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How to Protect Your Commercial HVAC from Freezing Up


How to Protect Your Commercial HVAC from Freezing Up


Imagine a typical summer day, you could be at home or the office, and all you want is to feel the cold air flowing from your HVAC system. The last thing you want to find out that it isn’t working because of a frozen coil or line inside your unit getting in the way of the comfort you were expecting to receive from your unit. Take a look at these helpful tips so you can eliminate the likelihood of this problem arising at the worst time.

Schedule a Regular Checkup To Prevent Leakages


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The best way to fix a problem with your HVAC unit is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You could have an issue as simple and common as a refrigerant leak. Still, you can rely on a professional technician to take care of any other potential problems with a semi-annual checkup because of the complexities involved in varying machines.

A leak can happen anywhere within your HVAC unit, but a technician will be able to fix and prevent any leaks as well as hunt for any of the other problems that could be causing ice to build up inside your machine.

Check Your Air Filters and Coils For Efficient Airflow

One of the major reasons an HVAC unit can freeze is when dirt and residue build up inside the system itself, impeding its parts from doing the intended work. Proper airflow is a crucial element in any HVAC system’s functionality, so check your AC filter regularly and replace it when necessary. Similarly, a dirty coil can cause havoc that can be avoided with a quick cleaning.

Avoid Worn-Out Blower Fans and Blocked Vents

It should come as no surprise that an important factor in any HVAC unit’s effectiveness is its ability to circulate air properly. If you have a worn-out blower fan or if your vents have become blocked over time, your unit won’t be able to function the way it is intended. Remedy these problems to assure yourself that your HVAC system can bring in warm air to keep its coils regulated.

Remove Buildup in Condensate Drainage Line

Because of the constant airflow within your HVAC system, condensation can quickly become a compelling factor in clogging it up to the point that it freezes. Unlike some of the more complicated problems listed above, any buildup of the condensate drain line can be alleviated easily with a shop vacuum’s suction.

Consistent Maintenance Helps in the Long Run

While it might feel like a lot of work and expense to have regular checkups on your HVAC system, it is an investment worth its weight in gold. Having your machine operate efficiently at all times will not only give you great personal comfort but will also save you from expensive repairs on a machine that could add up over time.

Instead of worrying about what could happen if your HVAC freezes at an inopportune time, you can relax knowing that you’ve taken care of it for the days when you need it most.

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