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Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer!


Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer!


Being an Information Technology (I.T.) Consultant – or a “Computer Guy” as I choose to be known as – can be a risky profession. Sometimes when people discover what I do for a dwelling, I nearly get tackled! “Hey, I’m about to buy a brand new laptop…What must I get?” After being a computer man for almost two decades, I’m an amazing man or woman to invite. In this article, I will share my recommendation on how to shop for a brand new pc.

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There is nothing extra irritating than spending your difficult-earned money on a new laptop and finishing up being frustrated because you didn’t get what you desired. By following some simple pointers, you may buy the precise pc in your needs without spending an arm and a leg.

If you’re considering buying a computer, please read my article “Should I Buy a Desktop or Laptop computer?” (to be had at my internet site) that will help you make up your mind. If you’re positive that a computer is a proper desire for you, then here is my recommendation on selecting the precise new computer to fit your needs.

What Kind of Computer?

There are many brands of computers to be had. (I take place to be an unabashed fan of Dell Computers. I have advocated Dell desktop, laptop, and server computers to my buddies, own family, and customers for many years and stay inspired with their exceptional cost and overall performance. Each Thursday, I check out the ultra-modern Dell offers as they come out and put up the deal of the week on my internet site.) However, if you decide upon any other brand, consider the subsequent recommendations, and you will be best.

What approximately WinXP Media Center Edition and Windows VISTA? I’m not a fan of either. WinXP Media Center turns your pc into a jukebox, Tivo, and DVD player. If you are a college pupil with restrained space in your dorm room, this is probably ok. But my revel in is that humans put money into a WinXP Media Center laptop, and after the novelty wears off, they go lower back to the usage of their TV to look at the TV once more. I don’t consider clogging up your computer with software that you are not using on an everyday basis.

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Windows Vista is too new, and whilst it indicates promise, I do not recommend a brand new running machine until Service Pack One is released. As the vintage announcing is going, “You can constantly inform the pioneers by way of the arrows in their backs.” Let someone else debug Vista. My opinion on this can probably trade later in 2007 or early 2008 while some of the troubles were labored out.

How Much RAM??

Get at least One Gigabyte (1024 Megabytes) of RAM. The unmarried maximum crucial factor you can do to hurry up your computer is to make certain it has lots of RAM. Invest in a GIG now, and you may never regret it. Your computer may run rapidly while you first pull it out of the container; however, after installing software, surfing the Internet, downloading the track, or doing whatever it is you do…Accept as true with me; things are going to begin to sluggish down.

512Megs is the bare minimum for a Windows XP pc with Service Pack 2 established (my rule, now not Microsoft’s). 768Megs is better, and a Gig is the most reliable. If you are into video modifying, CAD/CAM, or Photoshop, you might need to spend money on greater than a Gigabyte. Another purpose of shopping for more now could be so that you can improve to Vista later. If this is your plan, get Gigabytes now.

What Kind of Processor??

The minimum processor and tough drive are possibly ok. For most people, the “slowest” processor presented is probably greater than ok. Faster processors are frequently available for $50-$500 more. However, I think you’re losing your cash if you are like most users and want to surf the web, read electronic mail, do a little word processing, and many others. Spend that more money on more RAM or an external difficult disk for backups as an alternative!

How Big of a Hard Disk??

Similarly, except you plan on downloading heaps of tune and films or take LOTS of massive virtual pix, the “smallest” difficult pressure to be had might be adequate. As an example, Windows XP and Microsoft Office combined take up less than 4 Gigs. Most of the tough drives I see have much less than 20 Gigs used. Just pass the minimum power (it’s likely 60-eighty Gigs) and, if you run out of the area, you can usually invest in second inner or external difficult power later.

An exception to this rule is that these days I even have noticed Dell charging most effective $10 to improve from an 80Gig hard power to a 160Gig tough drive. Obviously, it’s far really worth an insignificant $10 to double your difficult pressure space.


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By following just a few suggestions, you may save yourself numerous money and purchase the great pc so one can serve you properly for many years to return. Remember to seriously consider Windows XP Pro, get a GIG of RAM, and go with the minimal processor and smallest difficult force. For greater recommendations, tips, and tricks, visit my website.

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