retirement age, it’s miles completely up to me to decide whether or not to struggle difficult sufficient to regain my key phrases list and be up to excessive sufficient (first web page results, #1 to #five and no similarly down the lists) to rate sufficient purchasers coming in to preserve my enterprise.

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All in all, my social community contacts, different strategies of finding commercial enterprise inclusive of phrase of mouth circulating from prior customers and social networks once more, and many others. Are assisting me a long way more than mere search engine listings, even those on Google, the primary search engine on the face of the planet. Well, Baidu will expect more importance over time, as the Japanese Internet (whatever it’ll be referred to as) assumes more prominence. Whether or not it’s going to take over from the European Internet-based in Switzerland, I no longer recognize it.

Nobody knows about this in-depth simply yet. I wonder; it will likely be wiser for me here in Washington State to jump on the Japanese Net as quickly as it turns into essential for me to do so. I use Comcast cable offerings wherein I live and work too, and it is a superb, working secure provider with splendid uptime. I use an adequate anti-virus, or even Neo-Nazis haven’t been capable of sluggish me down. I haven’t any problems with interruptions in the carrier, in any respect. Every such trouble, such as an occasional virus, Trojan, or heuristics troubles, I have the wished equipment to address, I even have everything sponsored up, and so on. I use flash drives, external drives; the Internet unfastened backup offerings, greater copies of all my work… The possibilities for protection are infinite. I have 3 different firewalls going for walks on my primary machines. More protection than Fort Knox, the Mafia, Russia, whoever hasn’t been capable of crack my equipment.

So… I’m nonetheless an ebook ghostwriter on Google. When my business was walking properly, my internet site had a topmost internet well worth of USD 50,000+. Because of the Google Penguin Panda stuff issues and refiguring, it went down to $35,000. And due to my streamlining things and recreating my internet site schemas, it, in the end, dropped down all of the manners to handiest $5,000 or much less in really worth. Over time, due to my coming lower back as much as snuff, the use of word of mouth, internet site revisions, linking revisions, and social community techniques concerning greater listings and getting my own books posted and out, after years of no longer having any of my own published books available… Our predominant business website is now up to a price of $10,000 for the URL by myself.

Strategically, that makes more experience than it has been really worth even $35,000 earlier than. The internet site is slowly going out of date on the Internet as a chief commercial enterprise method, being changed by way of social networks and enterprise websites that list your enterprise instead of your desire to run a website or websites. I used to have a dozen linked websites; now, I simplest have 3. Two of them are my important commercial enterprise sites, one an ordinary WordPress web page and the other a weblog web site on WordPress. I miss having total manipulate. However, it’s far from operating for the commercial enterprise and me, which entails sending ebooks and other ghostwriting and modifying exercise sessions to diverse humans on my list. I began in 2003 as a simple ebook ghostwriter on Google, and I branched out from there to over five 000 people I can now contact and supply paintings assignments to, who pay me 15% out of whatever they make. I’m no millionaire but am presently making a relaxed dwelling.

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Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole, a bestselling ebook ghostwriter on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Baidu, and lots of other search engines like google and yahoo, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (I actually have one in every of the largest enterprise networks there, within the top 5% when it comes to the usual size, almost nine,000 valid enterprise network contacts)… My Facebook crowd is massive, so is my Google+ network, and my Twitter network is over 27,000 people strong. I additionally have a principal social network presence happening about a dozen of the other main networks, together with Pinterest, Tumblr, AboutMe, Wattpad, Stage32, Yelp, Google Blogger (a dozen beneficial, lively blogs), and plenty of extras.

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