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Stay At Home Mothers Blogging To The Bank


Stay At Home Mothers Blogging To The Bank


If you weren’t already conscious, the pretty popular UK TV display ‘The Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ changed into primarily based on the online diary of an actual existence nameless call female, who turned into, ahem, properly you know… Making money doing ‘things’ to fund herself while she studied. They became so famous her online memories became a book, then later a famous TV display.

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Recently a brand new fashion has been sweeping via cyberspace, which is the phenomenon called mommy blogs. Stay at home mothers were taking to the net and commenced to ‘blog’ about daily parenting troubles and topics, which has gained recognition with readers.

These blogs have grown and hold growing to a size where they noticed massive companies who have started to pay good money for those blogs to promote their merchandise and ship them plenty of freebies to be reviewed by using the blogger. Many of the mommy bloggers now earn hundreds of pounds each month in advertising and marketing sales and associated commissions.

So what do you blog approximately and the way?

Here is our 7 step plan for accomplishing success as a mommy blogger.

1. Get Focused: discover a subject matter.

A mommy blog now not has to be mom associated (being from the UK, the word mom appears so ordinary! Lol). You ought to locate something that you experience writing approximately, and it is tough to put in writing for any period of time on a topic that does not interest you. To have a successful weblog, you may need to jot down your chosen topic repeatedly in numerous special ways.

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Jessica Benton, a US-primarily based mommy blogger, started her weblog on saving cash at domestic, which she later changed to a tech blog specializing in all things gadgetry.

2. Get a call & get a plan.

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If blogging is new to you, then you need a plan, especially to the call of your blog; once your weblog takes off, you’re caught with it, so assume in advance what do you want to weblog approximately and what do you want to call your website online?

Several of the pinnacle mommy weblog authors admitted that they by no means planned to have an expert blog and have been fortunate that the names they chose worked out well while their blogs grew. Their advice; Think critically about your blog’s name.

3. Practice.

Start running a blog at a loose blog site like BlogSpot.Com or WordPress.Com. Spend three – 6 months writing approximately your preferred topic and spending the time to your weblog to look if you could do it and, extra importantly, revel in it. If you don’t make it through the first six months, you’ll now not make it. At least this way is by no means fees you a penny. If you experience it and suppose you could make it work, then it’s time for the next step. Get a site name.

4. Register your brand.

Once you have determined that you may make running a blog give you the results you want, you want to spend money on getting a site called. It’s miles counseled to get a Facebook web page and Twitter account set up with the identical name at the identical time. Making all 3 the identical facilitates in getting noticed and creating that every one vital emblem feel.

When registering your area, having the word ‘mother’ in it will let you get noticed by businesses searching out blogs to partner up with. For example, one a successful mommy weblog is simplybeingmommy.Com.

5. Start writing.

The expert mommy bloggers are writing 1 to ten posts a day. They are writing properly great content material that different people are interested in analyzing. It is advised to jot down from the coronary heart and write in a clean and friendly way as if you were speaking to a friend of a chum. However, not too technical or complicated now, not to ‘matey’ with slang and terminology simplest your fine friends would understand.

Writing everyday precise satisfactory articles will assist with your search engine ratings bringing in lots of natural visitors. (People who discovered you without you running high-priced advertising campaigns or social media promotions).

6. Review your own life.

Mommy bloggers started to review the things that they loved or things they used at home. This may be from meals to TV indicates they watched before long groups might see that they were getting rave opinions for their merchandise and an endorsement from happy customers is one of the high-quality types of advertising and marketing you can have. These agencies could send the mommy bloggers unfastened stuff to revel in and evaluate—a win-win situation for both events concerned.

To appeal to emblem call businesses into your running a blog commercial enterprise, it’s miles important to have product and item critiques seen on your blog and, really importantly, be honest. Show horrific points, if there are any, and no longer simply the coolest. Please don’t write the top praise that looks false otherwise; they’ll think you aren’t proper and simply after their business. It won’t make paintings.

7. Connect with different blogs.

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This is not to be stressed with blatant self-selling, however, actual connecting with different blogs and sites. Again, being genuine is the call of the game; why? Because it works satisfactorily and creates lasting relationships with trusting clients in the end. Blogging is an extended sport and not a get the rich brief device.

You want to locate websites or blogs on the same subject matter as you and go away right feedback regarding their posts. Do not publish remarks inclusive of ‘Come and take a look at out my weblog.’ They annoy website owners and readers, and they will be deleted.

Creating authentic relationships with different blogs could regularly come to your blog to study what you have written and shared your articles and reviews with their readership. You may have site visitors coming for your weblog from these different blogs.

Remember to include a completely working link or website cope with together with your comment.

There are unwritten guidelines for all walks of life, and the largely unwritten rule in the mommy running a blog global is; do no longer ask other websites or blogs for favors. For instance, if you see an assessment of a product on a website you want, you definitely contact the web page soliciting for the touch information to the individual that despatched them the product to do an assessment. They will not provide you with the contact details; why would they and why should they? However, what do buddies do? They proportion things even contact information, making the best experience to come to be buddies with other websites first.

The final word on mommy running a blog; it could be called mommy blogging, but it isn’t only for the women of our globe. Daddy running a blog is also becoming huge; in truth, with so many lifestyles and niches out there, running a blog is big business. Household gadgets and merchandise might not be a hobby; however, journeying does. Could you write about that? You won’t have kids and as an alternative spend your day doing iciness sports activities. Would that be something you can write approximately? Do you’ve got information on a subject that you can help people with, like Autism, for example? Whatever you want and experience, there may be a massive capacity of blogging topics available. So, is blogging for you?

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