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CBD or cannabinoids, a compound found in medical marijuana, is linked to many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Many people take CBD for various reasons, and its effectiveness is subject to more research. You may have come across the different medical analyses of CBD and wondering if you could use it to relieve some of your symptoms. Well, since there are no conclusive studies about the medical benefits of CBD, we can only rely on anecdotal reports of some ailments relief following the use of CBD.


Everyone reacts differently to CBD depending on their body’s chemistry, and that’s why medical marijuana is a prescriptions only product. Fortunately, CBD is a versatile product that enables people to use it in various forms found in a medical Weed Store. That said, here are the most common forms of CBD that could benefit your ailment.


CBD capsules/tablets

Medical marijuana comes in the form of capsules or tablets, resembling the common types of medication. That’s because medical marijuana has to be measured and taken according to an absolute measurement to be effective. Thus, tablets or capsules are the most effective way to achieve that. It is also the only way kids using it as medication such as epilepsy can take it rather than smoking it. Plus, smoking weed is still controversial, so taking it as a drug is better than explaining to everyone why you are smoking weed.

CBD oils

CBD oils are the most popular ways of using CBD or medical marijuana and are also found in Pot Shops. They have been popular in the cannabis culture and offer the easiest way to benefit from CBD. CBD oil is produced from marijuana, and to ingest it; you only have to pour a few droplets under your tongue. The mucous membrane under the tongue absorbs it immediately and distributes it to the bloodstream for absorption so that you get its health benefits. Using CBD in the form of oils makes it easier to track dosage, and also, it is a fast way to feel its effect on the body. However, beware of oils that claim to contain CBD but are a whole different thing.

CBD topicals

CBD topicals resemble balms, lotions, creams, or salts absorbed in the skin to offer a unique bath experience such as skin hydration, relaxation effect, or soothing sore muscles. CBD topicals such as creams may provide relief to skin problems such as eczema. Topicals are an excellent way to get CBD’s benefits if you don’t want to consume them orally. It may take a while to be absorbed in the body, but it is all in all, it is effective.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are another way to consume CBD and work faster since they are absorbed in the digestive system. They come in many suitable forms, such as CBD gummies. They help you track your dosage since every gum has an exact level of CBD. Edibles may suit you better, depending on what you need in CBD.

CBD flowers

With CBD flowers, you wrap and smoke them. You benefit from CBD by inhaling the flower’s smoke, which gets to your bloodstream through the lungs. The effect comes much faster, but it can be challenging at first.

The bottom line

There are many other forms of CBD, and the above are just some of them. Before you consume CBD, consult with your doctor and check your state’s regulation regarding CBD’s different forms.

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