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Paid to Travel? Can You Really Get Paid to Travel (or for Free?)

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Paid to Travel? Can You Really Get Paid to Travel (or for Free?)


Traveling… Ahh yes, would not EVERYONE LOVE TO TRAVEL? Well, I understand, I recognise… The trials of connecting flights, delays, cancellations, dragging baggage a mile throughout terminals… The hassle of renting cars, combating site visitors in another country (and figuring out which aspect of the road to power) and trying to parent out what the man is telling you while all are you asked became “in which is the bathroom?”… Aside from all of that, is it no longer the best feeling while you could step far away from the regular ordinary, take some deep breaths and realize you have not anything to do but take a seat on the seaside… Your toughest choice is if you’re going to have steak or lobster that night time… And your biggest fear is when you have enough solar screen? That’s what travelling is all approximately… Whilst it transposes us from our regular lives and locations us in a totally new tradition… Seeing, respiratory, consuming and dancing to what people 10,000 miles far away from you are doing and wondering to your self “this is the kind of things you see on TV”. That’s whilst it’s all well worth it… It really is why touring is so amazing.

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But, one in all – if now not “THE” – largest obstacles in travelling is that little green piece (or many pieces) of paper called MONEY. Whether you’re trying to go to a pal in Dallas or take your wife to Bora-Bora, it all charges Money-and a variety of it. The days of those Southwest “$ forty-nine.00” fares are long long gone and even the little weekend getaways whack a dent in your pocketbook. There are clearly approaches to shave off a few bucks right here and there, however, no matter how you slice it, travelling is pricey. Not every person has a cush, 6 or 7 figure income that allows them to take off 6 day weekends or weeks at a time to party in Ibiza. So, is there truly a way to travel and I suggest clearly travel-and both receive a commission or travel for “unfastened”??

The travel industry is an $8 TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Yes, you study that right… It is Trillion with a capital “T”. So, aside from the accommodations, airways and bags producers, how are you going to get involved?

Let’s take a look at some of the approaches you could earn a living, travelling internationally:

Flight Attendant: This is virtually a great way to go to a LOT of locations-FAST. The average flight attendant makes $37,000.00 a year, with the higher stage salaries hovering in the $75,000.00-$ninety,000.00 range. It’s truly a bonus in case you recognize a couple of (1) language. Flight attendants get hold of a day by day in keeping with Diem for meals, in conjunction with bendy work schedules, discounts on flights, motels and travel charges for the holiday. The downside is that while you are working, the flight agenda may be gruelling-journeying to more than one cities in a 12, 18 or 24-hour time body. When you sooner or later stop to rest, the urge to go sight-seeing or check out the city is traded out with the simple need to sleep on a mattress. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… Have you ever NOT visible a few indignant, annoyed or disillusioned people on your aircraft? Yep, be organized to deal with the ones impolite clients at some point of your 12-24 hour shift!

Commercial Airline Pilot: Same deal with flight attendants, in phrases of work schedule, but the pay is a lot better-depending on the scale of the jet and enterprise, you can be making $121,000.00 a yr. If you want to visit flight college, pass your minimal 250 hours of flight revel in, pass for it! Just make sure you have best imaginative and prescient and listening to. Again, if you need to make this a career, you will go to cities everywhere in the USA (and the sector), however be organized to cope with heaps of clients, weather and equipment issues, grueling schedules and the pressure that comes in conjunction with the responsibility of flying such a lot of humans to distinct places.

Travel Agent: As you could already know, travel sellers know all approximately the fine locations to visit. They are the middlemen among the hotels, airways, tourism bureaus and the tourists. More than possibly, they have got a possibility to go to a number of these places in an effort to see the whole lot for themselves-that is a pretty candy perk, eh? Typical salaries are everywhere from $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 and most probably be required to enrol in some sort of education, typically with the Travel Institute.

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Freelance Writer or Photographer: What a cool process this will be… Visiting everywhere in the international… Spending it slow with numerous cultures, observing how the people talk, eat, sleep and worship. You virtually are “free”, relaying what you spot and experience to the human beings sitting on their sofa, thousands of miles away. Only seize… Well, it’s that one aspect we mentioned a bit in advance: MONEY. Obviously, you are not going to receive a commission earlier than you get to these locations, so be sure to plan this out a bit bit, stock up a few green for your checking account and pick out up a few pointers on how to explicit your self with the pen & paper or with the digital camera. Try to develop some type of “following” so you have an excellent base of people studying and viewing your content material. Do not try and fly to India with a thousand bucks and an iPad, looking ahead to begin a travel weblog that generates coins, permitting you to wander the sector for the following couple of years. You may as well go to your nearest online casino and play blackjack. If you can pull of this profession (and to people who currently do this), I tip my hat to you amazing work!

