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Communion: Digesting The Bread of Life


Communion: Digesting The Bread of Life


Throughout the meal called the Last Supper, as depicted in the painting by using Leonardo Da Vinci, Jesus instituted what has come to be understood as Holy Communion. Most Christians are familiar with the bread and the wine additives, but perhaps no longer all and sundry are certain of their purpose. For a few, it’s miles an annual observance, for others a weekly sacrament, and still for others, Communion is a ceremony of passage for becoming a member of a denomination.

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Let’s begin in Matthew, chapter 26, to peer factor-by-factor what happened during this meal Jesus had along with his disciples, to form the means of what he did.

Verse 26:

And as they were ingesting, Jesus took bread, blessed it, brake it, gave it to the disciples, and stated, Take, consume; that is my frame.

This verse has 3 key phrases: bread, this, and frame. In Greek, nouns are assigned a gender: masculine, feminine, or neuter. Bread is masculine, even as this and frame are neuter.

A determine of speech, Metaphor of Transference appears in verse 26—the rules of language rule figures of speech. Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines a figure of speech because the application of a phrase or word to an item or concept, which it does no longer literally denote, to signify comparison with another object.

I should maintain up an image of my mother and say, This is my mom. The picture isn’t actually my mom, but it represents her. In verse 26, this refers back to the bread Jesus turned into retaining. Since this and body agree on gender, it confirms the representation is transference as figurative instead of a literal fact. Using the word, this implies that the bread he turned into keeping compares figuratively with his frame. His frame is placed for his existence.

John 6:35:

And Jesus stated unto them; I am the bread of lifestyles: he that cometh to me shall by no means hunger; and he that believeth on me shall by no means thirst.

His practice becomes to, Take, eat; this is my body. What does this suggest? After we devour, our digestive system extracts the nourishment and imparts vitality to our bodily bodies. Biblically, the method of consuming and digesting is regularly likened to acquiring spiritual expertise and know-how, as visible in Ezekiel, chapter two.

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Verses nine & 10:

And once I regarded, behold, a hand became sent unto me; and, lo, a roll of a book [a scroll] was therein;

And he unfolds it before me, and it was written inside and without: and there was written therein lamentations, mourning, and woe.

Continuing in chapter three,

Verses 1-3:

Moreover, he stated unto me, Son of man, devour that thou findest [more specific, that which is written in the scroll]; eat this roll, and talk unto the house of Israel.

So I opened my mouth, and he induced me to devour that roll.

And he stated unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I consume it, and it changed into in my mouth as honey for sweetness.

God desired whatever turned into written on that scroll to come to be a complete part of Ezekiel.

Verse 4:

And he stated unto me, Son of man, cross, get thee unto the residence of Israel, and speak with my words unto them.

Once the scroll contents have been a very a part of Ezekiel, he should cross unto the house of Israel and communicate God’s phrases unto them. He would no longer need to adlib or paraphrase a line of it because the ones words had already penetrated his innermost being.

When you sit down to a steak dinner, you slice off a bit of the meat, and also, you bite and swallow. The digestive manner takes the region, and that meat becomes part of you. There are no scientists or surgeons who should ever find or get better than that piece of steak.

Why… Because it has now pretty actually turn out to be a very part of you. So it is with eating and digesting Scripture.

These very phrases are used today in assimilating expertise. We seek advice from wondering over a factor as chewing on it. Understanding a written word can be known as digesting it. Perhaps, when enjoying a unique, one might say they’re savoring each word. At the least, it is meals for the idea.

These phrases speak that what you have read or heard affected you and joined your repertoire of mind, principles, common sense, or even beliefs. We can see absolutely God desires that His phrases grow to be a complete part of each people. In Hebrews five, elders are reproved for lacking knowledge and enjoy what has been available to them for years.

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