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Wush Ear Cleaner Review


Wush Ear Cleaner Review


Wush ear cleaner is a safe, easy-to-use way to remove excess earwax. Its triple jet stream of water flushes wax away, unlike cotton swabs that can push it further in the ear canal.

It also comes with a basin and towel for clean-up. This is a great option for dogs with healthy ears that need regular cleaning.

I Tried It: Black Wolf Nation's WUSH Pro Cleaner

Ear tip size

Ear hygiene is an essential aspect of overall health, but cleaning the ears effectively can be challenging. Traditional methods, such as cotton swabs and ear candles, can be dangerous and ineffective, but the Wush ear cleaner offers a safe, effective way to clean your ears at home. This device uses gentle vibrations to loosen and collect wax and debris, helping you maintain healthy ears without the risk of damage or discomfort.

Before using the ear cleaner, ensure it fits snugly in your ear canal to prevent trauma and discomfort. Choosing the right ear tip size is also important, as larger tips can cause damage to the ear canal or eardrum. The ear cleaner comes with several attachments to accommodate different ear sizes and shapes, making it easy to use for anyone.

Black Wolf Nation’s pro-water-powered ear irrigator is an innovative and convenient way to clean your ears. Its flexible, compact nozzle connects to a soft irrigation tip that comfortably fits in the ear canal. It has three pressure settings and a water basin to catch excess wax and debris. To use it, fill the basin with warm water, flip the nozzle, and spray. It’s also safe to use in the shower.

The Wush ear cleaner is easy to assemble and has no hard parts, so it’s easy to clean and disinfect. One person can use it or share it with friends and family members. It can also be used with other ear care products, such as the aura luna earplugs and eardrops.


The wash ear cleaner is an effective solution for those tired of earwax buildup. It uses gentle vibrations to loosen wax and debris in the ear canal. Its soft silicone ear tip fits comfortably in the ear canal and collects the wax and debris as it vibrates. The device also comes with a cleaning brush and USB charging cable. The wash ear cleaner is easy to use and can be used twice or thrice weekly.

This ear cleaner is a safe alternative if you are concerned about using cotton swabs or ear candles. It flushes the ears with jet water pressure and has various attachment sizes to accommodate different ear canal shapes and sizes. The device is compact and portable, making it convenient in the shower or over a sink. The device also features a water basin to catch any overflow or debris. The Wush ear cleaner is available in various colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Black Wolf Nation’s pro ear irrigator is an innovative product that brings professional-level ear cleaning to the home. The irrigator has a water basin, nozzle, and ear tips to help you clean your ears safely and thoroughly. It also has three water pressure settings to suit your needs, from gentle general cleaning to clearing compacted earwax.

The wash ear cleaner is easy and safe to use, as it does not push the wax in or compact it further than a cotton swab can. Its nozzle is flexible and can be adjusted to your ear canal, and the tip is antimicrobial and soft to avoid irritation or damage to the ear. The nozzle folds down for easy storage, and the whole unit is water-resistant and safe to use in the shower.

You may need to use the wash ear cleaner more often for impacted or built-up ears. You should also apply a softening agent before you use the wash ear cleaner to help soften the earwax. This should be done before every ear irrigation session.


The ear canal is lined with glands that produce earwax, which helps trap dirt and debris. However, if it builds up too much, it can lead to hearing problems and infections. Using traditional methods of removing earwax, such as cotton swabs or ear candles, can be painful and dangerous. However, a new wush device is a safe and effective way to clean your ears.

The wush ear cleaner is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be easy to use. The device is rechargeable and features three pressure settings. You can use it in the shower or over a sink to clean your ears. It also includes a water basin and six irrigation tips.

Unlike generic cotton swabs, which can cause pain and damage the eardrum, the Wush ear cleaner has a spiraled head that allows earwax to fall out rather than compacting it deeper inside. This makes it safer and more effective than conventional earwax removal methods, including syringes and tweezers.

Earwax buildup can be a serious problem, especially for people with an oval-shaped ear canal and smaller eardrums. In addition to the pain, it can lead to hearing loss and balance issues. The wash ear cleaner can help to prevent earwax buildup by flushing it with a stream of warm water. This device can clean the ear canal daily without causing discomfort or irritation.

In most cases, the ear canal naturally clears itself. However, if the buildup is severe enough to affect your hearing or cause other symptoms, you may need to remove it with a medical device. Store-bought kits contain wax-softening drops and a bulb syringe for safe removal. Some of these kits even include hydrogen peroxide, a tried-and-true method that can safely break up and dissolve wax.

Another option is a wash ear cleaner, which uses jet water pressure to remove earwax from the ear canal. This device is easy to use and can be purchased relatively cheaply. Using only warm water when using a wash ear cleaner is important, as cold water can cause dizziness. It is also important to ensure your ears are dry before using the wash ear cleaner, as excess moisture can cause ear infections.

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