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Tips for Tackling Math Anxiety


Tips for Tackling Math Anxiety


Maths requires a skill and understanding, as it contains numbers, theorems and their proofs, problem-solving, etc. Most of the students are frightened of the subject due to lack of knowledge. Through a lot of practice and understanding, everyone can easily overcome the fear of mathematics. Almost every subject requires the basic knowledge of mathematics in a different way. Maths has its importance which students are generally unaware of. One can easily develop an interest in the subject once they overcome the fear of the subject.

Here are few tips to tackle the fear of mathematics:

(i) Practice Daily: It is a well-known fact that “practice makes a man perfect.” It is essentially required for mathematics to practice daily in order to grasp the conceptual knowledge. Students may also feel confident after lots of practice. This will help them overcome their nervousness and help them excel in their examination.

(ii) Understand each topic well: It is necessary for the students to understand the topic that they are practicing before moving to the next. This will help them to focus attention on one topic at a time. Many times it happens that you are unaware of the basic details of sequence and series, before studying arithmetic progression, which creates a problem in understanding the topic.

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(iii) Be positive: Many times it happens that due to lack of attention, you make mistakes in finding the solution. Rather try to focus your full attention on only one topic with a relaxed mind in order to overcome the anxiety.

(iv) Reveal your mistakes: It is important for the student to know their mistakes and to learn from them. Many times in mathematics, it happens that you tend to repeat the same kind of mistakes until and unless you don’t get the appropriate method for solving a question. Students can learn from their mistakes as it would be helpful to tackle their anxiety for the subject.

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