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Cisco CIUS Secure Enterprise Android Tablet Product Review


Cisco CIUS Secure Enterprise Android Tablet Product Review


Cisco’s new agency Android tablet, the Cisco CIUS, isn’t like all the different Android tablets available. It is not intended for the patron marketplace but the unique organization business marketplace. You might not see this in stores, and unless a company has several factors running at the returned end, it has not anything specific than another Android pill.

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This is a difficult product to categorize because the pill element is the most effective part of its capabilities. It is likewise a telephone, desktop video conferencing tool, and digital desktop endpoint. Furthermore, it’s far designed from the floor up to be at ease. With this kind of competency, it may be a very beneficial device for companies ready to take advantage of all it can offer.

There are versions of the Cisco CIUS, mentioned “see-us.” The one that shipped first is the 7″ model and is the one that I have been using and demonstrating to people. The 7″ tablet is jogging a Cisco Android version based totally on model 2.2 Froyo. There is a rumor of a 10″ model available soon, but no affirmation.

The most enticing part of the demonstrations that we were doing for clients is the High Definition video conferencing customer using both the front or again cameras. The HD video operates at 720p with 30 fps and is the high best video conference. It is an extraordinary video calling that one receives from Google Talk or Skype, which might lower resolution with a decreased body fee.

Some exceptionally returned quit programs can be important to place into a location to give the Cisco CIUS simple functionality. The CIUS can operate as a complete Android tablet with getting admission to the Google Apps Market only. Still, I expect that maximum corporations will not need to restrict it to being only a tablet.

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The first utility to set up for Enterprise deployment of the Cisco CIUS is the Cisco Unified Communications Manager model eight.Five.1 or later. This utility provisions and updates the Cisco Cius. It lets the company create an inner App keep, with applications pulled from the Cisco App shop and the Android marketplace. This addresses multiple worries, even though it is required to set up an account at Cisco, which has a further price. The first is that the best Apps that are accepted can be loaded at the agency’s CIUS’s. The 2d is a site or block consumer licensing for purchased packages. Additionally, it centrally controls tablet safety.

The CIUS docking station complements the functionality of the pill considerably. I actually have found that preserving the dock plugged into an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse complements many applications’ usability and is nearly a necessity given the small size of the 7″ form element. Even the video output ports on each dock and tablet aid both VGA and HDMI; one downside is the small outside decision size, constrained to 1024×640 pixels.

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The CIUS docking station turns the Cisco CIUS right into a complete Cisco IP phone. Applying a Cisco IP smartphone is a great way to attach it right to a Cisco Communications Manager server. The Cisco Communications manager may be the organization’s whole smartphone system. It’s miles currently the number 1 transport commercial enterprise telephone gadget globally so that numerous corporations could gain this capability. If an enterprise has a one of a kind telephone gadget, it’s miles nevertheless feasible to get up a small Cisco Communications manager installation for just the Cisco CIUS’s, after which combine the Cisco smartphone gadget into the enterprise’s existing IP or traditional cellphone system.

The HD video conferencing endpoint abilities of the CIUS can be enabled by using connecting it into the Cisco Communications Manager; however, for full HD video conferencing skills, it’s miles nice to have the Cisco Video Infrastructure in the region. This gives for standards-based video calls to other companies over the net, HD video conferences, the usage of a centralized conferencing codec, and bandwidth control for the calls.

The Cisco CIUS can be used as a complete Virtual Desktop endpoint using VMware View or Citrix HDX Receiver for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. The two virtual laptop packages have their execs and cons, and it is good that the Cisco CIUS helps both. At the 7″ shape factor whilst now not using the outside screen, the most beneficial is Citrix XenApp, which presents full display screen application functionality.

It is critical to perform the Cisco CIUS over an amazing community. Both the Local Area Network and the Wide Area Network have to have an amazing Quality of Service coverage implemented. There has to be enough bandwidth for the voice, video, and digital laptop streams. The CIUS preferentially uses 802.11n wireless LAN for name manipulate even if docked, so it’s miles satisfactory to have a terrific wireless infrastructure in the region with enough insurance, bandwidth, and Quality of Service. The advantage of always using wireless for name control is to permit the consumer to unlock the CIUS in the center of a video or voice call and to permit it to retain the call without interruption.

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The Cisco CIUS is a brand new class of tablet tools. This is focused on a quite special marketplace than Apple and Android tablet manufacturers’ patron pills. When it’s far deployed in a business enterprise surroundings with the right kinds of back give up packages, it may be a totally beneficial tool. The issues of small display screen length and occasional external reveal display resolution at the 7″ CIUS are hindrances for its use as a popular cause tablet. This is generally a terrific product that works properly and maybe the principal device for a cellular device approach. It is an in particular right preference for companies with worries approximately protection and has a present voice, video, and virtualization deployments.

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