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How to Use Blogger to Boost Your Paid Survey Money


How to Use Blogger to Boost Your Paid Survey Money


Blogger.Com is a loose and appropriate platform for blogging. And masses of human beings use this platform to make money on line. Normally they use AdSense and Affiliate software to monetize their blog, however you may also use this platform to increase your paid survey cash. Blogger lets you promote something and put it up for sale some thing on its weblog with none price.

So, how are you going to increase your survey cash by way of the use of blogger?
Here are the steps:

# 1. Pick out survey sites that have exact referral systems:
There are dozens of valid paid survey websites that have correct referral structures; you simply need to make a list of these web sites. Some websites like Cash Crate and Treasure Trooper provide you to get 20% incomes of your direct referrals and 10% incomes of your indirect referrals. If you boom your referral number, then this a bit percentage give you lots of money. In long term, your referrals will make money for you.

# 2. Create a blog on blogger.Com:
Create your free blog on blogger.Com and pick something darkish as your template. But don’t use black colour. Post 4 – five articles about paid surveys so that your traveler can trust on you and your gives. And placed your referral hyperlinks on side bar as well as on your articles in your weblog.

# 3. Use banner commercials:
Some websites offer you to put it up for sale them through banner advertisements. Banner advertisements provide you with two styles of benefits. First, humans love pictures and banner ads make your blog picture rich. And the second benefit is it encourages your site visitors to visit your referred web page.


Depending on the scale of your on-line enterprise, a small organization of writers can certainly reduce the chance of mental exhaustion, and can help foster your writing group into blog personalities. Check out LifeHacker’s writing crew and examine their numbers with the wide variety of recent articles that pop out in keeping with day at the site. Lifehacker is inside the top 25 maximum read blogs inside the world, and their whole crew is a baker’s dozen. They additionally have visitor bloggers, polls, ask-the-reader posts, ask-the-expert interviews, and go-posts with their co-blogs Gizmodo, Kotaku, Jalopnik, Gawker and so on.

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A team of bloggers can be composed of SME’s (Subject-count number Experts) and their specific hobbies can be used to slot into sub-niches to your blog, which in flip allows your weblog present a rich and varied set of articles. Like the sub-sections in a mag or newspaper, you will have some thing for all and sundry to your area of interest. Letting your SME’s explore and proportion their expertise of their subjects also continues element constant in terms of shared know-how and continuity.

“A little something for every body… ” in particular the time-crunched, is key. In phrases of length, readers admire an editorial that might not require too much scroll-down. Post limits additionally assist writers to be more concise and centered on getting their core message via (Think of Twitter: you’ll waste your a hundred and forty characters in case you ramble.) In this line of idea, a 500 phrase limit or thereabouts is best.

Polls and ask-the readers are remarkable for soliciting feedback and encouraging engagement among commenters and readers. Long-form posts are the first rate whilst the content and shipping merit the duration.


A smooth and expert lay-out for your weblog may not leap out at visitors and capability fans, however it still helps make the overall impact a whole lot greater acceptable, even subconsciously. Tying within the look of your weblog to the design of your principal commercial enterprise website also can assist unify the connection between your commercial enterprise and the weblog, and encourage readers to look what’s new.

Budget troubles

If your finances allows it, the services of a professional can attend to the small details and tweaks that make a domain attractive, available, and smooth to explore. There are also low-value and no-fee templates available from the popular running a blog systems like Blogger, WordPress and Typepad. These systems were designed to make things smooth-peasy for amateur and found out bloggers alike, and it is your needs with a view to determine which one will offer the great fit, in terms of budget (there also are paid bills), functions and simplicity-of-use. Personalization and customization is straightforward, and can come afterwards.

Team and content material calendar

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Your writing crew wishes to have a centralized calendar to show who is running on what, what posts are in the queue, whilst posts are supposed move stay, what applicable events are developing (in order to write about them) and what commercial enterprise-related events, promoting or news is in the works. This keeps the group privy to the workflow and alter as a consequence ought to something come up.