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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Land Surveying 


Common Myths and Misconceptions About Land Surveying 


Are you buying a new property? If yes, then you might be purchasing it to extend your business or house premises. But have you thought of land surveying? A land survey is of utter importance, and if ignored, then you can fall prey to some unwanted headache in future.

Land surveying is an intricate process, and thus you require the assistance of professional land surveyors. However, because of its complexity, people have many misconceptions about this process. If you also believe some myths related to land surveying and are in a dilemma whether to hire a land surveyor or not, then go through the following article. It will definitely help in clearing your confusion and taking the right decision.

#1. It’s your property, and you can build wherever you want. 

Never assume that you have the right to build anywhere on your land. There are a few county, and state guidelines concerning property lines and building codes which if not followed, can put your project at risk. Just think, if in the middle of the project or after the completion of the project you come to know that you are occupying your neighbour’s land, then you have to tear it down and perform the construction from the beginning. You cannot quarrel over this as it will be against the laws and unethical as well.

#2. Survey of large properties is expensive. 

The size of the property does not entirely depend on the size of the property. The cost of the survey is dependent on previous surveys and legal descriptions. In many cases, it costs less to survey the large property than a smaller one which is messy and has no previous documentation. So, it is advised to talk to a professional to get the estimates of the cost for the land survey process.

#3. The survey can be skipped if you have the previous land study.

A lot of people commit this mistake of skipping the land survey because they have a previous land survey in hand. It is completely wrong. If you are buying new land, then you should get the survey done by professionals to stay safe. Moreover, you have no other way to verify the report that you have with you. Laws keep on changing, and thus, the possibility is there that you don’t have the right information. So, get the survey done as per the new guidelines and stay away from an unwanted headache.

#4. Any surveyor can be hired for the job. 

If you want the job to be done accurately, then you just can’t hire any surveyor. Moreover, don’t hire someone just because they are offering services at a lower price. Go for the one who is licensed, have enough experience and perform the survey at competitive prices. Only a professional land surveyor committed to his job can provide you with quality services.