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A Paralegal’s Take on Law Firm Management Challenges

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A Paralegal’s Take on Law Firm Management Challenges


Millie Dyson, age 37, is the epitome of legal aid personnel competence. She did word processing at a regulation company even as in high school and regularly labored her manner thru the ranks. From secretary for three litigators in a coverage protection exercise to senior paralegal within the IP department of a 150-yr-antique company in Kentucky, she’s finished all of it. She has a razor-sharp intellect, a brutally sincere international view, and over seventeen years of warfare-hardened experience within the prison trenches.


At the same time, we interviewed Millie as studying management issues within the legal career for J.Ferm’s No Frills No Fluff(TM) Management Skills Lawyer’s Edition Program. As we started correlating statistics and analyzing the shortage of management competencies training within the felony career, we found out that Millie had given us a constant circulation of charges that completely describe a huge range of law company control pains. Through Millie’s wit and expertise, we can introduce you to 3 commonplace control challenges and provide a few frills no fluff techniques to mitigate those pains.

Criminal law

“It’s now not in my best pursuits to teach young lawyers. Every time a few arrogant youngsters tell me to do something, I even have a preference. I can make an effort to train her to say ‘please’ and ‘thanks,’ or I can use that time to head the more mile for the managing companion. Guess who wins.”

Millie flawlessly illuminates the management folly of now not taking the time to begin younger lawyers off on the proper foot. Lawyers want to manipulate their assist workforce. Without the important management competencies needed to create a tremendous attorney-paralegal dating, both parties are afflicted by miscommunications, stress, and needless frustrations. The conventional understanding is that it takes three or 4 years of exercise after regulation college before young attorneys are profitable. It takes the same quantity of time to expand a good basis of control capabilities. Unfortunately, only a few firms make this funding in schooling, thereby inadvertently assisting poor management, miscommunication, and contentious territory-staking.

In the meantime, and at the same time as no longer an alternative to formal management training, those two techniques can assist lawyers and paralegals manage they’re courting extra efficiently:

At the start of a new attorney-paralegal courting, have each celebration percentage their most vital puppy peeve. For instance, Millie hates whilst others don’t say “please” and “thanks.” While it can seem like a minor difficulty, the shortage of these not unusual courtesies pushes Millie into passive-competitive conduct. An attorney pet peeve can be while paralegals hover in the doorway to invite questions whilst the lawyer is on the cellphone. By uncovering these warm buttons early on, both parties can avoid triggering each others’ shadow behaviors.

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Set up formalized regularly scheduled times for steady check-ins on what works and doesn’t. It is frequently powerful to invite what someone wants “extra of” and “much less of” to avoid triggering character variations and harm emotions. Continuous feedback is the key to any tremendous commercial enterprise relationship.


“I can cope with the vanity and social awkwardness of lawyers simply first-class. It’s the cluelessness of the workforce that puts me over the brink. I as soon as labored with a secretary with tons of seniority whose tech competencies were so out of date that it significantly gummed up the works. It became less difficult to do it myself. As a paralegal, I didn’t have the authority to criticize a lot, much less hearth her. We had 25 difficult-as-nails legal professionals in the company, and no person had the stomach to let her go.”

Stupid laws

Unless your company is blessed with a cold-blooded hatchet guy who spends his spare time looking for humans to throw overboard, probabilities are that it has greater than its percentage of lifeless weight. Millie’s quote addresses an ordinary pattern that emerged at some stage in our studies: struggle avoidance among attorneys. Lawyers can be exquisite at negotiating complicated deals and destroying warring parties in the courtroom; however, mockingly, they avoid firing non-appearing personnel people within their very own corporations out of a worry of being perceived as suggest.

While it can be tempting to analyze this phenomenon’s mental motives, let’s cope with the extra important control ache. Most regulation corporations have ineffective performance control structures. Often they’re trapped in lumbering give up-of-the-12 months assessment inefficiency that over-focuses on accomplishing obligatory billable hours or over-is predicated on managers’ skills to compare employees correctly. When companies have, and use powerful performance management systems, firing non-performers, humans with poor attitudes, and toxic individuals is genuinely a technique.

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