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Warning: five Reasons Not to Buy WordPress Plugins And What to Do Instead


Warning: five Reasons Not to Buy WordPress Plugins And What to Do Instead


WordPress is a tremendous platform and highly customizable with plugins. They do all forms of things from building your listing to retaining your site without you having a whole lot to do with it.

That’s if you trust all of the income letters. I would recommend you now not to.

Here are my studies from the past couple of years. Plugin marketplace is warm and it is a wild west so the chances are, I have not been the simplest one with these reports… Have I?

This first plugin slows down my web site to the point in which logging in takes five mins. Yep, you heard proper, it is ‘logging in’.

Case #1

I don’t sincerely have that an awful lot enjoy with plugins so I’m sort of ‘tolerating’ it for some time, although it worries me. I additionally do not, in reality, recognize who to invite, however, ultimately I contact my web hosting company. There’s this definitely first-rate guy who has the same opinion to take a look and tells me the news: Ditch the plugin. It’s rotten.

I touch the big name marketer who bought it. It turns out I missed some days from my 30-day cash again guarantee so they do not want to go back my money. This man advertises how properly he is doing (he talks about making millions in his videos) but it sounds to me greater like his business would possibly pass bankrupt if he lost a few bucks within the technique of returning my cash. Maybe that is how he makes his money although, selling rubbish to dumb asses like me.

I’m told they’re ‘operating on it so that it’d paintings’. About a yr later I’m testing it however by way of that point it nonetheless doesn’t.

Case #2

Unfortunately, I have not gotten any wiser from that first spherical with plugins and they have me fooled again. This time I get a plugin that collides with my WordPress theme.

I actually have also forgotten that I have to test it right away, so I discover this out after the money back assure period is over. You already realize what happens then.

Case #3

Being plenty wiser now, I do test my new plugin the day I buy it. It doesn’t work so I ask for my money lower back. The dealer sincerely ignores all the requests.

I’m disputing the sale on PayPal, but that doesn’t do any precise because it’s not a bodily item.

Next, I’m contacting the associate community he uses, however they can not do something. Except allow to cheat and steal from other oldsters. But of course, they’re not accountable. Yep, why could they be…

Case #four

I purchase a PLR plugin to provide away to my peeps. The concept at the back of it is first-rate and it has to work on posts and pages. Turns out that as a minimum on my web page it doesn’t. My wager is it’s due to the theme, however, I do not truly understand. They inquire from me to test but pretty frankly I don’t have time for it at that factor.

I become giving my peeps a heads up about that, knowing they would probably apply it to their blogs if everywhere. Later when I test, I don’t locate it in use and I don’t truely blame them. Even even though plugins are easy to put in, it nevertheless takes time to position it in use. That’s all simply wasted time if it’s no longer running.

wordpress-8.png (1500×768)

Later I recognize it is not operating on mobile web sites, either, so this is that then.

Case #five

Speaking of wasting time…

I’m spending some hours (again) creating a campaign. There’s this plugin I’ve were given, this time it became an advantage so I did not have to invest in it, and it’s a critical a part of what I actually have in thoughts.

After four days of corresponding with the customer support, I discover it’s now not running with out any other pretty heavy system at the background. It’s the product I bought, however, didn’t need to put in at the identical site with my weblog for a couple of reasons.

After the method, I locate the information but it’s not on the equal web page with the down load. It’s at the income web page, but considering the fact that I didn’t purchase the plugin, why on this planet would I move there and examine the closing line?

I’m quite indignant because I just wasted more than an afternoon of my time plus I need to re-configure the whole campaign.

The problem with plugins appears to be that those who design them don’t really do testing that a whole lot. It’s clearly the same as with the producers who make laundry machines and dishwashers: Let the purchaser do the trying out.