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Tips for a Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot

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Tips for a Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot


The biggest joy in the world is giving birth to a new life. Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience for couples. And to make this experience even more blissful and memorable, most couples these days want a great maternity photoshoot. Maternity photography captures the parent’s excitement over meeting their baby soon.

If you’re also going to become a parent soon, you might also want to capture every beautiful moment for a lifetime. But maternity photography is quite different than clicking pictures of beautiful landscapes or taking random selfies, unlike wedding or portrait photography, where you need to showcase more creativity. Maternity sessions are quite intimate, where the goal is to capture expressions of love. Here the center of attention is the mother and her baby bump.

As a photographer, you need to understand different body shapes and pay attention to details. So, if you want to click memorable maternity photos, here are some tips to consider that can help you get through your first maternity photography session.

Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot

Select an Appropriate Wardrobe

First, you need to think about your wardrobe. Before the maternity photo session, it is important to figure out what type of attire the mom-to-be would prefer. While selecting the dresses, remember that maternity photos highlight the bump. Some maternity portraits even showcase bare belly. Whether it’s a casual or formal wardrobe, make sure it complements the shoot’s location and style. If you need to accentuate the bump, you may also use a belt above the belly. To ensure the mother’s safety, avoid heels.

Single Shots

Maternity photoshoot includes pictures of couples, as well as their other children. But don’t forget to take single photographs of the mother. Take a solid portrait of the mother-to-be as she embraces her bump. Click full length, mid-length, and up-close photos of her in flattering ways. If you want to put the focus on the bump’s silhouette, stand at a 45-degree angle from her. To balance the weight, ask her to bend one leg. Sometimes, when a mother looks at her belly, it gives a squished chin look. To avoid this, ask her to look at her feet and slightly angle her neck out towards the camera. Place both hands below the belly or one above the belly and one below.

Dad & Other Kids

Mother and the baby bump are the stars of the maternity photoshoots. But this doesn’t mean dad and other children have no place in the photo session. Click the couple’s images where dad kneels and gets close to the belly with both hands on each side. You can capture more intimate photos by asking the father to stand half behind the mom and place his hands on her belly. Likewise, include other children in the session. Ask the siblings to kiss the belly or place their hands on the belly.

Props and Accessories

For the maternity photo session, you need to pick relevant props. If parents know the gender of their baby, they can choose props accordingly. Maternity props usually include baby shoes or knitted socks. Mom can hold the baby’s shoes at belly level, and you can click close-up and mid-length shorts.

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