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Four Easy Tips to Customize the Best Menu for Your Wedding


Four Easy Tips to Customize the Best Menu for Your Wedding


So, the wedding bells are ringing and there are innumerable things to think about. Right from your wedding dress, jewelry, guest list, and a perfect location – the list goes endless. And, how can I forget including a personalized food menu? After all, no wedding is complete without good food. In fact, it is serving the savory dishes and desserts that act as fuel to the party and let you infuse your personality and style into your special celebration.


However, it is not as simple as offering a fish or pork option to your guests. You have to manage if someone is allergic or can eat only a specific type of food. Hence, it is more challenging than you think. To help you avoid the difficulties in picking up the perfect appetizers, entrees and desserts for your reception menu, here are a few tips for you:

Estimated Amount of Budget

As happens with other aspects of your big day, you should dedicate a fixed amount for spending towards your wedding catering. It is because food can get costly, and any wrong decision you take with regards to appetizers or main course dishes can impact your overall budget.

But, if you will have a budget established early on, you will be able to explore the food options in that range and stay on track.

Size of Guest List

Well, this is another critical factor that will help you pick the appropriate wedding menu. Having a large number of guests obviously means a number of mouths to feed. Not only that, the type of guests you expect will dictate what kind of food options you can keep.

But if you are keen on saving a bit of cash, worry not. Limit the number of appetizers and main course dishes and you will spend less per plate.

Seasonal Delicacies

The majority of cities in the United States are blessed with all four seasons, which means the availability of a myriad of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Thus, allowing you ample seasonal dish options for your wedding.

Seasonal set-menus such as root vegetables and squashes in summer celebrations and leafy vegetables in fall ceremonies lets you showcase great local ingredients that are on-trend, and also offer a good value.

Child-Friendly Options

If you are inviting your friends with their kids or have a lot of children in your own family, it is recommended to include the food items that savor their taste buds as well. Ask your wedding caterer to prepare some fancy and colorful dishes for your young guests, but first, confirm from their parents about any allergies they have.

For that purpose, include the RSVP option in the card and request for dietary requirements (if any) from your invitees and then witness your chef doing all the magic.