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Samsung 50-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV Review


Samsung 50-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV Review


This is a famous DLP HDTV version and is a bestseller in many specific shops. It has been around for simply over half of-a-12 months, and the client base and feedback has grown sufficient that we will now get a terrific sense for its professionals and cons. I’ve consolidated some purchaser evaluations from across the internet. The overall opinion is that the HDTV version is good and reasonably-priced, but not the best.

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Here is a useful rule of thumb: If you want to shop for an HDTV, discover the watching distance in feet and multiply that by 5. That’s the scale of the screen you need. For instance, if your watching distance is 10 toes, 10 instances 5 is 50. So select a 50-inch TV.

Good Points

Even while Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV first got here into the marketplace, it changed into one of the inexpensive 50-inch HDTVs. Now that the model is half-of-a-year vintage, it’s miles even less expensive if you buy it from online retailers like Amazon. You are likely to look at approximately $500 of financial savings off the list charge. You additionally keep on sure taxes and delivery costs. Additionally, if you discover that the charge has dropped between the time you obtain the TV and the time you obtained it, you can ask the store to refund the distinction. Reputable businesses like Amazon really honor such requests.

Although electronics tend to grow to be out of date speedy, this HDTV become the leading area when it got here out. It already had a 1080p resolution – many broadcasters are nonetheless catching up to this trendy popular. Even now, its era is pretty advanced and could probably continue to be so for the next few years.

Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV makes use of a complicated generation referred to as LED mild engine. Its approach is that the photos are clean and particular, and the colors appear natural and proper. Movement and action are plenty better rendered compared to ordinary LCD generation, and also, you may not see blurring or loss of element. This HDTV additionally does properly in shiny rooms with significant daylight hours penetration.

The built-in 2-speaker surround sound is of true nice. Do make sure the surround sound mode is turned on. HD broadcasts obtained over a simple, reasonably-priced, indoor antenna appearance notable. Other content (Regular DVDs, SD/HD pronounces, Nintendo Wii, DVD, Xbox 360, and many others.) also look extraordinary.

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You probably already recognize its dimensions: forty-five. 2″(W) x 31.8″(H) x thirteen.4″(D) 61.3 Lbs. This 50-inch DLP HDTV is thinner than many of its competition and is mild enough for two people to transport around.

There are ample connection inputs for HDMI, S-video, RGB aspect, digital, optical, analog sound, and RCA jacks. They are located at the proper aspect of the set for handy get admission, making it easy to hook up. Unfortunately, this may be a problem in case you place your TV in a cupboard.

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Samsung 50-inch DLP HDTV is quite user-pleasant. The person guide is ideal and large (even though now not written for novices). The far-flung is intuitive, and the menu gadget is simple. Note that it can now not have as many features as extra luxurious structures.

It’s pretty quiet since it uses LED mild sources instead of the extra everyday bulb and a color wheel of maximum other DLPs. Since the LED engine is cooler and extra energy-efficient than the bulb and color wheel, the Samsung 50-inch DLP HDTV also doesn’t need a powerful cooling fan. Overall, you get accurate strength savings – it’s miles Energy Star rated. Another precise point is that the LED lasts longer than the bulb of ordinary DLPs (which need to be modified every 2 or 3 years).

Some of you are probably worried about getting defective items using shopping from online shops. The large and official groups like Amazon generally have a 30-day guarantee duration. When any troubles crop up, they have an excellent reputation of honoring their commitments to update or refund the TV. If you are not sure approximately your online store, you could look at their recognition with the Better Business Bureau.

1) Delivery & Service Problems:

a) Some clients complain approximately no longer receiving their TVs. This is more likely to take place with online stores with their more complicated supply chain and delivery processes – either their orders were now not received via the vendor imparting the TV to the web store, or the shipping agent did not get hold of the correct delivery from the vendor, and so forth. There are precautions you may take to limit problems (see the section under).

B) Sometimes, you get an incompetent or lazy delivery man. He might not be able to locate the place you live. Or he might not want to supply your step. Or he can also drop your TV off at your step and refuse to hold it in for you. On the other hand, there are also tales of deliverymen who move past the decision of obligation – they help you transport your old TV to its new place, then bring your new Samsung 50-inch 1080p DLP HDTV in and set it up for you. Then the even remove the packing crate for you. Sometimes they do it without spending a dime; occasionally, you have to pay them a couple of dollars more.

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C) There are also some proceedings of terrible customer service from Samsung. It is ordinary of any massive business enterprise’s service – whilst you get an amazing Customer Representative, you get a desirable career. It enables if you get their call beforehand in time before you begin telling them approximately your issues or asking them questions. If you get a jerk, you get a lousy provider. Please don’t get mad, get their call, and amplify to their boss. If that does not include paintings, get a refund or replacement out of your retailer.

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