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How can you Repair your Window Tinting?

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How can you Repair your Window Tinting?


Window tinting can help block damaging ultraviolet rays that harm your skin. They offer privacy from people and other drivers peeping into your car. Window tinting is not a complicated process, although it is time-consuming. Tinting is a process of covering the windows of your car with a thin transparent sheet of film. The sheet varies in thickness ranging from 0.001 to 0.004 inches. Adhering to the film can be done according to the type of sheet. You can do window tinting, but it requires a lot of patience, time, and skill. It is better to hire a professional since tinting can go wrong- it can peel bubbles up or comes off early, which will look awful. But there are ways to repair a bad tint:


You need to follow these instructions to fix tint:

Fixing a bad Tint:

First of all, check the tint’s warranty; if you got it done by a professional and it is under warranty, you can ask them to repair or replace it. If not, you can do it by yourself; all you need is:

.Spray bottle



Tip: If you have planned to repair the tint all by yourself, wait for a sunny day since it is manageable to apply the adhesive and dry it.

Way: To get the air bubbles out, heat the window in the sun for a few minutes, spray the mist from the spray bottle on the window. The interaction between the cold water and hot window will loosen up the adhesive leading the air bubbles to disappear.

Fixing a Torn Window Tint:

Repairing a peel is complicated since you need to remove the affected portion and install a new tint.

Determine the area to remove, carefully carve it with the specific tool. Make sure it includes all the damaged areas.





Window tint has two thin films; make sure your tool cuts both of them. Carefully lift the peeled portion so that the undamaged portion is not affected by the peeling.

Before placing the new film, clean the window from where the affected part was scraped off. Spray water on that area and dry it with a hairdryer.

Cut the new film one inch larger from all sides, place it equally on sides to cover the area, later cut the extra inches with a blade or razor.

Removal of Damaged Tint

If your window tint has worn out or placed for a longer time, you would like to get a new one. For that, you will have to obliterate the old tint to start over. Here are the directions to remove the tint:

.Place a polybag to cover the window by spraying some water.

.Spray inside of the window with ammonia. Make sure the other areas inside the car are covered.

.Use a razor to cut the tint’s edge, carefully peel it off from the window.

.Once the peeling is done, clean the window thoroughly.

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