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Nokia N95 – N93 And Samsung U600 – New Age Mobile Phones

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Nokia N95 – N93 And Samsung U600 – New Age Mobile Phones


The superior cell technology offers superior cellular phones. Latest cellular devices like digital camera phones, Walkman, and music phones can be used as multiple devices. You need no longer use stand-on my own gadgets as those devices consist of the whole thing to meet your desires. Here we are going to speak about the most famous handsets, Nokia N95, Nokia N93 and Samsung U600.

Nokia N95- N93


The Nokia N95 is certainly a camcorder endowed with a five.0 mega-pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a great video recorder. The handset boasts 3G generation and presents outstanding commercial enterprise answers. Access each the phone and media keys via the unique slider mechanism. This quad-band smartphone comes with the 3G cellular era. The Nokia N95 combines superior camera features and Carl Zeiss optics era and supplies an advanced picture high-quality. Multimedia functions consist of visible radio, MP3, FM radio, etc. The Nokia N95 supports 160MB of in-constructed reminiscence plus 128MB MicroSD card. Enjoy broadband velocity net and fast information sharing with advanced cellular technology like EDGE, WLAN, Wi-Fi.

The Nokia N93 is one of the maximum characteristic loaded phones to be had within the marketplace. The three.2 megapixel digicam and Carl Zeiss optics and various multimedia software program applications make the Nokia N93 extra appealing. With 3G generation, video calling is now viable. The largely expandable reminiscence of up to 2GB ensures that each one your favorite songs are saved. The handset includes voice capabilities like voice recorder, voice commands, and dialing. Messaging features of the handset are textual content, multimedia, photo, instant messaging. Enjoy the amazing features of Nokia N93.

In researching for this piece, I spent lots time reading beyond articles about Mobile Commerce. Each of them making grand claims that “2003 will be the year of Mobile Commerce!”, or “2004 has arrived and Mobile Commerce has landed!”, or “Seriously, 2006 is right here and M-Commerce might be big!”, or “We honestly suggest it in 2007!”

Never thoughts whether or not the article dated again to 2003, 2004, 2005…You get the idea. Every year there are claims that mainstream Mobile Commerce has arrived.

Now it’s 2010 and even as I might not make a declaration as bold as that, it is obvious that mobile commerce is becoming more frequent by using clients. Sales have extended gradually more than 50% 12 months year over yr and raking in 750 million in 2009. 2010 will easily break the 1 billion greenback mark.

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So while it’s now not technically a mainstream idea yet, now’s a wonderful time to train your self because the shift to M-Commerce will not be ushered in by means of any new 12 months. It may be a gradual development that maintains to select up steam until it simply becomes a trendy part of your enterprise model.

The large players or early M-Commerce adopters are the retail giants like Amazon.Com, Wal-Mart, and Target. Each has finely tuned Mobile sites and programs geared in the direction of setting the mobile purchasing experience into the fingers of its customers.

I do not blame them. Mobile applications need to be evolved in more than one codecs. Web primarily based websites want to be examined on a huge kind of gadgets. Security, privacy and PCI compliance are all troubles. The price related to this creates a barrier to smaller commercial enterprise and their cell commerce efforts. There’s nothing incorrect with waiting patiently. After all, for a majority of corporations, a Mobile Commerce solution is not virtually something that is being demanded by your clients. Yet.


What are the things we presently purchase on our Mobile Phones? These are small, simple purchases, regularly concerning at once to our phones. Things like ringtones, track, video games, and apps. These are objects of instantaneous gratification. Quick, small purchases that you could employ moments later. For me, quite a few those are equal to impulse buys. They are objects I should purchase for a dollar or two and have on the spot get right of entry to. If I even have consumer’s regret a few minutes later, it’s no big deal – I’m only out a pair greenbacks.

Nowadays, the mobiles have come to be the most vital a part of our lifestyles. They have changed our way of life with the aid of including more feel of technology to our day by day habitual. The cell manufacturing corporations are growing sensation by means of imparting high-stop cellular telephones to their clients.There are many companies which can be applying diverse new strategies and technology to grab more percent of cell marketplace for their products. Blackberry is a business enterprise that holds a huge position in the industry. Blackberry has introduced diverse technologically sound handsets like the Blackberry 8800. The 8800 is a Quad-Band GSM cell phone, or, in different words, we can call it a PDA. This imply system comes inside the dimensions of 114x66x14 mm and the load of 134 grams simplest. This first-rate device is to be had in Silver color with the touch of black shade on its keyboard.

This tool is jeweled with a 65K coloration TFT display this is 2.Zero inches large and supports the resolution of 320×240 pixels. An included complete QWERTY Keypad gives total freedom to send or acquire the emails with a lot of ease. The cellphone-ebook can keep nearly unlimited cellphone entries and photo-calls. This mobile runs with the help of sixteen MB of RAM and sixty-four MB of flash memory. It comes with a microSD card which can preserve the outside memory of up to 2GB.

This phone has diverse connectivity alternatives like GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, and USB. This handset offers customers the strength to send and get hold of emails and immediately messages. Besides this, with the help of pre-installed WAP 2.0 browser, you may additionally browse the excessive-velocity internet. This smart PDA cellphone comes in the sparkling silver shade with a black man that holds all keys and the screen.This GSM handset has included numerous different functions, which makes this telephone a right desire for anybody. These functions are as follows:

The luxury of mobility. It’s the first rate so as to get admission to your network from Starbucks. Some days you even telecommute. Oh WiFi, each networker’s dream. What’s frightening in this complete situation is the size of these full-blown network devices. Extra small!

Samsung U600

Even extra scary is, as usual, the trouble of lax protection and misconfiguration. These mobile gadgets have now given your network a dynamic reachability. The clients roam, even into the incorrect hands. It is imperative that directors devote time for consumer education and attention. Holders of mobile network gadgets ought to be taught on suited use, due diligence, and care. A firewall can not protect in opposition to an “authorized user”. Authentication schemes should be checked, double checked, updated and tested. VPN era is splendid, but if misconfigured it’s far like having an open door on an otherwise at ease house.


Another problem with mobile gadgets is manageability. These gadgets need to be inventoried and checked without bulletins. Delinquent customers will in no way be identified if audits are pre-announced. It’s synonymous to the police announcing while they are going to raid a criminal offense spot. Users must be held chargeable for keeping the integrity of the community. Being small, once more they emerge as complex in terms of the number, access factors, PDAs, WLAN playing cards, they may be infesting ultra-modern networks. Some producers are already enforcing RFID systems to tune cellular gadgets. However, all of these security regulations are doomed to fail without user schooling.

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