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Shopping For CBD: How You Know If Your Cannabis is Quality or Not


Shopping For CBD: How You Know If Your Cannabis is Quality or Not


Are you looking for the best place to buy marijuana seeds in town? Well, before you find the right CBD shop, you should know how to choose the product and get the most out of it.

Weed or marijuana does not go bad quickly or become moldy like a jar of mayo would do. In most cases, how you store the weed and the room temperature will determine its longevity. That means a well-preserved weed will reach the customer when fresh and free from mold.

How you store weed is significant. For instance, consuming old weed can lead to serious health issues like potency. You want to ensure you store the weed the right way, and you only buy prime weed for use at home.

10 Things to Know Before You Buy CBD Online (or anywhere, really) | by Aaron Cadena | CBD Origin | Medium

1. Check the weed color 

How do you know if a mango is ripe? Apply the same skills in finding some quality weed for vaping. The best quality weed for smoking should be green with some orange flakes. It can also have some purple coloration.

Please don’t go for brown weed because it can contain pesticides, mild, and other harmful substances. If you’ve been preserving marijuana in your house for a long and it turns brown, you should refrain from puffing it because it can harm your respiratory system.

2. Orange hair 

If your weed has some orange hair count, it merely means that it’s well pollinated. When you go shopping for quality weed, you should look at the number of hair counts on the weed before picking it. Orange hairs on the weed are an indication that it’s mature and ready for consumption.

3. Bud stickiness

When shopping for THC crystals, you should touch a bit of it and find out if it’s sticky on your fingers.

The crystals should be sticky because the trichome crystals usually act as a resin. If the buds are not dry when crumbled and feel a bit sticky, it means you are shopping for some high-quality cannabis. Weed buds normally crumble easily and form dust if the weed has been dried for long.

4. Sniff for the smell 

The smell of quality weed should be overwhelming if you break the bud or open the package container. For instance, if you open the bag inside a room, anyone entering the room should quickly notice the presence of weed by just smelling. A quality smell is the first indication of the kind of quality you should expect on the weed. A weed with a strong smell probably has all the cannabinoids you are looking for. This type of weed will often give the most punch and make you feel high in the shortest time.

Find out if the weed smells like pine, citrus, diesel, or some fruits. This is an indication that the weed is of high quality. Sometimes the buds may have a unique odor or even smell earthy, which indicates you’ve bought some quality concoction. A low-quality weed will normally smell like fresh grass or just odorless.

If you can get the smell some distance away from the weed, it means the farmer did not wait for the plant to ripen before harvesting. Additionally, if the cannabis smells moldy, it means the seller did not store it perfectly; it was infected during growth or was not properly dried before storing.

5. Check the density 

The quality of the weed depends on the quality of its buds and stem. The buds should be easy to break off from the stem with your fingers. If it takes a lot of time to break the buds from the stem, it means the weed is not mature enough.

If the weed has not reached its full potential or has not dried properly, the buds remain compact and act like clay. The buds’ quality is something you must look at when you buy weed seeds at your local cannabis store.

During transport, the kind of packaging may also make the weed compact, affecting its taste and ease of combustion. It is not easy rolling this type of weed and smoking it. When it’s hard to crumble the weed and combust it appropriately, you may not get the exact taste when smoking.

6. Moisture content 

For smooth combustion, weed should have the lowest moisture content. Poorly dried weed can affect your health in many negative ways. If the weed is not dried correctly before being packed for transport, mold may grow and start to rot inside the package. Quality weed should be dried to remove all the moisture before being packed or transported.

If you are going to shop for weed by weight, buying a high moisture content product can cost you a lot. You will be paying for a weight that will probably evaporate before you consume the weed. Therefore, you should find out if the weed you are shopping for has been dried properly and is ready for consumption.

Final Thoughts 

Shopping for quality weed is never a walk in the park. You’ll have to consider many factors before buying weed from Homegrown Cannabis Co and other companies. For instance, you want to check where the weed was grown and the weed’s real supplier. If weed is legal in your state, then you have all the time to choose your cannabis before you make the purchase.

Check the geographical location of the weed before you buy it. The climate, weather, and local laws can significantly impact the weed quality and your opinion. These are some hidden factors you should consider when purchasing cannabis.

The quality of weed is an essential factor to consider because people use the product for different reasons. For instance, if you go shopping for some quality weed to calm you down, only to land on one that stimulates you or makes you feel high, you may not like the experience. If you want to be happy with your purchase, you should consider the six factors we’ve mentioned here before buying the weed.

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