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Choosing an Employment Agency – Tips for Job-Seekers

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Choosing an Employment Agency – Tips for Job-Seekers


Employment agencies, also called recruitment agencies, are becoming popular these days. Most of the companies rely on these agencies to hire potential candidates. Even candidates find it more convenient to find suitable jobs through trusted employment agencies. It is an indirect way of hiring and job-seeking as the agency act as an intermediator between the company and the candidate. Additionally, it is time-saving too.

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Furthermore, employment agencies have adequate knowledge about the labor market and a large network. Hence, they can help applicants in finding the best opportunities.

Howsoever, many people are not aware of how to find the right recruiting agency. So here we are with the tips for job seekers that can help them in choosing the right employment agency:

1. Firstly think about what kind of employment agency you are looking for –

Some staffing agencies have their area of specialty. Consider whether you want to work with the local level or national level agency. Local agencies work for local businesses while national-level agencies work with companies from all over the country. Local recruiters understand the local market better and have a good idea of the cost of living and average salaries. Reputable recruiters only work with companies having a good work culture and is not toxic for job applicants. On the other hand, national agencies don’t know much about the employers, and they had to believe what they find online. Also, possibilities are there that you may not be able to meet the agency’s workers if they don’t have a local office.

2. Consider the Speciality of the Agency –

While opting for staffing agencies, be sure to look for the companies they work with. Also, look for the type of positions they usually fill. Go for the agency that focuses on the industry you are interested in. They can best understand your skills and help you find the ideal position to fit. Further, some firms cater to multiple industries, so it is up to you to select the agency that will work as per your needs. Carefully study if the recruiter has the capability to showcase your capabilities and skills. A well-reputed employment agency only takes charges from companies for whom they recruit candidates. They don’t ask job applicants to pay. So, never go for the firm that charges you for the services. Also, make sure if the company is licensed by the authorities or not. Do a complete online search from your side.

3. Ask About Metrics and Check the Experience –

The ability to place a talented candidate in a trustworthy company makes an employment agency the best one. It would help if you asked the recruiter how long they are working with a particular company. Also, ask for how long they are recruiting candidates. Their experience matters a lot. A study revealed that an average recruiter has experience of ten years. Ask them about the process of complete recruitment. This question will help you know a lot about the agency and its work culture. Know about the number of candidates they have placed successfully. Generally, recruiters who make placements through referrals by their placed candidates can be trusted as they have a proven reputation. Not every agency will tell you about the exact number of candidates they send for an interview and how many get the offer letter, but they should have a fair idea. A well-reputed company will always track their performance and achievements as they know that it will act as evidence for their clients and applicants.


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