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Five Things to Know Before Hiring An Android App Developer


Five Things to Know Before Hiring An Android App Developer


Android App Developer

Today, the mobile app market has grown swiftly as one of the greatest enterprise promoting structures with a large established target audience. This is swiftly growing each year. As the stats display, the Android and iPhone marketplace collectively dominates ninety-eight percent of the phone market, with Android at the top hand sharing eighty-four percent of the market share.


Owing to the Android app development market’s grand regular presence, it claims a doubtlessly a successful enterprise advertising platform for every commercial enterprise to enterprise. With a massive consumer base, the Android app market is also a rather aggressive enterprise market. So if you want to earn yourself a diagnosed stand within the Android software marketplace, you need to counter the mission of selecting the maximum suitable Android app service company.

1. Technical Expertise & Requirement-Specific Knowledge: For a well-customized Android application, professional knowledge of coding is required; hence developer, you lease must have profound technical know-how with the identical. Further, the organization you choose is predicted to have excellent requirement-specific know-how. This may be judged through questions like – Have you worked on those forms of requirements earlier than? OR Can you manual me via a go with the flow chart over serving my necessities with the software? The answers to these questions will help you get insights into the Android app developer’s understanding within the applicable area.

2. Experience & Portfolio: Every successful Android app improvement company or app developer will have an expressive portfolio in conjunction with a few case studies of the formerly served clients. You can go through this portfolio and relevant case research that assist you in judging the agency’s technical expertise. Along with this, you should recognize the organization’s enjoyment, which refers back to the variety of years the employer has been in business. With this, you may additionally ask the provider issuer for any preceding patron referrals from which you could get valuable feedback about the answers supplied by using the service company.

3. Features and Functionality of Your Application: One of the most vital points you need to paint upon is your app’s functions and capability. You want to suppose nicely of the opportunities your app ought to boast and discuss the app’s features and functional parameters with your preferred Android app carrier issuer. This is an essential component, and it’s going to help the Android app developer you rent to make the app’s functionality more enterprise-oriented and join up in your expectancies.

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4. Budget and the Targeted Timeline:


Another deal-maker or the deal-breaker criterion is the ‘price range’ you’re making plans to put money into for the app development. Before deciding the finances and the Android app’s focused timeline, you need to examine the diverse parameters finding out the Android utility development fee alongside the time necessities over extraordinary customizations. Further, in step with that, you could select among the carrier company’s desired alternatives to meet your budget and timeline objectives.

5. App’s Revenue Generation Model & Ongoing Assistance: Before selecting a developer, you need to discuss your app’s revenue technology strategy. Whether the app could characteristic a paid download alternative or earn from in-app purchases and pay-up commercials, and many others. Based on your necessities, the provider company should upload effective technical Backend help for the sales era version. With this, your Android app may be well directed to advantage extraordinary ROI (Return On Investment) and lead with an excessive commercial enterprise conversion charge.

Further, with the elevated complexity of custom-designed Android app improvement offerings, you can require ongoing assistance for the app for its higher administration. So you need to recognize if the Android app development carrier issuer you select offers cost-powerful ongoing assistance.

As the marketplace for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile packages heats up, increasingly more corporations are diverting most of their attention and investments in the direction of that “next big mobile app idea.” Here are the 5 most crucial factors of cellular application improvement.

1. Business Case: If you have an idea that could make a good cell application, you have to study if any other software on the same/similar idea exists already. Determine how you can differentiate and improvise your idea. Understand if there may be a need for the application that you plan to broaden. Besides validating your concept, determine if developing that application is a great fit in your enterprise strategies, path and if you’ll be able to recoup funding into growing this software.

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2. Target Audience: Whether you are growing software to your internal commercial enterprise use, use by way of different groups, or use through man or woman customers, you must have good expertise of who your audience is. That will assist in making layout and generation selections for your application. If you target an international audience, you can also have to forget to make your mobile utility multi-lingual.

3. Technology Selection: With cell consumer packages, you can not expand an unmarried application that may run on all cellular structures. Each of the cellular systems is special and runs the best packages that are advanced on the specific technology. So if you increase an iPhone utility, you can’t run the same utility on Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile systems. That is why it’s far important that you pick the correct cell platform for your software before starting application improvement. If your plan consists of growing software for more than one cell platform, ensure that you architect your utility properly to reduce preliminary and ongoing development efforts and prices. Most importantly, determine you really need to increase cellular patron packages that are platform-specific or a cellular website / net application, which might be greater time-honored and could run on all smartphones.

4. Timing: When there are thousands of agencies looking to the faucet into the booming mobile applications market, it’s miles essential that you pass forward along with your cellular development challenge in a well-timed way. Otherwise, there are probabilities that someone else may beat you in launching an application with a similar idea and will fast faucet into your capability customer base. When it comes to launching a cell application, proper timing is essential for maximizing go back on investment.

5. Pricing: Just like any other product, you want to ensure that charge to your cellular software is right. Research at the rate of different comparable apps, decide how precious your utility will be for clients, and parent out your general cost of possession to build, launch, and retain your utility. Consider imparting your cell applications at no cost or at a reduced rate for a quick period of time to attract extra buyers.

Bonus Point: Marketing – After launching your utility, it is crucial to market it and improve its visibility on your audience. Without the advertising efforts, your application may also get buried underneath the stack of lots of other packages hurting its sales capability. Marketing your application on social media websites, search engines like google and yahoo, and imparting it without spending a dime for a short time frame needs to increase its patron base. Make certain to listen to the feedback software customers will be giving and incorporate that during your destiny development plan.


Mantra Information Services is a main custom application improvement and IT consulting organization primarily based in NJ, USA. We provide cell software development offerings for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile systems. We have helped everybody from small corporations to Fortune 500 corporations with their mobile improvement strategies and technology projects.

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