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The Source Channels Life After Life – Body and Soul


The Source Channels Life After Life – Body and Soul


The special perspectives on existence after demise comes from people of conversation from numerous walks of lifestyles, you get no rewards or awards for believing outdoor the internal walls of oneself for within you the solution to in which you came from, who you’re and wherein your soul will go back lies dormant within non aside from you.

Do now not guess, or listen to the telling off they who is aware of now not from the planet earth, for I who is I who communicate to you from the temple of a divine person who brings forth the actual message of oneness to self. The fact of all reality is self. Search not for your solutions from the students of man, for inside self-students can’t reach. Self-contains information beyond the information. It is the teacher of self, for only self-contains the expertise of self, studying from the past gift and the destiny. Listen to this messenger despatched unto you to retrieve expertise and understanding from the inner self of your being. Here you may collect statistics of truth, the divine truth, from the pure actual attention that awaits you to bring forth to the floor of divine oneness that you are.

Tiye cross fortress and train, for inside you is the divine that they are looking for, that which they cannot discover, it awaits the adventure of self-expertize self-enlightenment and self – purification. (Nine drum beats) inside is the essence of all this is all. The authentic essence of oneness is self. Within is the life force of all cycles and all dimensions, from lifestyles to existence, Life within existence, and existence on the opposite facet of existence. It’s the true essence of that which they seek—Self-has no starting, self-has no finishing, and self-revolves from cycle to cycle.

The conqueror of all that exists is you, for you’re the photograph of all understanding, the all-powerful, and the all sensible. Seek the essence of self, which may be possible only if you need to acquire it. (Drumbeat) Do no longer be fooled into the spiritual institutions and groups views for your existence after existence, for unto you I say the fact to your existence cycle lies in the depth of you.

Their teachings aren’t in sync with the conscious. It is in sync with the philosophical and medical thinking and misinterpretation along with symbolic controversies. You are the trainer of self; only self can bring forth the internal consciousness embedded inside the soul. Only self can enlighten self. Only self can illuminate self to the floor. It is the only self that can enrich self within the oneness of self with the all-effective.

On the earth, aircraft, dying heaven, and hell handiest exist inside the earth; it does not exist outside the human mind or out of doors the human vessel, the soul. The soul is beyond the mental kingdom of earth’s corruption. It is the earth that lies among diverse dimensions that as corrupted the nation of self. Reach out to the internal being, for embedded within all questions are spoke back, it is self so one can accumulate the answers from within its storage area and keep the journey thru the cycle of reality.

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When your awareness enters the womb, it changes into numerous layers. The layers form the human body, which consists of a subtle shape of count number. Every single frame layer represents different parts of the anatomy. Believe now, not within the look at oneself from fellow beings, for that is the guesswork of earth beings, agree within the internal self for no textbook can put off or enhance the authentic awareness of self.

I will develop six areas of twenty-six layers of the frame that allow you to convey you back to the only physical being and the physical you, self. Gross physical frame. The atmospheric body Etheric frame. Astral body. Mental body. Causal frame Soul frame. Our beings are Multi-dimensional. Each phase lets us function on a unique dimensional level on this planet. The golden corral releases like a thread whilst asleep; for the duration of this time, the astral, informal, and mental frame separate from your physical being independently. While nonetheless linked.

I speak to you from divine wisdom attention, unconsciousness thoughts or pre-awareness do not derive from mind function, if this has been so people of the earth who’s clinically brain dead, will now not be capable of pay attention direct conversations from the existence pressure that continues to be on this planet plane, they could now not see the mild at the quit of the tunnel or suspend to the ceiling watching the lifestyles forces underneath. The atmoferric body guides souls and returns souls unto self.

If the mind has no lifestyles, then it cannot function, the electricity to the being is beyond man’s clinician, consciousness functions independently out of doors the bodily frame. Consciousness is eternal from lifestyles to lifestyles; demise most effective applies to the vessel. The most effective automobile dies; the cognizance remains it’s miles a transition kingdom, from one awareness kingdom to some other. Even as in a country of sleep, the frame resembles dying whilst viewing the vessel until the golden Carolla returns to the bodily being, and then your vessel shows existence. This shows we will go back to our bodily bodies after a dream. As you’re external beings, the soul maintains to live while the vessel shut down.

