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Slow Computer? How to Fix It!


Slow Computer? How to Fix It!


All customers of the exceptional scientific invention, the computer, face this issue at some unspecified time in the future of their lifestyles. And then, at that state of affairs, they scratch their heads and rack their brains on one easy question: “How to Speed up my laptop?” or “How to Speed up my PC?” or “How to enhance my gradual PC?” I even have some answers to the query, which helped me assist commonplace users like me.

Before answering the query, let me cross in advance, and I will let you know why the computer does sluggish down. What is the foundation reason for a slow laptop? The following are some of the main motives for any PC’s overall performance, and the following are the method to advantage speed.

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Hardware: – This is a vital reason for the overall performance of any PC. Hardware parts that can be chargeable for the overall performance of a PC are:

(a) Processor: – The processing pace of a processor is chargeable for the speed of the processor, but it has NOT tons to do with a sluggish computer. The user chooses this pace while shopping any Computer.

TO GAIN SPEED: – TRY PURCHASING A GOOD PROCESSOR WHILE PURCHASING. We basically do no longer change the processor to benefit pace. It’s a One Time Decision whilst purchasing.

(b) RAM: – This HAS a lot to do with Slowing down in addition to the performance of any computer. Every computer has a limited most quantity of RAM that it can use. While doing any activity on PC, it eats up the RAM. In truth, If we do now not open any packages on a PC, nevertheless, you may discover around (20- 40) methods will run to your computer. However, it varies from computer to laptop. We can certainly grow our RAM for higher overall performance, but it has a restriction in line with the motherboard you’re using. Using Vista Home Basic OS (Operating System) desires at least 512 MB of Ram to Run for computers.

TO GAIN SPEED: – INCREASE YOUR RAM, according to the configuration of the motherboard. Note: – Always check the Type of RAM (DDR, DDR2, and SDRAM) earlier than extending.

(c) Hard Drive: – Computer’s difficult power plays a vital role in the system and effects right into a gradual computer, if the difficult power is crashed, regardless of something we do we can locate the computer freezes or hangs very often. A bad hard drive’s different symptoms are a blue display of dying and frequent restart of the laptop.

TO GAIN SPEED: – CHANGE THE HARD DRIVE. That’s the most effective answer if hard power is the root reason for your slow computer.

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(d) Applications and Processes: – Applications and Processes have vast effects on laptop velocity. Many Applications and Processes run personally, even supposing we do not manually provoke it fora startup’s duration.


1) close unnecessary packages (It consumes a lot of the RAM or, in easy words, the computer pace).

2) Open Task Manager (Press ALT +CTRL+DEL concurrently to open) and close a few procedures manually from the PROCESS tab. (If you are laptop savvy and recognize the proper feature of the system)

three) When you play a 3-d sport, try to play it in a Game Mode from software like ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE, and so on. Because it closes unnecessary tactics in the historical past mechanically and affords the user a great gaming experience.

(e) Virtual Memory: – It is also essential for the overall performance of a PC. The high-quality component is we can constantly boom digital reminiscence (web page report) of our laptop with no cost.

Open machine homes. (Right click on laptop >> Properties >> Advanced tab >> underneath overall performance Click on Settings >> Click on superior >> Change >> and Increase the Virtual Memory).

(f) Disk Cleanup: – The in-built disk cleanup software can help us delete temporary useless documents, grow the computer pace, and help improve the slow computer’s performance.

Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Cleanup

You also can download numerous cleanup application software like CCleaner etc.

(g) Disk Defragmentation: – This application enables you to rearrange all the computer documents and absolutely helps grow the computer velocity. This process takes around 1- 2 hrs relying upon the scale of the partition.

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