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Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out – Who’s Best?

While running a blog may be a moneymaking approach to earn money for some, for many of us, it’s for a cheaper and optimistically soaking up interest. While experienced bloggers might also wish to invest in a few expert web hosting, for many of us, getting started out with a loose website online is sufficient. Indeed, there are many writers out there who suggest that paid hosting isn’t even important to your blog to be a fulfillment.


An easy notion experiment would possibly confirm this for you. For a second, it’s far vital no longer to assume as a blogger, or a host, however as an average net user; a normal weblog reader – particularly, the type of reader you are looking for to visit your blog. Suppose, as an example, you’re contemplating starting a weblog all approximately classic motors. A conventional vehicle fanatic activates their laptop and possibly goes to Google and types in some search phrases. In the quest effects, there are probable to be many, many blogs; after clicking on a few links, our tourist will study a number of them, and, if suitably inspired, will possibly join them, bookmark them, or leave a remark. At no point did the blog tourist use whether you had a professional-looking “dot com” URL or whether you had been the usage of the brand new WordPress plugins as an aspect to pick your web page over any other. All they were interested in turned into whether your blog added the content material they have been interested in. There is a hit, loose websites obtainable. Can you probably make a success on any platform?

The contenders- For the functions of this text, the writer started with a weblog on Posterous – a non-public preferred, however with a beneficial feature that would assist in this test. By permitting autopost on a Posterous weblog, the post can automatically be reposted to a couple of weblog sites, In this manner, after including the alternative systems – WordPress.Com, Tumblr, and Blogger – 4 loose blogs with the equal underlying content material could be speedy created. The gain of the Posterous weblog is simple setup and posting by using email. Posterous websites are smooth and simple, with few bells and whistles.

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In a similar vein to Posterous, sites on Tumblr.Com allow multimedia posting with the rush of a button, and additionally allow posting with the aid of e-mail. Like Posterous, Tumblr also aims for smooth setup and easy customization with subject matters, however, Tumblr aggressively pushes integration with social media websites; in reality, Tumblr considers the “tumblelog” as social media in its own proper, to be shared, reposted, and favorited in the Tumblr community.

Blogger is subsequent; acquired by means of the gargantuan Google in 2003 and frequently derided for not getting quite as plenty attention as other Google products, it is everything you would anticipate from the search engine behemoth. The recognition is extra on integration with other Google merchandise than simplicity; a number of the menu selections and customization alternatives aren’t quite entry-level. However, size does count number; and a large number of Blogger blogs does propose a huge amount of network support, no longer to say there is sincerely the inspiration that at least one seek engine will move slowly the pages.

Finally, there is the choice of a hosted weblog at WordPress.Com – essentially, a slimmed-down version of the overall WordPress product provided totally free hosting. Offering familiarity and portability if you do ever determine to upgrade to the total WordPress offering – here it’s miles critical to distinguish between the website hosting provided at WordPress.Com and the full product at WordPress.Org – it’s far very plenty a sandbox version of the entire product with restricted plugins and customization available.

The first take a look at ease of use


For the primary test, ease of posting changed into the metric used to compare the websites. It is really worth mentioning now that the maturity of Web applications should imply there is no excuse whatsoever for any website to offer negative or difficult editing and publishing options; the Web interfaces ought to be clean and functional. As some distance as web interfaces move, Blogger appears to have a slight lead over WordPress on the subject of ease of use, despite the fact that WordPress does have extra complete formatting alternatives. It is the extra options that make it slightly more hard. Tumblr wins for media, practically one-click on publishing, however everyday text weblogs are lacking in options and flexibility and, regrettably, what you notice does not usually fit what you get. I additionally determined the Tumblr interfaces painfully slow. So tons of internet interface comparisons; Posterous’ web interface is simply as equipped as any of them, but the usage of Posterous’ submit-through-email feature approach Posterous wins palms down in this class, the use of the interface you’re possibly greater familiar with than every other; your electronic mail software. This factor: Posterous.

The 2d check: presentation- The cease outcomes are of path critical. Posterous websites are extremely spartan, and actually subject matters had been an overdue addition, so the quit end result of a Posterous web page is normally a totally easy, minimalist, and fashionable web site. WordPress sites have a propensity to be capable of looking the maximum professional; however also are capable of being widgets to the point wherein they’re hideous. Just due to the fact WordPress does permit you to add sure gadgetry does not mean which you should. The Blogger websites are usually first-class and feature a bigger quantity of issues to pick from out of the box; it seems less difficult to discover something that is tremendously appealing, even though for a few cause it is commonly Blogger. I am afraid the Tumblr websites do no longer score excessively on this region; it seems to be very tough for a Tumblr site to appearance exceptional; I turned into not glad about the appearance of the various check pages posted. This factor: left to private taste.

