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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue


How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue


When planning a wedding, choosing a fabulous reception venue is on the top of the to-do list. Selecting the perfect dress, a scrumptious menu, dazzling décor, and a fantastic cake is pretty much easy and exciting. But when it comes to picking the perfect venue for your big day, there are a lot of things to consider. From churches to hotels to majestic ballroom to castles, the available options can be overwhelming.

The venue you select sets the tone of the event. It is the place where your friends and family will gather and celebrate your big day. Unlike other things like dress and décor, where you focus on your likes and dislikes only, choosing the venue requires answering several questions. It would help if you determined whether your wedding will be big or small. Do you want an outdoor or indoor setting? It would help if you found a venue that can accommodate all your guests, meet the seasonal requirements, be conveniently accessed, and fit your budget. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry; here we are going to share some tips for finding the perfect venue. Here’s a guide on things to consider when choosing a wedding venue.

Perfect Wedding Venue

Determine Your Budget

Before you start any wedding preparation, first, you need to fix a realistic budget. You need to draft a budget by allocating an amount for each expense. Remember, the venue is much more than just renting the space. You will need to pay for catering, decoration, DJ, and other things. If you book a venue with in-house catering, make sure to ask about the price of decoration and lighting.

Prepare Your Guests List

To avoid headaches and heartaches down the road, always estimate your guests count first. Whether you’re planning a big or a small event, it’s important to prepare a guest list. This is because every venue has a capacity that it can comfortably hold. Depending on the number of your expected guests, you should look for a place of appropriate size. You don’t want to cramp your guests by picking a too-small venue. Also, if you choose a too large place, it may seem that the majority of your guests failed to turn up.


The wedding venue should be easily accessible to all your guests. If you choose a far off location, it can easily put your guests off attending your wedding. It’s best to choose the same venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. If both functions are to be held at two different sites, make sure they are close to each other. The ideal wedding venue can be easily accessed by car and is located near the airport or at a central location.

All-Inclusive Venue

To avoid hassles, it’s best to choose an all-inclusive wedding venue. Hotels usually offer competitive packages with in-house catering to make your event stress-free. You can also get accommodation facilities for outside guests. You get all facilities such as parking, music, lighting, floral decoration, as well as a multi-cuisine menu. You can choose any style or theme to create a look of your dreams.

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