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Gain Confidence with the NSW Safer Drivers Course


Gain Confidence with the NSW Safer Drivers Course


Safer Drivers Course provides an engaging and informative way for holders of an NSW (New South Wales) learner’s license to learn more about being safe drivers and anticipating risks and hazards on the road.

The in-class activities and car coaching sessions will build your driving confidence and teach you to make informed decisions.

After completing the course, you’ll understand speed management, following safe distances, gap selection, and hazard awareness.

Requirements for Registration:

  • You must hold an NSW learner’s license–other states aren’t accepted.
  • Students must be under 25 years old.
  • You must have completed at least 50 total driving hours.

How Much Is the Course and What Is the Duration?

You must pay the fee of $140 before attending the first module. Transport NSW subsidizes the value of the course, which consists of five hours. Three hours are theory-based, and two hours of practical lessons are spent on the road.

Benefits of the Safer Drivers Course

  • A better understanding of being a safe provisional (P-plate) driver
  • Able to identify hazards on the road and how to reduce the risk of crashing
  • Understand low-risk driving techniques
  • Earn 20 hours of credit for your logbook – you’ll have to finish 100 hours of supervised driving once you’ve completed the course.

Components of the Course

The course works together with the NSW learner logbook system.

Module 1

This module consists of a facilitated group discussion that involves up to 12 learners like you. You’ll be able to discuss different ways that lead to safer driving. Video tutorials and other learning complement keep this session engaging.

Module 2

The practical part of the training consists of coaching sessions with another learner driver and the driving instructor. The learner drivers will each get several opportunities to drive on a fixed route. During the practical session, the instruction aims to cut the type of traffic accidents on NSW roads. You’ll practice low-risk driving, how to recognize and respond to dangers on the road, and more.

Disadvantaged Learners – Free Course

If you’re disadvantaged, you can benefit from sponsorship by the NSW Government.

You need to meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Have a learner’s license
  • Be under the age of 25
  • Have completed at least 50 logbook hours – on-road driving, including night driving
  • Have a current healthcare card or concession card issued by the Department of Human Services for pensioners.
  • It would help if you were in or have formerly been in OOHC (out-of-home care)
  • Present a copy of your supporting documents (concession card)


How many times can a learner driver take the Safe Drivers Course?

Learner drivers can only attend the course once to receive the bonus credit of 20 hours for their logbooks. Participants must complete both modules before they qualify for the bonus credit.

Is the course a driving lesson?

No, it’s not a driving lesson, as you already have to know car control. The course teaches you advanced skills in recognizing and responding to hazards.

What will I get after the course?

Twenty hours will be entered into your logbook.

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