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Was It Only The ‘Ceremonial Law’ That Was Nailed to The Cross?


Was It Only The ‘Ceremonial Law’ That Was Nailed to The Cross?


Right, what’s this meant by ‘Ceremonial Law’? Is it Scriptural, or is it human-made? Was there a ‘Temporary Law’ that some also mysteriously claim? Did this regulation exist as a separate entity or as a sub-department of The Whole Law in Old Covenant instances? Did Moses supply a level version of The Whole Law? Has this alleged ‘Ceremonial Law’ been intentionally conjured up the Judaising theologians of the later centuries a good way to confuse and deceive True Believers and fans of The Way? The Way is that of simply and Graciously following Yashua Anointed as our Friend, Elder Brother, and Saviour i.E. Setting our total belief and faith in Him for the entirety?

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OK, so let’s take a look at this idea out to peer if it holds any water. However, my wager is that it might not allow taking a glance-see to make sure so that we can tell those evil people in which they can pass. That’s with politeness, of course. Otherwise, they’ll fast accuse us of now not displaying the Fruits of The Spirit. ROFL. Never thoughts that they do not have any of that Spirit anyway, but there you cross. Life is full of many bizarre and ‘splendid’ surprises.

2 Chron 33:eight (KJV) Neither will I any extra cast off the foot of Israel from out of the land which I even have appointed in your fathers; so that they will take heed to do all that I even have Commanded them, in line with The Whole Law and the statutes and the ordinances through the hand of Moses. (All Emphasis mine)

There were parents, THE WHOLE LAW, The Statutes, and The Ordinances by way of The Hand of Moses and Commanded by The Lord – The Commandments. Here, too, are The Holy Scriptures that prove The Whole Law become written down by way of Moses:

Exodus 24:12 (KJV) And the LORD said unto Moses, Come as much as me into the mount, and be there: and I will supply the tables of stone, and regulation, and commandments which I actually have written; that thou mayest teach them.

Exodus 34:28 (KJV) And he changed into there with The LORD 40 days and forty nights; he did neither devour bread nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of The (OLD) Covenant, The Ten Commandments. (Brackets mine)

There it’s far, people, it can’t be simpler than that and without ambiguity, and ALL written down by Moses, so we already realize that there may be no such aspect as a separate ‘Ceremonial Law’ other than within the minds of wretched and evil 21st century Pharisees who pose and feign at being followers of Yashua Anointed and paying mealy-mouthed lip service to His Grace.

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Now the subsequent point we need to clarify is that this: Does The Whole Law encompass The Ten Commandments? Or, possibly, we could make it an extra stupid query: Could a person separate The Ten Commandments from The Whole Law and thereby nevertheless name it The Whole Law? I tell you, oldsters, there are numerous ‘geniuses’ out there that assume they can. However, some are so ‘smart’ that they conjure up this non-Scriptural new call i.E. The ‘Ceremonial Law’ (as you’ll) and deduct that from The Whole Law. By doing this, they erroneously suppose, they could depart The Ten Commandments in the clear, convey them forward into The New Covenant generation, and then cause them to bind on those Born of God (Born Again) with the indwelling of The Holy Spirit. This manner putting them again into bondage and condemnation of The Law. How is sneaky-evil and snake-in-the-grass that? Well, they’re The Devil’s own, so should we expect something else?

Moreover, if we search for the words ‘Ceremonial Law’ much like the words ‘Holy Trinity’ and ‘Rapture,’ in The KJV of The Bible, we can not find them written there. Furthermore, they also try some other trick by calling this imaginary and non-existent ‘Ceremonial Law,’ the ‘Temporary Law,’ additionally not Scriptural. All this, in place of their imaginary permanent and now separated Ten Commandment Law.

So what does this quantity? Quite simply, all of it points to the grubby handiwork of sure satanic creatures looking to undermine Yashua Anointed’s Glorious Grace with their evil scheme of “The Whole Law” now stripped of the non-existent ‘Ceremonial Law’ (it supposedly nailed to the go) leaving The Ten Commandments by myself and still in pressure. Clever eh? Well, not smart enough for a Spirit-led Messenger and follower of Yashua Anointed; it is positive.

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Now is that this ‘Ceremonial Law’ concept a brand new aspect? No way, it is going on for hundreds of years. The fine, recent examples of it were the early Protestant Reformation people in England, e.G. The Puritans below Oliver Cromwell, who tried to literally force people to live the Ten Commandment ‘Christian Life’‘. This even blanketed attempted enforcement thru Parliamentary legislation, which, as we realize, turned into a whole catastrophe. The lost and unsaved humans of England were having none of that and shortly had been clamoring for the return of a dissolute monarch from exile in France inside the shape of Charles (Stuart) II with all his whores, mistresses, and concubines. Similar experiments had been tried in the American colonies with equally disastrous outcomes. It’s a solid gold nugget of Truth, folks, i.E. No one can be compelled using The Law to be a follower of Yashua Anointed. It doesn’t work like that and can NEVER paintings like that.

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