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IPhone Vs Android – Should You Get an iPhone or an Android Phone?


IPhone Vs Android – Should You Get an iPhone or an Android Phone?


While many corporations are vying for smartphone supremacy, for the time being, the two titans are going to go for dominance of the consumer smartphone arena. With apologies to Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Palm OS, Google Android and Apple iOS are the two high-quality cellular working systems proper now.

Verizon is officially getting the iPhone. There have been many extra questions about my blog approximately which cellphone is higher, the iPhone or the high-end Android telephones.

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That’s a bit more tough query to reply to as they each have awesome advantages, so I concept I’d prepare this article to cope with a number of the blessings and drawbacks provided using each mobile operating device.

Choices – Advantage Android

If you are searching out plenty of specific alternatives, then it is Android all the way. With the iPhone, you have alternatives, this yr’s version, and the remaining 12 months’ model. Every yr Apple releases one new smartphone. It looks like there is a brand new Android cellphone popping out every few days – there are over a hundred Android-powered phones, and that number is continuing to develop. Android can be observed in low price telephones, which might be free with a yr agreement and $250 with the two-yr settlement. You can get an expansion of screen sizes and select any carrier you need.

Apps – Advantage iPhone

If you need the biggest choice of apps, then the Apple App Store has the gain by using about 2 hundred,000 apps. The Android Market is not a slouch through any method because it has over one hundred,000 apps; it just has much less. Most developers expand for the Apple App Store first because human beings are extra accustomed to buying apps on the iPhone than they’re on Android. The biggest distinction is in games – pretty without a doubt, there are far better video games to be had on the iPhone than on Android for the time being.

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Cell Phone Carrier – Advantage Android

Now that the iPhone is available on two carriers in the U.S., You’re not stuck with AT&T, which is a good component for many people as AT&T has had more than its percentage of network troubles over time with the iPhone. However, the iPhone still isn’t to be had for Sprint or TMobile, which both offer the lowest price plans than Verizon and AT&T, so the gain right here goes to Android.

Adobe Flash (i.E. Most Videos) – Advantage Android

When it involves looking at movies on your iPhone, you could watch a few and many YouTube movies. However, lots of movies have been located someplace else, and they all use Adobe Flash. Also, many online games use Flash as nicely, so if you revel in gambling them, you’ll likely have a few difficultly. Android Phones (that have Android 2.2 or later) support Flash, which means you may get admission to most of these movies and video games using your cellphone. There is a workaround app for the iPhone known as Skyfire that will work for some of these cases, but it is not nearly as fine because the telephone can help it, and it actually does not “just paintings” as Apple has tried to make their gadgets do.

Ease Of Use – Advantage iPhone

In all likelihood, you do not need to get a diploma in engineering to apply for your phone. While Android is quite easy to use, it is not nearly intuitive because of the iPhone. The iPhone has a simple elegance to it. Android-powered smartphones tend to attract more to the tech-savvy crowd. Again, this is a be counted of preference. Just like with computers, some people like Windows, and some humans like Mac OS. Go to the store and play with each for a bit and notice which one appeals to you extra, but if you hate computers and slightly recognize how to turn one on, stick with the iPhone as it is easier.

Conclusion – Up To You

While I could make a case that both are higher, in the end, it’s miles going to depend on what you need. I like my Android cellphone individually, but I’ve played with lots of iPhones and have found them amusing and smooth to apply to. Get whichever one you want, fine.

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