The 0.33 test: customization- For the customization check, we took into consideration what widgets are to be had with the aid of default, and then whether or not a selected characteristic could be customized; mainly, we looked to see if commenting behavior could be modified. Customization on each Posterous and Tumblr is constrained to theme choice with perhaps some manual code editing to adjust functions of the subject. In theory, Tumblr ought to help other customizations, including the Intense Debate commenting plugin; but, whilst this creator tried it, the customization seemed to deprive the present Tumblr stylesheet (what appeared like HTML or CSS showed up on the page. Very in all likelihood a lacking close tag, but this take a look at became under the guise of an access-degree consumer strange with coding). The WordPress.Com selection of plugins within reason restricted and sparse; absolutely not the large names you would search for on a hosted WordPress web page, even though, failing all else, it does permit HTML-stage customizations. The widgets on offer do not allow for lots of the way of customization aside from additional web page factors. Finally, Blogger appears greater open to customization and, definitely by means of the virtue of the quantity of Blogger sites around, is supported by means of many plugin companies. Of route, Google would like this to be the case for their personal AdSense monetization. Intense Debate mounted painlessly on Blogger and within moments, the acclaimed CommentLuv was running on a blogger website online. If someone customization might be enough to choose one blog host over any other, CommentLuv is likely it. This point: Blogger.

The fourth check: acceptability- For an acceptability check, we attempted to “claim” every weblog (with their default domain names inclusive of blogname.Posterous.Com) with the massive name in blogging directories, Technorati, see how the indexing engines would range of their treatment of free blogs over hosted area name ones. Technorati without delay did no longer just like the Posterous website URL, and whilst it recognized the Tumblr and Blogger URLs as hosted blogs, there have to be a considerable amount of code on these pages that left Technorati not able to inform that the pages had been in English. Only the WordPress web page was widespread and listed without question. Likewise, from a human perspective, a WordPress weblog seems more desirable; it is what a blog must look like. This factor: WordPress.

Conclusion- This article set out to answer the question “who is first-class?” out of the four platforms put to the test, and which presented the best opportunity to achieve success. However, the thing additionally cleverly prevented defining exactly what “exceptional” in reality intended, and “a success” can suggest various things to unique people as well. You may additionally degree fulfillment in terms of traffic, financial return, or perhaps some other shape of contentment; the fine alternative for you is probably eased of use, flexibility, appearance, or potential to upgrade to a hosted answer later. The ratings above got here out quite even; I am willing to offer Tumblr the advantage of the doubt as I even have seen astounding matters executed with it. Take a look over which of the checks above are maximum vital to you, and permit that be your manual; in quick though, this author might advise Posterous for ease of use, WordPress.Com for destiny upgradability, Blogger for functions (relative to other loose services), and Tumblr for social integration. No rely on what route you select, there is no alternative for difficult paintings in terms of seeking out achievement.


Professional running a blog is an extraordinarily new phenomenon on the Internet. There is a superb deal of capacity in this emergent area for savvy online marketers who own a primary information of present day web era.For the time being the number of up and coming expert bloggers is small. However, as extra people realize the earnings potential of expert blogging the range of seasoned bloggers will develop exponentially. Only time will tell if there will be a sustained increase of pro bloggers, as only a few people make their living entirely off their blogs.

It is the dream of a majority of bloggers to enter the realm of professional running a blog. Despite the fact that maximum bloggers dedicate an hour or two each day to post on their blog, it does now not continually endure the monetary end result for his or her everyday labor. Assorted techniques exist for making money with a blog, the most popular being to sell advertising and marketing area via Google’s AdSense software or directly to a company that needs to reach the demographic that your weblog appeals to. Very few bloggers really earn profits they can live off because of their participation in Google’s AdSense.

Predominately it’s miles the blogging community who reads weblogs. The goal of reading different peoples weblogs is to hold oneself knowledgeable approximately blogging method and new improvements in the medium. Advanced blogging know-how is the key to success for professional bloggers. For it is the cornerstone of their achievement inside the medium of expert blogging. Pro bloggers amass knowledge, talents, schooling abilities, dialogue and presentation techniques all based totally round weblogs and bloggers. The mainstay of a seasoned bloggers cognizance might be the phenomenon of running a blog itself. Self-reflexivity has grown to be an ongoing focal subject matter factor of the seasoned blogger and their blogs.

It is going without pronouncing that a greater complex future awaits the arena of professional running a blog. For the imply time, success may be carried out with the aid of expert bloggers who attains the largest perpetual audience and by way of those seasoned bloggers that offer mentorship to novice bloggers. The evolution and expansion of blogger demographics will occur as a result of the greater person pleasant blogging software program, and the blogging panorama will flux with the one’s modifications. Assuredly, it’s far very difficult to are expecting exactly what forms of blogs can be reaping the finest economic rewards within the future. For it is the constant country of exchange the brings pleasure into the world of expert running a blog.

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While running a blog may be a moneymaking approach to earn money for some, for many of us, it’s for a cheaper and optimistically soaking up interest. While experienced bloggers might also wish to invest in a few expert web hosting, for many of us, getting started out with a loose website online is sufficient.