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Why I Love My TREO 680


Why I Love My TREO 680


I love almost anything that PALM makes, I hope they’re not going to desert the PALM platform and recognition on windows cell as what I even have heard. Being pioneers of PDAs enterprise (Personal Digital assistant) I can certainly see that they have mastered their craft.

palm-treo-680.jpg (1600×710)

For those of you who has nonetheless no concept as to what I am speaking about, allow me begin from the start. In this fast paced global that we live in, we feature around a whole lot of stuff. We have our organizers, to do list, notes, different published substances important for our jobs, pictures, different gadgets that makes it possible to do our jobs. A PDA is honestly a small device that makes it viable with a view to convey all of those stuff in a single little tool.

The TREO 680 isn’t always best a PDA, it’s also a cellular phone and a multi-media tool as nicely. It does the whole lot you want possible. (Probably the entirety, except make espresso) Well at least for me. I do not know for some people, they could have some needs that might not be met by way of this tool.

Well I am no longer going to speak about to you all the technical specifications or the standards capabilities as to why I love this gadget. Doing that would simply replica what the PALM internet site is doing. If you want to realize greater approximately what the technical specification or the same old capabilities of the device is, then you definately have to check out the PALM website.

What I am going to talk approximately here is how this system has helped me personally. Considering my busy life-style you may absolutely see why I love my TREO 680.

1.) Integrated device – The tool has all I want. I use to hold a PDA (I graduated from the paper organizers to electronic ones) and a mobile phone. But with this machine I only bring one tool.

2.) Audio documents – When I become still a law pupil, I use this device to pay attention to review lectures by using bar exam reviewers. If I become bored listening to them, I pay attention to music. It has a built in music participant called pTUNES that performs MP3 documents. If you do not like pTUNES you could download any other unfastened player, simply do a Google search. By the way, PALM OS packages has extra than 25,000 plus of loose programs. And that become ultimate 12 months after I ultimate checked. The number of free PALM OS applications should double through now.

Three.) PDA capabilities – The PDA features are so simple. With simply one click on I am brought to my calendar, contacts, assignment and so forth. Some PDA-cellular telephones have very complicated PDA capabilities that you need to press such a lot of buttons to simply input a easy time table. But with this system the whole thing is so easy and rapid. Add to the truth that this tool has a complete QWERTY “thumb” board. Instead of bringing a big organizer in court docket once I time table my hearings, I just input the listening to dates electronically. Since I normal sync with my PC there would be no issues if this would wander away (God forbid) as I actually have a back up in my PC. It’s simply one thing that a paper primarily based organizer can in no way do.

Four.) Documents viewer – I use this system to view nearly all sorts of document files. During my idle instances, like when I am looking forward to someone, I simply it on and study a.Pdf record on internet advertising or an editorial on some thing else. The built in DATAVIZ DOCUMENTS TO GO allow’s me view Microsoft Word, Excel and even electricity factor displays. You will must set up the free Adobe Acrobat reader for PALM OS to study.Pdf files.

Five.) Working – I use a PALM keyboard (Purchased separately) to kind a record. Personally, I think this is so much better than wearing a big pc with only about an hour or 2 of battery power. Although I seldom use this feature, I find it beneficial at times. I hoped that PALM could push its FOLEO product, the entire screen TREO partner but to my disappointment they pulled it out of the market. Contrary to what the majority assume, I believe the FOLEO is a first-rate concept.

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6.) Multimedia capabilities – Practicing law is most effective a part of what I do. I wear numerous hats on the equal time. I even have a component for indoors design. So once I go to homes with precise interior designs I just use this gadget to snap photographs. The constructed in digicam may not reach 1 mega pixel, nevertheless it serves my desires. I also can take movies with this. The capacity to shop photographs and movies is likewise one function that I love. I can display pals and spouse and children pix and films of my own family among different matters. Need to record a voice memo? No problem, this gadget permits you to report voice memos. I every now and then use this to document short lectures. When I became reviewing for the bar, I spent hours in a look at middle. Sometimes I get bored analyzing all of those codal provisions. My solution? Watch films via a loose software known as TCMP.

7.) Electronic books – The fashion nowadays is to submit in digital shape. (I don’t know if this is because of environmental motives or just technological sophistication) In truth Amazon.Com has produced an e-book reader for $400.00. But why might I need to shell out $400.00 once I have this gadget? When I visit church on Sundays and Wednesdays and concentrate to the preaching of the pastor, I just appearance it up inside the established digital Bible to discover the verses he is regarding. (I do this secretly although due to the fact he may think that I am sending a text message) Watching Boston Legal and the actors are the use of words that you are not acquainted with? No trouble I have a 140,000 + words dictionary mounted. It even has a word list. Being a Star Trek fan, I preserve track of all of the Star Trek episodes through a Star Trek episode database. I additionally have the database for the arena’s maximum wanted among others. (Who is aware of I would possibly seize one jogging down the road and claim my praise cash) Need to check the Civil Code for a case? No problem. This device lets in me lets me get admission to my codals at the palm of my hand. No want to carry all of those thick codals round. I have all of my codals from the Administrative Code to the Tax reform act in my TREO. I can even view jurisprudence. I will talk more about how to put codals in your PDA – Cellphone in my next post. This is not handiest for TREO devices but for all electronic gadgets as well.

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8.) Internet Access – Internet get admission to on the TREO 680 may not be as speedy as excessive pace DSL but it is genuinely quicker than dial up. You is probably asking why I would get right of entry to the internet on the sort of small tool. Well I simply don’t do it regularly. I handiest do it for emergencies. Besides Smart GPRS (net get entry to for cellular phones inside the Philippines) expenses best P 10.00 every half-hour if I am not improper. There was I time when I become in Manila and I turned into seeking out the cellphone variety of a sure establishment. I simply get right of entry to the internet thru, look for the established order and viola! I then were given the establishment’s phone number. There became also one time once I changed into talking to a colleague approximately a sure case while we had been riding to northern Cebu. I had to persuade him that there was a positive jurisprudence concerning a be counted that we discussed. Since I do not forget the citation but I need to examine to him the Supreme Court decision, I searched for the said jurisprudence through the net characteristic. I also can get right of entry to emails, but I only examined this function if it is possible. But I in no way used it in a practical manner due to the fact I prefer studying my e mail on a laptop. But the use of this machine to ship and acquire e mail messages is viable.