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Writing Travel Articles – A Case Study

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Writing Travel Articles – A Case Study


Writing Travel Articles That Get Published

To write a hit journey article that has an excellent hazard of being published, you need to do several things over and above writing the piece. You need to especially consider how the angles you’re taking with it can be suffering from the courses you’d like to pitch in and who their goal market may be.

The Travel Article Concept

Here is my concept for an 800-1500 phrase journey feature

I advocate an 800 – 1500 phrase characteristic article on extension destinations whilst journeying to Bali. An ‘advice feature’ defining numerous add-on locations to a vacation in Bali. Destinations could consist of Lombok Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, and The Gilis Islands institution.

For every destination, discuss – is that this an afternoon-ride or prolonged life? What location offers travelers – sports, lodging types, dining options, delivery alternatives, spa and wellness facilities? What are the unique points of a hobby for every place? Look at Fishing, diving & snorkeling, nature parks, eco-excursions, water-sports activities, and so on for each island alternative.

Discuss cultural aspects of the destinations and briefly address any objects of ancient importance. Briefly deal with the ecological components of the numerous islands – the impact of tourism. Advice on getting to every destination – alternatives to be had through sea or air, fees, and time frames for the journey.

Sidebars and breakout-bins for the item might encompass:

Best lodging alternatives in the price range, medium and comfort categories for each vacation spot.
Tours and activities available in every vicinity.
Dining and nightlife activities for each destination.

The Purpose

Travel articles fulfill two essential functions. The first one is they provide useful and realistic statistics to the reader. People read travel articles because they want to understand whether they ought to go to a destination.

The primary questions (amongst hundreds) they need to be answered are: Why should I go there? What are the points of interest; nature, purchasing, sports activities, way of life, and so forth? How do I get there? What are human beings like? Where should I live? When must I cross? How an awful lot is it going to price me?

No count number where the destination – whether it’s one hour’s power from wherein you stay, or across the other facet of the globe – all of these questions can and must be replied to in a travel article approximately that destination.

Writing Travel Articles – The Angle

Bali is a great destination for those who are seeking an exotic and tropical getaway. The satisfactory angle and audience for this story would be to target a set of people with special interests, including couples, retirees, or households, and so on as you have got executed.

Carefully don’t forget the guides you may need a goal for your article. When you target an audience, you must constantly reflect onconsideration on folks who know not anything of the concern.

Help The Reader Escape

The second reason for a travel article is to help human beings ‘getaway’ to the vacation spot you’re writing approximately. Quite frequently, people who have no goal of going everywhere study travel writing in basic terms to be transported somewhere for ten minutes. Great travel writing ought to take the reader somewhere just for the newspaper or mag’s cover rate.

In this manner, your writing’s maximum critical component in a journey article is to ‘display’ the reader what they could count on.

What Can The Reader Expect

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It’s critical whilst to describe everything approximately what it is want to travel to Bali, visit the distinctive parts of the island, swim at the beaches, go diving, tour the geographical region, go to the nature parks, go to the historical sights of the areas, shop in the markets, live inside the accommodations, go to the spas, devour within the cafes and eating places, stay in the lodging, meet the locals, do the matters and notice the sights that make the vacation spot specific – the sights, sounds, smells, and so on.

If your writing incorporates those descriptions and plenty of beneficial facts for the possible traveler, then, when combined with fine pics, your journey function will come alive and be a beautiful buy for an editor.

Here is what I assume will make suitable photographic illustrations

Photos of the object would ordinarily illustrate each vacation spot’s scenic aesthetics – seashores, coral reefs, and so on. Other pix would possibly consist of – lodging, activities, tours (water-sports activities, diving, and many others), local people, cultural photographs, and eating (food).

I don’t consider this text would necessarily have any greater hobby than a booklet with a specialized readership. There is an interest in specialized guides addressing features on island-fashion tours, Asian holiday destinations, or regional destinations for Australian tourists. I agree with the object might have a fashionable interest and no longer be categorized as a local hobby most effective.

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