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Six Latest Designs of Gold Bangles for Women


Six Latest Designs of Gold Bangles for Women


Indian traditional attire is incomplete without bangles. Bangles are available in different metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. Of all the metals, gold bangles have always ruled the Indian jewelry market. Now, bangles have become popular worldwide and are worn by women to signify matrimony or to flaunt an ethnic look.

If you are getting married, then do not forget to buy those matching bangles with a gold pendant set. It is recommended to buy 10-gram gold bangles for your marriage jewelry collection.

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Following are the latest designs of gold bangles trending in the global market:

  1. Era Uncut Diamond Gold Bangle is available in various styles and is suitable for women of all ages. It is the perfect gold accessory for your wedding wardrobe and goes well with both – a casual look, stylish attire, and everlasting traditional look. Every block of the diamond in the bangle is coated with a gold medal. It is one such bangle that is always available in women’s bangle collection.
  2. Stylish Kerala Gold Bangles are sober and yet classy ones as these bangles are subtly glamorous and are an eye-popping accessory to wear for traditional celebrations. One can always feel that royal happiness is drowned and adorned in this lovely pair of gold bangles that exhibit such charm. Through this bangle, you can decide your outfit better and make it more attractive.
  3. Gold Emerald Bangles comes with a classical design yet with a modern look. It has been the perfect match for casual outfits and party wear and gives an elegant appearance. If you’re on the lookout for a unique look, bangles design in gold, then you can choose red or green colored bangle with emerald gems. It is quite popular among teenagers and college going girls.
  4. Trendy Ornate Bride Gold Bangles is one of the trendings yet new hand jewelry styles that suit women of all ages. It matches well with every outfit – ethnic or western – perfectly, giving a pretty and fairer look. Though made up of gold, it is a lightweight type and easy wearable that women can wear for any occasion.
  5. Designer Rope Bangles have been popular among working women and always tops the list of office wear jewelry. These simple yet antique bangles have set a trendy fashion for Indian women going to the office for work.
  6. Gold Kappu Style Bangles date back to the 15th century. Though it was famous in the villages and rural areas earlier these bangles, have made a mark in the urban market. It is usually designed with a lion-shaped clasp, which gives a royal look. Moreover, it is half cut. Thus the lustrous metal gives an elite look to the traditional attire of India.
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