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Things to look for in reception venue

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Things to look for in reception venue


Marriages and receptions are one of the most important events in one’s life. Besides finding the perfect life partner, there are few other things also that one needs to search. With so many options for reception and wedding venues, it can become a little overwhelming. With a large range of choices for venues, like banquet halls, restaurants, hotels, lawns, farm houses, auditoriums, churches, etc, it can become confusing sometimes what to choose and what not. As an engaged couple, one needs to keep in mind about the budget, vendors and décor of the reception venue. Here is a quick guide which will tell you which things one should keep in mind while hunting for reception venues. So, before you start looking for venues for your reception day and finalizing them, you should keep in mind about the following things:

  1. Draft your budget:

The heartache of a wedding venue that you liked but couldn’t choose because of the limitations of your budget is quite painful. In order to avoid this situation from happening, you should draft your budget as to which venues you can afford and which you cannot. It is important to know your budget in the first place before signing the venue and making a commitment.

  1. Number of people invited:

It is important to maintain a list of how many guests are invited for the reception function. The venue should be big enough to accommodate all the guests. It is easy to add more guests than cutting them off later. Also the numbers of food plates are kept according to the exact number of guests who are invited for the function. When the hall is empty it looks more spacious but with the addition of tables, chairs, décor, DJ, dance floor, etc. the space becomes less and compact. It should be then able to accommodate all the guests which are invited.


  1. Lightning:

Lightning facilities are also an important factor during the selection of reception venues. The entire mood can be either made or broken with just lightning types. There should be ample windows in the room and the lights should not be dim. The entrance area of the bride and groom, dance floor and the DJ area should have light adjustment.

  1. Parking:

Parking is a regular factor in the venues for reception. There must be ample parking space available where guests can park their cars and other vehicles. Most of the people have their own vehicles and thereby would be needing a place of parking. It is better to provide a map of parking lots in the venue along with the invitation card.

  1. Food and Drinks:

What is any function without food and drinks? The quality of food and its variety should be checked before finalizing the venue location. The menu should be eye-catching which can also be customized as per your needs. The menu should be as per your taste and interests and should be matching with the theme of your event.

Thus, these were some things that one needs to keep in mind before choosing any venue for Reception and other Wedding functions for the function to last well without any hindrance.