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Five Awesome iPhone Apps Redesigned for Android


Five Awesome iPhone Apps Redesigned for Android


iPhone Apps

In the apps branch, the iPhone is currently leading over Android phones. To date, there are about 230,000 apps to be had inside the Apple Store for the iPhone tool. In contrast, there are a few 70,000 apps for Android telephones. These numbers are converting each day, as increasingly apps are added to every group. But consistent with industry specialists, on the charge that apps at the moment are being produced, it’s far probably that by way of the center of 2012, there could be greater Android apps than iPhone or iOS apps (iOS is the operating platform for Apple merchandise which includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).


One motive why Android apps will quickly outnumber iOS apps is that, surely put, there is an extra call for Android apps. In the smart telephone marketplace, Android has the indisputable lead. More telephone producers have followed the Android running system, even as the best clever phone that uses the iOS platform remains the iPhone handiest. HTC, Samsung, and Motorola all use Android in their clever phones, and seven of their models has made it to the top ten listing of the maximum popular smartphones within the U.S. These days. With more telephones and extra humans at the Android bandwagon, apps builders have their fingers complete growing extra Android apps to fulfill the huge marketplace call for.

Not exceedingly, some iPhone apps had been transformed into Android versions and mounted in a fully functional mode in Android phones. As a result, some of the most popular iPhone apps now have their Android counterparts. Below are 5 of the trendiest and most useful apps which can now be observed in each iOS and Android gadgets:

1. Dropbox – This is a totally beneficial “cloud” carrier that permits customers to shop files and then sync them routinely across numerous gadgets or computer systems. With a Dropbox, account-which comes unfastened, by the way, a person can have easy access to files he stored on his Windows PC, iPad, iPhone or Mac laptop. This is a perfect garage answer as well as an answer to record-syncing troubles of those who use multiple computing devices.

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2. Evernote – This is a notice-taking app that still employs “cloud-syncing” to update copies of vital notes that a person may make and hold on multiple devices. Note-taking is a vital function of smart telephones (and quintessential at work), and with Evernote, a person continually has got admission to all his notes no matter what tool he has handy.

3. Documents To Go – There is a unfastened version of this document viewing and modifying app for both iPhone and Android phones. The free app makes text and spreadsheet files, similar to Word and Excel files. But it is not able to make slideshows inclusive of the ones in PowerPoint documents. For individuals who need the PowerPoint-like capability, an improvement to the whole model is needed. This upgrade will also do away with sure regulations determined inside the unfastened version.

4. Amazon Kindle – This cell app shall we someone browse via the thoroughly-stocked Kindle bookstall. The app also lets one buy, download after which read books he has selected. The download time is pretty speedy, often taking less than a minute.

5. Pandora – This app is used to flow songs or audio documents. The user can make his very own playlist by way of looking for track titles or artist names.

If you’re searching out any other method by using which to marketplace your enterprise, then one avenue to look at is mobile advertising. As an increasing number of people are using clever telephones with full display screen shows, a completely new street has been opened for entrepreneurs and advertisers to get more customers and clients. Let’s take a better take a look at cellular advertising so that you can determine whether this is an opportunity that your enterprise have to pursue.


Mobile advertising and marketing are so effective due to the fact you can send highly unique and targeted commercials to ability customers. You can pick exactly which prospects to goal based on age, gender, geographic region, or maybe the precise kind of cellular tool that the possibility is the use of. Your ad may be specially optimized to fill the screen and to grab the person’s attention. Mobile advertising and marketing have allowed corporations to target their campaigns in approaches that turned into formerly in no way possible.

When humans use their cell devices, traditional Internet marketing is generally not as effective due to the small display screen length. Furthermore, they do now not spend a great deal time on conventional Internet websites. Instead, they use apps or view Web websites which can be optimized for their cell tool. There is now an ad platform to show ads on those cellular apps and Web websites. You can bid for when and in which your ad could be displayed with other agencies who would really like to promote it. Content publishers can take delivery of the ads that pleasant integrate with their content material and in an effort to pay them the maximum money. This is a first-rate, unfettered loose market away from any controls or restrictions.

Once you’ve got bid to your ad placement and your ads are up and walking, you could tune how well your commercials do use a ramification of reporting and analytics strategies. This will assist you to optimize your mobile advertising marketing campaign so that you can maximize your visitors, conversions, and revenues. You can figure out if there are sure instances at some stage in the day when your campaign is more powerful, or whether certain demographics aren’t converting in addition to you predicted.

There is no doubt that cellular computing is the wave of the destiny. As increasingly people start to use mobile gadgets to do most people of their Internet browsing and social activities, it becomes even extra critical to come to be secure at marketing and advertising and marketing on the new mobile advertising network.

Now the rather recent international-wide phenomenon of the mobile app has come to be popular as a first-rate factor in software program improvement. The question has been asked via software program developers and software testers alike…Need to those iPhone apps or iPad apps be examined any in a different way to the greater conventional windows primarily based or mac primarily based utility? The solution is ‘yes’ however handiest to a positive extent. Good software testing standards can be applied to any software program irrespective of the platform. So, sure…They should be testing otherwise but not totally. The differences to a degree than traditional software programs are mostly obvious and a few as a substitute extra difficult to understand. Firstly an iPad app and (iPhone app for that count number) run on one-of-a-kind hardware than a PC/MAC. Also, the approach of input is entirely specific because of a hint-display. The manner the iPad apps are hooked up is one of a kind too, thru iTunes of course. From a software testers factor of view, the iPad has generated lots of dialogue. Most of these discussions revolve around statements evaluating the iPad to the iPhone. While there are a number of similarities (which includes apps being evolved for both platforms simultaneously). We are now seeing iPad specific apps being evolved. These are extra alike to the traditional software program programs for the PC or MAC. They typically have extra capabilities and make extra use of the larger display and are commonly greater complex. A usual method for checking out an iPad app is as follows:

The iPad is given to the app tester or app trying out the employer. As this could commonly be done before the app’s launch, a provisioning record may be needed to accompany the app which contains the UDID’s of the app checking out business enterprise’s take a look at iPads. The app and provisioning record can certainly be dropped into iTunes and loaded onto the iPad.


Once loaded onto the iPad, a standard technique for any iPad tester is to walk-via the app’s key functionality and efficiently perform an exploratory check. They have to be capable of use any previous perception from testing similar apps or employ the app’s helping documentation to make certain a thorough test is completed.

Fortunately, the iPad has an amazing built-in feature to help iPad testers with their undertaking, and that is the screenshot function. When a trojan horse is found, the iPad tester without a doubt holds down the energy button and presses the main circle button. This turns on a screen-shot seize and saves the photograph on the tool. This screen-shot can then be emailed to the growing organization in conjunction with instructions on the way to reproduce the problem. When the ‘unthinkable’ occurs, i.E. A ‘crash’, the iPad saves crash log documents to its internal hard pressure. When the iPad is next synced to a PC/MAC, those log documents also can be emailed to the developing corporation to aid in solving the worm that brought about the crash.

There are many different kinds of iPad app trying out that may be finished referring to networks, balance, usability, performance and many others. If you are not positive precisely what testing your iPad app desires, then surely email a respectable iPad app trying out the organization.

Most iPad app testing agencies have to be able to provide you with a radical test file. This is a key piece of documentation and could successfully be the only proof of your app’s first-rate prior to launch and additionally after launch.

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