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Features and Advantages of Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys

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Features and Advantages of Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys


The hospital, medical, and healthcare industry use Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys extensively. These trolleys come in different types, shapes, and sizes. Here are a few advantages of using stainless steel trolleys.

Medical Trolleys

Easy to assemble and store

Stainless steel trolleys are found to be easy to assemble and also to pack. The packing of these trolleys are flat, and the assembling does not require any professional help. Even the first-timers can do it easily and quickly. Many of these trolleys are also foldable, which sharply decreases the space for storage of the trolley.

High Sterility and low maintenance

When the stainless steel trolleys are made, they are finished with electropolishing. This increases the shine and brightness, but it improves the sterility quotient of the trolley. On the other hand, the wooden trolleys are an excellent breeding ground for bugs, insects, and other creatures, thereby compromising the cleanliness and sterility of the trolley. In case of spillage, these tend to attract fungi, mold and rot as well. Hence, you must always opt for a company that ensures and provides guarantees against such events.

Stainless steel trolleys are touted to be the most hygienic of all trolleys. These provide a clean and sterilized environment. These are practically maintenance-free or require some occasional maintenance. On the other hand, trolleys made of wood need constant maintenance to keep them safe from bugs, microbes, and insects.

Different styles

Stainless steel trolleys are made in several different styles, different sizes as well as various shapes. These are based on the requirement and need to be given by the hospital, medical, or healthcare unit. It can either two or more shelves. These shelves are fitted onto solid frames. The trolleys can either have two or four wheels, and those wheels could be either the swiveling kind or the one with castors fitted at the end of its legs. Some of these trolleys are also equipped with brakes for extra safety and security. If the hospital has a unique requirement, even that can be accommodated.

Easy Customization

Stainless steel trolleys offer a high scope of customization. Each trolley can be made on a different specification. In case the trolley needs to be welded entirely, that too can be done and supplied to the medical facility. If the hospital has a unique requirement or needs trolleys matching specific dimensions or criteria, even that can be done with ease. Almost all the requirements can be accommodated if stainless steel is used.


This is one of the major benefits ascribed to using stainless steel as the material. If medical trolleys are made of stainless steel, they tend to last for a long time. These trolleys are extremely strong and robust, and they do not rust, unlike trolleys made of iron, which are typically easy to rust. Medical trolleys are made of wood, in case they are subject to spills, water, or any other liquid which are dropped regularly on it, there are high chances of it rotting and not lasting very long.

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