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Left-Brain Blogging for Right-Brain Marketers


Left-Brain Blogging for Right-Brain Marketers


Scientists inform us that our mind’s left facet is used for sequential thinking, speech, analysis, and organized notion. The proper aspect of the mind is used for creative thinking, international views, creativeness, and innovation. After operating for more than four decades in the innovative industries, an extra seven years as an instruct and representative for holistic practitioners, and greater current paintings with social entrepreneurs, it is my observation that all of those human beings tend to assume in abstract thoughts — usually associated with proper-brain wondering. They are concept-pushed human beings. They have an imaginative and prescient, typically driven via an emotion, and they paintings passionately — regularly tirelessly — to deliver that vision down to earth.

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The problem with this is that visions do not always translate properly whilst a properly-brained individual tries to speak them to others. Making their visions comprehensible to others can be a prime venture for folks that see and experience the sector via the lens of abstractions, beliefs, and values. And making our visions understandable to others is what advertising and marketing are all approximately. This is one of the reasons (there are numerous others) why visionaries regularly discover advertising to be a frightening mission.

Why Blogging is Part of the New Marketing Paradigm

One of the maximum effective kinds of new paradigm advertising and marketing is blogging. Some people may surprise why I keep in mind blogging to be a shape of advertising, so allow me to explain my reasoning. I consider advertising is clearly ‘the act of communicating the message that we’ve something of price to proportion.’ It’s now not about ‘promoting’; it’s approximately communicating. Blogging is, for my part, the manner new paradigm marketers ‘sell without promoting’‘. It is the manner to specific ideas, share statistics, provide advice, set up a trust, and interact in a dialogue with our audience.

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It’s my commentary that many new bloggers mistakenly think running a blog is a ‘something goes’ hobby. That might be fine if your only purpose in blogging is to apply it for non-public innovative expression, but if you want to use blogging as a marketing tool, you cannot use a ‘whatever is going’ approach. Here are the 3 maximum not unusual errors I see right-brained humans make when they blog:

In my enjoy, proper-brained humans tend to be pushed through ‘feelings.’ This method generally tends to eschew workouts, who prefer to have the interaction of innovative interest when ‘they sense like it.’ When they are not in the proper mood for something, they truly do not do it. While they could suppose this practice brings authenticity to their work, it’s my remark that it could regularly avert them from getting initiatives performed and putting structures in the area that may help build their corporation.

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The different common trait among creative, right-brained humans is that they generally tend to have many plates spinning in the air straight away. They appear to need quite a little stimulation to be glad, and hence say ‘yes’ to plenty of projects. The quiet result is that they may be spread too thin and often forget to go away the ‘me time’ they want to do such things as writing content for their blog. And due to the fact they do not commit to a machine of normal running a blog, they do not hassle to create time to do it.

If you want to apply blogging as a method of advertising and marketing, you MUST construct it into your regular business recurring by assigning precise days on which you’ll WRITE and PUBLISH your articles. Make a timetable and decide on it. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much commitment. Commit to 2 weblog posts a month to begin and increase to at least one or posts a week after getting used to the ordinary exercise.

Having every day running a blog habitual allows developing your AUDIENCE. When humans recognize your writing patterns, they may search for your posts and subscribe to your blog. If you do not display any consistency, your readers will sense no incentive to live in touch with you. I have seen it individually in my own running a blog. I lately modified my own running a blog schedule to ensure I weblog twice a week, and my readership has TRIPLED within the last 60 days. This has now not most effectively impacted my subscriber list, but it has expanded my e-book sales and my ReTweets on Twitter. Creating a recurring is one small alternate that could make a massive difference.

For instance, one of my clients is a poet, and her first poetry ebook is popping out next month. She’s been struggling to determine what to put in writing approximately on her blogs and how they can help construct an analyzing audience for her books. So I counseled that she goes through every one of the poems in her book and perceives the over-arching message in each one. Then, she will smash that over-arching message into or 3 distinct factors. Each of those points can come to be a weblog topic. If she does this for even simply 10 poems, she’ll have 20-30 subjects. If she writes one weblog publish per week, this listing will take her thru the subsequent six months of running a blog. Imagine combining this plan with an everyday blogging exercise to construct each her audience and her logo (and over-arching) message. This will ultimately pay out in e-book income, particularly as she brings more poetry books out over this coming yr.

The Importance of Structure

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This factor has to do with the WAY many right-brained humans write. Unfortunately, I even have determined that many people with the most stunning vision can’t gift their thoughts in an established way, both in communique or writing. This isn’t very pleasant for them because they can not recognize why different human beings cannot see what they may be seeing. This is a BIG problem and requires lots of extra recommendation than I can put into a single blog article, but right here are some small suggestions that may assist right-brained thinkers in speaking their thoughts more successfully of their weblog articles:

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