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Earth Day Alert 2008 – Top 10 Good News For The Earth!

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Earth Day Alert 2008 – Top 10 Good News For The Earth!


Just in time for Atticus Blog  Earth Day 2008, I even have compiled the top ten correct information stories for the surroundings. Since the primary Earth Day in 1970, air exceptional has stepped forward dramatically, rivers are cleaner, and in each manner, humans have come together to clear up the troubles that cause international warming and endangered species. As each first grader has been taught in latest a long time, the environment matters. Let’s test 10 factors of mild in the information about our Earth.

#1) We can Breath Easier – The dramatic discount in air pollution represents one of the super public policy success memories in American history. Most Americans agree with air pollution has been getting worse, however, the truth is simply the alternative: Air pollution stages had been dropping for many years. Since the first Earth Day, emissions from the maximum common air pollutants have decreased with the aid of about half of, even-even gross domestic product elevated 195% and people elevated their travel in automobiles via 178%. Los Angeles, for instance, had almost hundred unsafe days every 12 months for smog in the 1970s but now reports much less than twenty-5 heavy-ozone days yearly. Lead has been eliminated entirely from the air, way to the introduction of unleaded fuel, even as stages of other pollutants, like carbon monoxide, are down with the aid of 70%.

Europe achieved its aim of reducing pollutants from coal-burning flowers years in advance of agenda, decreasing acid rain-inflicting sulphur dioxide via sixty five percent considering that 1990. China is likewise surging ahead to curtail its pollutants. In the closing yr it has accelerated gasoline standards, closed ozone-producing checmical factories, invested in renewables, unplugged 253 coal-fired turbines, and endured to spend its funding of $a hundred seventy five billion on environmental protection over five years. Rounding out the attempt, heaps of citizens round the sector aided in cleansing the air by way of planting 1000000000 trees last 12 months for the UN’s Billion Tree marketing campaign.

#2) Cleaner Water Rescues Fish and Birds from the Brink

When the clean water act was surpassed in 1972, handiest 40% of the country’s majestic rivers had been secure sufficient for swimming. Today, about 70% are safe enough. This is certainly one of reasons that endangered species just like the brown pelican, the bald eagle, and the sturgeon are making a return. “Pelicans have roosted at the kingdom’s list of endangered species longer than almost all different creatures,” reports the LA Times. Now way to the 1972 ban on DDT the pelican population is booming . Bald eagles this yr soared off the endangered species list after nearly four a long time, their population mountaineering from a dark depend of simply 417 nesting pairs inside the continental United States in 1963 to more than eleven,000 today. In New York City’s Hudson River, Shortnose sturgeon have become the first fish to be resurrected from the endangered species list. More than 60,000 occupy the river, more via about 4 instances than the variety in 1970.

#three) Fewer People Trashing U.S. Roads, Beaches

Americans are tossing much less litter notwithstanding the fact that there are more human beings on the roads. “Experts estimate that planned trash-tossing has fallen approximately 2 percent a year since the mid-’70s in groups in which it’s been measured.”

#4) Gorillas and Rhinos Making a Comeback

A 10-12 months strategic plan became released this year between Congo, Rwanda and Uganda to guarantee the continued recovery of the Mountain Gorilla. Other African international locations too are recognizing the significance of tourism and cracking down on poaching with nine nations signing a % in Paris. Ten million timber were planted with the aid of the World Wildlife Fund in the DR Congo shoring up a gorilla habitat as soon as ravaged with the aid of war, and the excellent news became a 2007 survey showing the gorilla population growing 12 percentage over the last decade in Uganda. Black rhino numbers, too, are up 20 percentage in Kenya, after years of decline from poaching and habitat loss, a healthy increase that passed even conservationists objectives.

#5) Red Buses, Yellow Cabs Go Green

London’s tall crimson buses and New York City’s yellow cabs will both be turning green in several years. By 2010, London’s double decker buses will run on hydrogen, generating 0 pollution and lots much less noise. In New York, every yellow taxi cab might be a gasoline-green hybrid by using 2012. Add that to the million new timber set to be planted in the city alone, and you have were given much less warmness on the road and cleaner air.

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#6) Wind Power Energizes 1 Million Homes and 1 Cargo Ship

US installations powered with the aid of the wind jumped sixty three percentage ultimate 12 months — sufficient to energy 1 million common homes — in step with estimations by means of the American Wind Energy Association. And in February the primary wind powered cargo deliver crossed the Atlantic pulled through a giant kite that reduce its strength use by way of 20 percentage.