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Time Travel Not Possible?

I stated that I would supply time travel in addition attention in my paper on what Time sincerely is. My theory of Time handled time dimensions and how our idea of time isn’t like the truth of time. This, true time, consists of the motions that we degree with time and my perception that the fourth dimension of time can without a doubt be divided up into the 4th, a formal claims fifth, 6th, and 7th dimensions of time. I needed to keep in mind the possibility of time tour in that discussion, but I buy formal claims. I have now formulated a hypothesis based upon what I consider our concept of time journey is because it relates to true time (All four-time dimensions).


It is tempting to consider that time journey is by some means feasible. I myself might be mendacity if I said that I wanted there was no such possibility of time tour. The thought is a long way too tempting to want to trust whatever else to the opposite. After giving it a great deal idea, I am 99.Nine% positive that time travel is not possible and I base this on the subsequent argument.

In order to fully hold close this speculation I ought to first describe how the human race perceives time. It is that this belief that has cause the perception that time travel need to or will be possible. I use the analogy of the digital recorder that is so popular with Direct Television or Tivo. This technology honestly digitally information a program after which allows you to get admission to that information at any time. You can rewind all through the show, fast forward up to a point, or keep it to watch at yet again. When we eventually watch our display, we’re in a experience, travelling back in time. That is to say that a beyond occasion, the display, has been recorded and can then be performed lower back later. This permits your mind to experience a phase of time that has already occurred. This could be very a good deal similar to how our brain works. The past is not anything greater than a set of our recollections. Every event that we’ve got experienced up until the present is saved in our mind whether or not we will recollect it or not. This is the digital recording. Our brain has taken in statistics and saved it for later use. The future is nothing greater than our capacity to conceive of destiny events. I marvel what research within the location of psychology had been carried out on this concern. I could must believe that it is our past that allows our brain to conceive of a future. We recognize that activities have took place so it’s far affordable to count on that we can use the creative facet of our brain to try to formulate what ought to manifest in the future. This is slightly unique from making plans. A man or woman can plan to go to dinner on Saturday with a friend. This is definitely a be counted of our capacity to conceive that every other Saturday will come, because we’ve had reoccurring Saturdays inside the past. So, we recognise that sooner or later it will be Saturday once more. So, we plan to have dinner on that day at some predetermined time. We then dedicate that appointment to reminiscence, so we will make the date. We can not exactly count this as foretelling the future, because from time to time we overlook the plans we make. By making the plans we increase the probability that the event will take place. I bet this leaves us with approaches our mind seems at the future. There is the creative future, wherein we can also dream approximately or conceive of what activities we would like to return approximately; and there’s the Planned future, in which we make a plan, commit it to memory, and try to make certain we are there to see the final results of that future event.

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This is how we conceive of our reality. We are born and our mind begins taking in all types of data. We dedicate this to reminiscence for later use. I would count on that memory is merely a resonance of our survival instinct. It used to be that our dad and mom could educate us the things we had to survive. We additionally devoted as a good deal as we ought to to memory. If we failed to then we really died. Our dad and mom could display us that leopards are terrible. If we didn’t have the capacity to devote things to memory then we can also attempt to pet the leopard later and get eaten. That is horrific. In order to continue to exist we needed to depend upon our reminiscence in order that we should tell what we must or must not do primarily based upon the state of affairs provided to us. Fast ahead lots of years and we come to a degree in our records where our standard of living has removed us from the ones leopard like situations. Now we are faced with a new undertaking, surviving in a technological and disturbing global. The new instructions are, paintings to get paid so we can devour and feature a domestic. If you do now not do these items then you definitely emerge as homeless, starve, and die. A new set of survival statistics that needs to be devoted to memory. No other species has come as a long way as we’ve. They nevertheless need to depend on the good vintage leopard method or True Primal survival instincts.

Our environment and way of life have modified but our antique skills stay. Our potential to research and dedicate things to reminiscence continues to be with us. We now locate ourselves confronted with having to locate new and sundry matters to commit to memory. We have training, and careers, social interactions, leisure, sports activities, and so on. And so on. The list goes on and on. We have a lot greater to commit to memory and evidently, our memory and mind have adapted to allow us to handle this new life fashion. Our brains have grown larger and in conjunction with it our ability to cram extra records into that brain for the garage. Along with all of those new matters to decide to memory comes our concept of time. We can conceive of a past because our past is dedicated to memory. Whether we will take into account it or now not, the statistics continue to be in our brain. From the day we are born we are storing these statistics to name upon at some point in our life. We draw on these past studies to conceive of a future or to make plans for the destiny. All the whilst the simplest genuine truth is the prevailing. This factor in time.

What I am pronouncing is that the time line itself is not anything greater than a memorized beyond coupled with an imagined future. That is all. The reality is that the existing is all there is. In this gift activities are happening all throughout the universe based on the legal guidelines of physics. Events take area based totally upon those laws and it’s miles why we see a cup fall to the floor and wreck in preference to the other manner round. Can you recollect the final time you saw a damaged cup fall upward and piece itself again together because it lands upright on the kitchen desk? No, just as we have by no means seen a group of leaves fall upward and attach themselves returned onto a tree. Events progress in a certain manner. Cause and Effect. If we remove human beings from the equation and look at other animals and items. No doubt a dog has a concept of time, however do flora? Animals have a idea of time, due to the fact they want to call upon past activities so as to live on rising activities. Their idea is not any where close to as advanced as ours, I surprise how near an elephants or a Dolphins idea of time is? Better nevertheless, I surprise how a chimpanzee or a gorilla conceives time? I am certain that their idea is one-of-a-kind than ours, much less developed and extra primitive. It nonetheless serves them for survival. Let us now recollect a rock. What is that this rocks concept of time? I could ought to bet that it has no concept of time. It doesn’t want one, due to the fact a rock does now not have to continue to exist. No survival method no reminiscence. No memory, way no idea of time let alone some thing else. It is that manner with any item that has no need for survival, because it is not alive. An asteroid floating thru space became set upon a route based upon an interplay. If some other frame have been to come alongside and strike it then that asteroid would circulate in some new path until gravity or another object dictates in any other case. I guarantee you that the asteroid has no idea of time, of something for that be counted. It is not alive so does time not exist for that asteroid? No, time exists. It exists because the asteroid is in movement. It is present process a series of events which are determined by using the forces which have acted upon it. Since there’s movement then there may be time, because the asteroids motions can be measured. I give an explanation for this concept further in my paper on my theory of time.

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I stated that I would supply time travel in addition attention in my paper on what Time sincerely is. My theory of Time handled time dimensions and how our idea of time isn’t like the truth of time. This, true time, consists of the motions that we degree with time and my perception that the