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Car Number Plate, High-Security Number Plate For Your Vehicle

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Car Number Plate, High-Security Number Plate For Your Vehicle


Why is Car number Plate important?

The number of vehicles has gained a huge extension nowadays. Different types of cars and other transport vehicles are available in bulk. All of these have granted a registration number that is printed on its number plate. The requirement of number plates over vehicles arises from the need to maintain a record of all vehicles. It is a matter of security; therefore, it is considered illegal if someone is driving a car or other mode of transport without an attached number plate on which its registration number has to be imprinted.

Car number Plate

More Info About Number Plate

The number allotted to a vehicle is authorized to state RTO services. They are responsible for issuing numbers and running the series of numbers accurately. Further, the number of registration of a vehicle divided into 4 parts. The first part includes the first two letters, which can alphabets; these describe the state of registration, e.g., PB stands for Punjab. Then the next two are numeric digits that express the district of registration.

Then the next two again are alphabets which are continued by time, as after a specific period of time, the series changes to next, e.g., AE, AF, AG. In the fourth part, there are four numerics, which are random numbers. So one has to make the print of this whole number collectively or punched according to his wish. But he should make sure that the numbers are printed or written on a car number plate in an easily readable way. These are normally steel plates enclosed over the front and the backside of the vehicle.

Number Plate designs and best number plate fonts

People want their number plate to look unique and different from others. There is a huge variety of designs and fonts of number plates in the market. People choose various styles and fonts of the number plate to make it look trendy. Number plates are not merely a formality, but their purpose is very predominant. One can extract the vehicle details by number plate.

All the owner’s details, vehicle make, and other necessary information can be viewed with the number plate’s help. Therefore while ordering a number plate for a vehicle, one should always keep it in mind and use it simply as a well attractive design for his car. Some of the fonts look fine when you see them closely, but they are either not visible or confuse the words while on the road. It is also illegal if you apply a number plate with confusing fonts or figures.

What is a high-security number plate?

A high-security number plate is issued and manufactured by government authorities for security reasons. They charge some fee for making and fixing the number plate over the vehicle. The theme, design, font, and font size; all of these details are perfectly similar in all high-security number plates. These are made up of aluminum and fixed with two tiny locks on the vehicle. In High-security number plates, one can know about vehicle details by number plate only.

There is a hologram sticker on the left of these number plates on which Ashoka chakra is printed. After that, the registration number is engraved onto the number plate with black ink on it. There is a film all over the number plate over which the word “India” is printed at an angle of 45 degrees.

number plate

Why high-security number plates required?

It will be no wonder if you are getting thought of the purpose of these high-security number plates. The government has made it compulsory for all vehicle owners to get high-security number plates for their vehicles. Some of the reasons why high-security number plates have replaced the normal number of plates are as follows:-

  1. The most important benefit to the public is that the high-security number plate’s most important benefit is that it is a unique number plate manufactured by the government authorities only. Earlier, thieves who stole cars and other public vehicles replace the number with another. There were no complications in applying any number plate with any registration number on it. But in the case of high-security number plates, thieves cannot replace it with another one as it has to be obtained from the government service centers where the RC of the vehicle is also required.
  2. HSRP contains all the detail of the vehicle to which it belongs, such as engine number, model, make chassis number, etc. It also preserves 10 digits that help the police authorities find the vehicle when it is lost or theft. It contains a digital form of data that helps in automatic number plate recognition.
  3. As per its name, it is allotted to a vehicle owner only when he fulfills the vehicle’s required legal documents, such as engine number, chassis number, etc. Therefore it detaches any chance of fraud or misleading activity with your registration number.
  4. High-security number plates are useful for the traffic police authorities. Some people use to apply fonts and designs that are difficult to read over a moving vehicle on the previous plates. But in these number plates, there is a specific standard size and font is applicable.

Procedure to get high-security number plates

high-security number plates

Now the questions that must be arising in your mind must be “how to get a high-security number plate” or “from where can I get a car number plate near me”? No need to give so much stress to yourself as the process of getting a high-security number plate is totally trouble-free.

First of all, you need to open the website of the HRSP of your state. There you have to fill an online form and submit it with fees. You will get a notification about the arrival of your number plate at your nearest HSRP service center. They will provide you a date on which your number plate will be ready to be fitted on your vehicle.

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