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CardioTrainer For Android Review


CardioTrainer For Android Review


One of my favorite Android Apps of all time, the CardioTrainer, with Worksmart Labs’ aid, is now even better. I sooner or later mounted the update to this software the other day, and wow, am I inspired. Let’s pass over what the CardioTrainer app is, how it works, and how to get it.

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Brief History

The CardioTrainer app launched it is a beta application in November of 2008, the very first day the Android Market went public. It offered the ability to map your region through GPS, file your workouts, and develop a concept of how much energy you’ve got burned. Worksmart quickly released an update to the app. They provide a top-class membership that lets you tune your weight reduction and a race towards yourself characteristic.

I downloaded the app in December of 2009 after the sweet buy of my HTC Eris. Exercising within the iciness up north isn’t always typically something I revel in. But, ironically, with the capacity to music all of the mileage and time I’m placing into walking, trekking, or cycling, it became nearly a game to peer how ways I ought to go! I’ve used the CardioTrainer app for the beyond 7 months, and the feature experienced severe consequences.

How It Works

When you begin it up, it will be a beginning screen and offers you the option to record your exercising at once. Once you click on “Start Workout,” the map display screen comes up and will car-start logging your song. Choose the drop-down arrow next to “Walking” or “Running” to change it to anything exercise you’re doing at this time. You can select unique alternatives, along with if you are hiking outside that day, rather than walking interior on a treadmill.

Once you are finished, hit the stop button classified “End Workout.” You now have the choice to either store your workout or discard it. If you select to save the workout, it continues the records on the CardiacTrainer website. You have your own personal URL you may go to on the CardiacTrainer website, which is available beneath the Settings icon. Your song receives saved, and you may see an excessive-stage view of in which you have been. The proper-hand facet displays greater info inclusive of time, distance, your pace, and the amount of energy you burned.

That’s it! Your exercising has been saved up to Facebook (when you have that choice enabled), and you could evaluation the history of it and notice how many miles you have gone given that starting to use the app.

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The History icon on the lowest menu suggests how long you’ve long gone and how many workouts, including time and distance.

Move Your Bot

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Another brought function you may installation is a module known as “Move Your Bot.” You compete with different buddies who’re the use the identical app. The greater you operate it, the more powerful factors you get. Whoever has the maximum power points is the chief. I have not used this option very much, as I have a restricted wide variety of buddies using the utility. You also can buy a “Lose Weight” module for $2.Ninety-nine, which allows you to tune how tons weight you’ve lost and offers you a dream on how to lose a particular quantity of weight.

This is where you input your Facebook data if you want your exercises to be posted on your Wall. You can also upload a Facebook tab entitled CardioTrainer to come up with a graph of all your workouts! I love that characteristic, but I am not so certain about the Wall postings. I’ve gotten some remarks from people, however, mainly fine comments. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like to put up tons on my Wall, except it’s significant. Then again, while I’m working out, I actually have the delivered incentive to move farther or faster because I know all my pals will see how I did!

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How To Get CardioTrainer

From your Android cellphone, go to the Market, search “CardioTrainer,” set up and run! It’s quite simple and free! You get a loose trial of the Lose Weight and Racing modules, but I have not extended them but. I may work ahead and buy the one’s modules within the destiny.

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