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Facebook Integration With WordPress – Is It Worth It?


Facebook Integration With WordPress – Is It Worth It?


In June 2012, Facebook announced its tighter integration with WordPress (self-hosted) Content Management system by liberating its free plugin “Facebook” to be had via the WordPress plugins listing.

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The plugin permits users of each system to routinely post their WordPress posts to their personal profiles and pages they manage and “tag” (upload the names of) pages or pals in the posts.

The installation process is pretty immediately-ahead. Just download the plugin from the WordPress listing or set it up at once thru WordPress. You do need to ensure you are going for walks WordPress v.3+ even though.

You will then need to enter plugin settings to set it up. It’s were given helpful screenshots to reveal to you a way to get it accomplished. You will want to create your own Facebook App (in all likelihood, the first one for many Facebook customers!) as a way to get App keys that the plugin will use. And a good way to create an app you’ll need to affirm your Facebook account using both adding a mobile range or your credit score card (in case you’ve now not accomplished so already).

Without problems, it provides social sharing buttons (like, send, proportion, subscribe) for your posts and pages. You also can add those alternatives to the sidebar. HOWEVER: you can set up these alternatives formerly using various other sharing plugins like AddThis, ShareThis, or DiggDigg. These plugins also provide you with more flexibility to vicinity social sharing buttons and customize patterns.

You can offer customized suggestions to site visitors of your weblog based totally on other traffic interests. This is a handy alternative for a blog as it can preserve your traffic there longer, getting them to examine one put up after any other. Recommendations bar at the lowest also makes sharing posts easier thru Facebook, so you can potentially get more visibility of your content material through readers and visitors. You should get round now, not the use of the Plugin, and provide similar capability using Most Popular posts; Most Commented posts, different social sharing plugin and so on; however, I might say it’s not pretty the identical and as interactive.

You can combine Facebook Comments into your posts; these posts will then be seen on readers’ profiles, promoting your content to their friends. HOWEVER: if you formerly used WordPress default comments alternative (and you had remarked on your blog), enabling this selection will override the WordPress feedback template. So your antique feedback, made without Facebook choice, will now not be visible! If you used another plugin to manipulate your discussions (like DISQUS), you would now have 2 remarks alternatives: through DISQUS and thru Facebook Plugin. Personally, I suppose it is confusing for your readers. Besides, DISQUS already offers Facebook login/integration and many other options for individuals who don’t want to apply their Facebook account whilst commenting.

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You can automatically submit posts and pages on your profiles and pages you control. You can also point out other people and pages to your posts to increase your visibility on Facebook – as those updates get published to profiles and pages that you point out. HOWEVER: I’ve tested this capability with 2 extraordinary Facebook profiles on 2 special websites. Obviously, I followed the instructions several instances; however, it simply wouldn’t submit posts on my profile! Page publishing worked properly (two times as I use Networked Blogs to syndicate my blogs). But the simplest manner I ought to get my profile linked changed into by using mentioning myself inside the publish. So in the meanwhile, it seems like this selection isn’t quite proper.

If you have got Networked Blogs or a similar app already publishing your posts in your profile and Page, you would want to decide which alternative you favor to use: Facebook Plugin or a Facebook third birthday celebration App. The Plugin gain might be that you can mention other humans and pages, now not simply yourself and your web page. And you could add a custom message whilst publishing a put up for both mentionings of pages and citing of humans. However, a bit like doing an update message with a link attached through WordPress, and this may be scheduled!

The terrible elements of the usage of Facebook Plugin for WordPress

It slows down your internet site – Like every other extra plugin that has to query every other internet site earlier than yours is absolutely loaded, this plugin will affect your loading speed. The same weblog submit fell from 85 to eighty-one by simply activating Facebook Plugin in our test.

It overrides WordPress remarks – If you formerly used WordPress comments, instead of the 3rd birthday celebration plugin, your antique comments listing and shape will disappear if you spark off the Facebook Comments alternative (not if you use different parts of the Plugin). We tested it with Genesis and Themeforest topics; it is probably that different premium topics will behave differently.

The alternatives are particularly conflicting with every other – If you spark off Like, then tick Send, you do not want to set off Send as the feature may be replicated.

Open Graph activation did not paintings within the check – It did not permit publishing posts on my personal profile. If you controlled to get this constant or recognize why it befell – please proportion your remarks! However, Page’s publishing labored. Also, I’m left inside the darkish now as to what will manifest to my Apps. Have I been capable of “post” my publishing action as advised! I’ll keep trying and will update this put up if I have any extra records…
In precis

I will use the Facebook Plugin for WordPress on the TJConsulting blog. I might not publish posts to my Page or Profile with it yet till I discern out the App integration part. Networked Blogs publishes all my posts reliably on my profile and pages and also creates a Tab with a feed of recent posts. If I want to proportion a post with some other Facebook user, I’ll do it manually using the standard Facebook’s proportion button underneath every replacement. I’ll live with my contemporary remarks’ arrangements that still integrate with MailChimp for my newsletter subscription.

My call is Tamara Baranova. I run TJConsulting Online Marketing, and I help small business owners develop their enterprise using turning in powerful online marketing mentoring, assistance, and training.

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It lets my clients stop losing treasured time and start seeing real effects. Business proprietors I work with are extreme approximately elevating their business profile and attracting extra opportunities. They need their commercial enterprise to be successful, to grow fast, and to generate healthful profits through an online marketing method that works.

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