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The Gospel – Good News of Great Joy

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The Gospel – Good News of Great Joy


God did not create us with a “worry gene”. Fear did not enter into the garden until sin entered in. Fear is the enemy, pure and easy. The first time we find worry within the Bible is after Adam and Eve ate the fruit they were commanded no longer to eat. Suddenly, when they heard God taking walks thru the lawn, the God who they’d communed with days before, they concealed themselves because they were ashamed and afraid. I hear humans say that a healthy dose of worry is right. I disagree. Now, I’m now not pronouncing throw caution to the wind. But, it isn’t fear that continues me from stepping off the roof of a tall building, it is awareness.

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God failed to deliver us a spirit of fear. What sort of spirit has been we given? One of Power, of Love and of a Sound Mind.

The subsequent factor the angel advised the shepherds became, “I convey you accurate news”! That’s what the phrase “gospel” manner; excellent information. So, what is ideal news? Well, if you’re bad, the coolest information is, you do not ought to be poor anymore! If you are ill, the coolest information is you do not must be sick anymore! If you’re lost, the good information is Jesus died to prevent!

In a nutshell, the best news is that we were redeemed from the curses. Which ones? All of them!

Notice that the coolest news was “first-rate joy”. I suppose that is a key that we frequently forget. How many Christians do you see that appearance down within the mouth, or maybe downright indignant most of the time? Where is their pleasure? Have they definitely obtained the coolest news? I suppose that we regularly pass over out at the benefits of God due to the fact we let the enemy take our pleasure.

The fact of the problem is, I’ve had a difficult yr. In truth, I’ve had a rough couple of years.

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I had big plumbing troubles at my house that resulted in actually loads of greenbacks a month in water use and over one thousand dollars in plumber fees… My HVAC unit went out resulting in electric bills of numerous hundred greenbacks a month of inefficiency, and then thousands of bucks for the purchase and installation of a brand new unit… My son and I were worried about a vehicle accident final December wherein the car become totaled… The clutch went out on my different car and had to be replaced, so I was without transportation for numerous weeks… My younger sister becomes worried in a head-on collision between the van she becomes riding in and a cement truck. She suffered large internal accidents, a damaged leg, a damaged hand and spent 6 weeks inside the health center… My mom has evolved Alzheimer’s disorder… My older sister underwent emergency gallbladder surgical treatment on the identical time my younger sister become in the hospital from her twist of fate… My financial institution account turned into frozen because of a prison conflict ensuing in bounced tests and a couple of overdrawn costs (even though the money changed into in there when I spent it!)… As I type this, my pup is mendacity beside me recovering from more than one surgical procedures after being hit via a car in advance this week.

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The way I see it, it’s a count number of recognition. We will have tribulation. We stay in a cursed international. But, we’re to be of good cheer because Jesus has overcome the arena! The victory is ours! The struggle has already been gained! But, what will we do? We allow ourselves to have a pity birthday party when all alongside God is saying: “Be of properly cheer. None of these items can damage you. My son, Jesus, has overcome the sector!”

No rely on what, I may not permit the enemy to thieve my pleasure. My son and I walked away from that coincidence. Tina is out of the clinic and you will by no means understand she changed into so near death. Pam is exceptional after her surgical treatment. I had been showered with present cards and food and a brilliant outpouring of affection and aid from friends, co-workers and church family that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is the hand of God on my life. I refuse to fear, for God’s best love casts out fear!

During the Christmas and Holiday Season, I wish you peace and joy. I wish you rest inside the certain know-how that Jesus is our savior. He has stored us, no longer most effective from eternal death and destruction, but from the problems of this world. He has requested us to solid all of our cares on him, due to the fact he cares for us.

Father, I praise you. I recognize that with every trial the enemy brings my way, each takes a look at he brings to venture my religion, you have got already furnished a method of escape for me. You have proved it time and again once more in my existence. You have brought me via these adversities alive, healthful, glad and blessed — when others are known as it “luck”, I advised them it turned into the hand of God. Thank you, Father, for the various advantages you have got given and maintain to give, however maximum of keen on the finest present of all — your son, Jesus.

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But the angel stated to them, “Do now not be afraid. I convey you desirable information of outstanding pleasure as a way to be for all of the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”