Okay, now that we’ve long past over a few of the tour “jobs”, you will be announcing, “well, I like my job right now and do not absolutely feel like handling all of those humans and flying across the country 6 instances, only to sleep in Des Moines for the night.” If you are in between jobs, just out of college or virtually need to take a “sabbatical”, why don’t you remember these routes in travelling the arena:

You Speak English?: Speaking English can offer to get entry to countries in all locations across the globe. Some agencies offer unfastened room & board in trade so one can help their personnel beautify their English speak talents and understanding. There also are applications you may discover on the web that will set you up for a positive use and corporation so that it will teach their human beings English. Now that you have your room & board included, now we simply need to discern out how we are able to pay for foods and drinks…

Start Giving Back: Feeling charitable or want to help others? Why now not appearance to jump on a church task experience, Habitat for Humanity-International, or if you could take off more time, join the Peace Corps? Obviously, this isn’t always going to be as glamorous as sailing the Mediterranean, island hopping the Greek Isles, however in case you want to be ok with helping out human beings much less lucky-and paintings tough-p.C. Your bags and sign on for a volunteer opportunity. You will definitely see a few places without paved roads, going for walks water and those definitely searching out a roof over their head. Giving the less fortunate the simple things we take with no consideration: food, apparel and refuge, will give you a new experience of gratitude, after finishing such excursions.

All of those methods to journey are top notch and all, however, what a number of humans have the opportunity to take off extended amounts of time or have the nerve to simply stroll away from their process and end up a business pilot or be part of the Peace Corps? Everyone has a job because it can pay the bills and gives us financial security. I don’t know approximately you, but I am answerable to my spouse and three(3) kids, as a result taking the plunge on the “unknown” is really NOT sensible.

So, back to the unique question above… How can you realistically journey without cost? And once I say, “travel”, I imply, truly tour… That way taking a care-free excursion… Not having to worry about if you can manage to pay for to go away the lodge for dinner that night time, or purchase that extra pair of shades… Care-free tour means doing what you want, whilst you want and now not worrying approximately the bill when you get returned domestic. Let’s ruin down some methods in which we surely can tour totally free (or as close to it as we are able to get)… Or maybe better: GET PAID TO TRAVEL!

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Use Those Points!: You recognize, I always knew I changed into going to be grateful for all that cash I spent on my credit score card. Now that I racked up all that debt, I also racked up all the one’s factors! Points I can use closer to booking a new flight or perhaps pay for my life on the Bellagio in Vegas… In which I can blow even more money!… I’m kidding!… Sort of. Whenever you are trying to attain a brand new credit card, pick out the card that gives the maximum, whilst using. Compare the interest fee for prices and coins advances, the annual prices and additionally the credit card that provides the quality rewards. If you fly a certain airline, make sure to input your common flyer quantity to gather the one’s miles. Use travel sites that permit you to accrue factors while you purchase flights, inns, cruises and apartment motors. You’re procuring this stuff anyway, so why no longer try and earn a bit greater for the subsequent time you need to take an experience?

Vacation Packages via a Resort or Company: Very much like a travel agent, best you are promoting pre-packaged vacations at a discount to consumers. Instead of making a customized travel bundle based on what and in which the patron likes, you are selling a pre-packaged life at a selected motel or lodge/lodge/meal itinerary. They are available all shapes and sizes… And they may be dirt reasonably-priced (suppose: hotel next to Senor Frogs-Cancun for the duration of Spring Break), or the Rolls Royce kind of experience. Depending on the kind of organisation or motel, there are many perks with the access to all of their places, with commission schedules quite generous. There are barriers at the demographics of the clients and in case you are representing an employer or resort with mediocre choices-and opinions-then it may position you in a rock in a difficult area.

Direct Selling with a Travel Company: With this, you simply do have the possibility for the first-class of each worlds-travelling the world at the cheap (or in some cases, for FREE!) and making money. Typically, people that get involved in this enterprise have already got a complete time activity and are searching out a higher, inexpensive way to tour and a further source of profits. It may be extraordinarily moneymaking, in terms of making money and residual profits, however numerous the participants actually take gain of the truth they can generate some greater greenbacks each month and access to the top class accommodations at wholesale pricing. The direct-sell companies within the journey enterprise offer five big names packaged vacations at 2 Star pricing, in addition, to get entry to their journey making plans internet site that works like an Expedia or Travelocity. Also, verify there are ways you can accrue points when you buy flights, holidays, or even their tour mall so that you can use the one’s factors for a free journey. Bottom line: do your research… Pick out a corporation that has a awesome popularity and makes certain you have got an excellent assist machine… Hundreds of people are catching on to these businesses and are without a doubt capitalizing on the residual earnings and the extraordinarily low fee of the tour.

As you could see, touring for “free” is sincerely most effective for expert poker gamers and the youngsters with great believe finances. You are going to have to paintings one manner or another-whether or not it is building up a stockpile of cash and funding an foreign places trip or jumping into a brand new profession on an aircraft or abroad. There are a couple of approaches you could receive a commission to travel, as well as minimizing your tour charges thru numerous organizations and assets… It is all a count of preference on what you want to do and what sort of time you have. Traveling may be an existence converting enjoy or simply miles wished time-out from our loopy lives. Whatever you select, just make certain to no longer take it too severely and enjoy your self!