I will train you on the distinctive planes inside the next class, beginning with Divya Loka’ and ‘Brahma Loka,’ stated on the planet plane. In the afterlife, it is called your – broma and Premarin – tuner. The actual self is the “soul,” the body is the vehicle for manifestation on the physical plane. Understand you, self, you are a residing soul with no finishing; it’s like a cycle with no division. Your flesh is the vessel or automobile that is the driving force for the soul.

Life on any level or dimension goes through cycles, an instance, recognition, womb, earth, infant, and so on until the after lifestyles. The afterlife also goes thru its cycles. It is stated upon the earth that one can not denote the proper vicinity of the afterlife, the nonsecular world, for it’s not inside the “coordinates” of the earth space-time device. This isn’t so, for time has no beginning or finishing. Within its personal cycle, souls visit inside time from inside self-leaving the car or the vessel in the back of; you may go to a time when you are subconscious souls visits other dimensions. Whatever is executed in the subconscious can be brought forward to the conscious. The car I use is experiencing this, and this prophetess messenger, the divine soul of oneness, will convey citadel miracles and awareness upon the earth and display techniques of self in diverse ways.

Time is time, as a way to, space is space, time and area have no separation, it’s like a zero that has no beginning or finishing, souls are souls they have no separation between time and area. Souls revolve in the identical sample without beginning or finishing; the cycle holds from soul to soul. Soon after the soul leaves the frame, it’ll recognize itself because of the equal being that lived in the flesh. The cause of these more than one rebirth is to attain enlightenment via perfection achieved through the reviews of life. When the soul has completed its adventure of enlightenment, perfection, and purification, the cycles come to an end, and then you turn out to be a Mistress or a Maister. A true member of the divine state of ye who’s Label-Less. Protecting nurturing and helping fellow beings to the enlightenment of self.

Socrates stated, “Not life, however right life, is to be mainly valued.” When our life reflects top planning, we do not now depart our destiny up to “success,” twist of fate, or happenstance. Instead, our direction reflects our motive and our religion fuels our ardor to stick with effective moves to attain our preferred destination. You can live an amazing existence. The following are five essential steps to help you manifest your choice into your reality:

1). Get a Vision. – In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey indicates that “we live existence through design or default primarily based on our capacity to come to be self-aware and responsible” for the experiences we create. It would help if you got clear about what you outline an “appropriate life” to be for you. What is crucial to you? What reports do you want to have on your life? At the end of the day and your lifestyles, how do you want to be remembered through those you like and love you? Take time to mirror your answers. Doing so gives you a frame of reference with the aid of which you may degree your choices and actions. The quality of lifestyles you stay in can be inspired by your decisions and the moves you take.


2). Develop Your Character – What are the non-public and ethical attributes to equip you to create and maintain the good lifestyles that you prefer to revel in? William Edward Hartpole Lecky said, “One of the most vital classes that experience teaches us that on the complete, success depends more upon the individual than upon both mind or fortune” What are your man or woman strengths? What individual weaknesses do you have got that impose a threat to the attainment of your excellent life? How can develop your man or woman offers you with possibilities to stretch your self past self-imposed barriers? Watch your thoughts, for they become phrases. Watch your words, for they become movements. Watch your movements, for they grow to be behavior.
Watch your habits, for they emerge as a character. Watch your person, for it becomes your destiny.”

3). Enlarge Your Potential – To get hold of greater for your excellent life, you have to be willing to do more. To do greater requires that you properly prepare yourself for the experiences that you desire in your excellent existence. Proper preparation positions you to take gain and create opportunities that might in any other case be unavailable to you. Today, what proactive motion(s) can you take to put together and roll yourself for what you choose to possess to your excellent life? As you’re taking steps to put together yourself for the possibility, you grow your ability to do greater and create a space in your existence to receive extra.

4). Create a Mastermind Group – Napoleon Hill stated, “plans are useless without enough energy to translate them into action.” He defines power as “organized and intelligently directed know-how.” To create and preserve the best life you prefer, you will need the assistance of others. By soliciting the help of folks that can offer you sensible suggestions, you decrease your errors at the same time as growing your ability to optimize it slow and strengthen in the direction of the attainment of unique reports that define your correct existence.

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